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I'm Alex.

I live in Liverpool, land of the Superlambananas.  No jokes about criminals or curly perms please.  It's a fantastic place and if you haven't been, you should come and visit.

I work for a charity and I absolutely love my job.

I have a cat, Oscar.  He is amazing.

I am a great big fan of books, shoes (especially my beloved Irregular Choice collection), coffee, history, anything green, three-day eventing, cats, LFC, baking, watching boxsets of US drama, exploring around the UK and blethering on Twitter.

I hate pink, bad grammar and spelling, cupcakes, having to get up in the mornings, misery memoirs, shitty customer service, cucumber, beer, spiders and anything generally schmaltzy or hideously girly.

I may appear as if I have a massive wardrobe and shop all the time but I really don't.  Charity shops all the way!  Ok, maybe the odd foray into H&M and Dorothy Perkins but the vast majority of my High St purchases are in the sales.  I am tight: I won't spend £40 on a dress.