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It's Black and White Really

Monday, 30 November 2015

I was anti-leggings for a long time. That was the side-effect of being born in the 80s: you grew up wearing wildly patterned leggings and oversized tshirts and it wasn't the best of looks. Definitely not something I wanted to reprise in later life, so when they came back into shops a few years ago, I wasn't a fan.

Then I became a total convert. Of plain black ones, anyway. I have loads of long jumpers and too-short dresses (dunno how, I'm only 5'2!) and they were perfect to chuck on underneath. But then I bought a house and did all the redecorating whilst wearing my comfiest clothes. Et voila, all my leggings ended up covered in paint and I had no money left to buy new clothes. Wah wahhhh.

Pertz came to my rescue recently and asked if I wanted to try out a new pair of leggings to review. Obviously I did! Can't exactly get away with paint-stained ones outside the confines of my own home, can I?  I dusted off a dress that is verging on far-too-short (in its defence, it is from the Petite range and I'm at the tall end of that) and gave them a whirl.

Now I must admit that initially I was a bit "oh god, they're shiny" when I got them out of the packet as I was expecting cotton ones for some reason. I wasn't expecting to love them but it took about two seconds for them to win me over. They're so comfy! Also I won't bore on too much about my weight issues at the moment but suffice to say I am not content with my size right now and my problem area is always, always my dreaded stomach. These leggings are cunningly designed and cut to suck all that in without killing you and the fabric smooths over any potential cellulitey areas too. Yoicks! I might have fat legs but they look considerably better when wearing these!

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings - Pertz
Cardi - Gap
Heels - Irregular Choice (a few years old but you can find similar here)


  1. That's a great outfit! I really love the necklace, too. It's a nice subtle touch of fantasy & softens the black & white well.


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