What A Worrier

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Do you ever get that feeling that an outfit looks one way, only to have things totally contradicted by how the photos turn out? I was quite shocked when I saw the results of today's hasty photo shoot, but in a good way. I must admit it more often than not happens the other way round (ie I go round all day feeling fine but am then doomstricken by the horror of the photos) but it's jolly nice when it does happen this way. I don't think I look particularly great or anything but my niggly little worries have definitely been eased.

Dress - New Look via the Newlife shop
Cardi - Hawkshead
Shoes - Schuh via car boot sale

And the causes of today's outfit related worries? Hair, dress AND shoes. Dear me, it's a wonder I leave the house some days.

I started the day off with a twizzy sort of plaited and pinned up-do. I saw it on a girl in Birmingham the other day and it looked gorgeous on her but not so good when I tried it. I think perhaps I need shorter hair, or the sort of nice highlighted blonde hair that she had. It ended up looking more demented milkmaid than sexy Heidi so I unpinned it all and whacked it back in a bun. Considering it was desperate for a wash I don't think it looked too shabby.

I wasn't quite happy all day with the dress and shoes. Don't get me wrong, I love this dress. I just catch sight of myself sometimes when wearing it and think I look a little boxy on top. Should the neckline be a little lower? And the shoes. Do they look right? Is it weird to wear espadrille type things with tights? I didn't really think about that this morning, I just shoved them on because they had red in them and I haven't worn them yet. Well my final verdict is that they probably don't look quite right but I like them anyway. Same goes with the dress. I don't look completely square so what's the problem?

So there's a little insight into my stupid worrying brain. I hope the rest of you don't go through this self questioning process as often as I do; it's quite tiring. I'm now worrying slightly that this is a rather rambly pointless sort of blog post because it's late and I'm tired, but hopefully you've stuck with me this far.

Moral of the story? I need to stop being such a stresspot. Things are fine.

ps - I'm gallivanting quite a lot in August and September. Do any of you wonderful lot fancy guest posting on here? I've got a few posts to schedule but some help to fill the gaps would be much appreciated. Just drop me an email if you're interested.


  1. Seriously stress less missy! You look fabulous - not boxy or weird - fabulous! Seriously! Your legs are so nice in those tights (not that they aren't usually) and I think the whole wrappy shoes with tights/stockings could catch on, so rock it. Love your mix of florals and reds teamed with basic black. It's gorgeous and so are you, so own it Alex :D Confidence is everything xoxox

  2. You look so pretty! The red looks great with your hair and skin tone. I look horrible in red, so I'm jealous! It's one of my favorite colors! I'd love to guest blog for you, if you're interested. haha:)

  3. Have to agree with Ebony, Alex! You look wonderful, the shape of the dress is just glorious on you and your hair is fabulous.
    There's no "right or wrong" way to wear anything otherwise styles would never evolve.
    Try to distance you from the outfit, lay it on the bed and imagine someone else wearing it, if you think it works then go ahead. xxx

  4. Ha, i do that!! But seriously you have no need to stress out, i havn't seen anything on you that doesn't look great, i think the more we obsess the less adventourous (sp) we are. I learnt a long time ago that i'm not that important and who really looks at me in great detail, and if i do get it wrong, so what? We are our own worst critics, be kind to yourself, you have a lovely sense of style. Trust it and let that be your guide. ( i ADORE the dress)
    Sharron x

  5. My friend and I are often late for work and it's usually down to clothes issues. We have a cuppa about 10 ish and add up how many different outfits we have tried on that morning! Crazy isn't it? Just wanted to let you know you are not alone, and you look amazing in that dress. With love from the Lakes.
    Kandi x

  6. I can't believe that dress is New Look - it looks great, and is such a pretty print and shape.

  7. love your shoes!

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    &fresh retro shots


  8. I think you look lovely! That dress is perfect on you! I stress out about my outfits all the time, I usually have an idea of what I want to wear, chnage my mind loads, then spedn the day worrying that I don't look quite right!

  9. I think you look very lovely, and not boxy at all. I would love to gust post for you too :) xxx

  10. I love the dress! The pattern and colour is really nice. Quite jealous actually, as all New Look dresses come up really short on me so I can never buy them, despite them being gorgeous! :)

  11. You look lovely! I'm very jealous of the shoe and dress combo, they're perfect together!

    Sarah x

  12. You look gorgeous. The dress is beautiful on you and the shoes tie in so nicely with the print on the dress. You look young and fresh faced with your hair down like that. You need to realise what a pretty thing you are and how good you look. x

  13. Dear Alex,
    You look super pretty in that outfit, the dress is divine!
    Thanks a million for the lovely giveaway parcel, it really did make my day :)

  14. You look fab in that outfit, such a lovely dress and shoes. It all looks fantastic together. Stress less you look fab.

    You have also inspired me to get back on the healthy eating/gym pony, so thanks.

    Jo xx

  15. You look lovely, i had a mood this morning as i had nothing to wear! I loved my giveaway prizes, thank you xx

  16. I love this outfit! Pinks and reds go so well together. Stop your worrying, miss! x

  17. I think that's your best outfit yet! The dress is the perfect shape for you and the shoes look brilliant with tights, the unexpectedness makes them look even better =) xx

  18. I love this dress, and I honestly think this is a wonderful outfit.
    But I often experience the exact feeling, so I can relate to this in so many ways. x

  19. i love this outfit, everything about it is perfect :) you really must stop your worrying missy & try to be more confident in what you're wearing! you look great! :)



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