How To Outfit Post, Odd Socks Style

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The night before, have a mildly angsty rifle through my wardrobe trying to find something blog-worthy that you haven't already seen before. Decide that I don't own any nice clothes. Give up and go to bed.

In the morning, go "argh" and shove on something that looks vaguely presentable.

Give up tea break to:

Go and stand in the freezing cold by my beloved brick wall.

Hi, brick wall! You are looking bricktastic today.

Having had to put sensible spare flats on to get to the brick wall, swap for shoes I've actually been wearing.

Prop camera up on picnic table, check I've got the settings right and fire up the multishot option.

Try my utmost to avoid being seen by any passing gardeners/visitors/school children. This often to leads to photos such as this:

Keep coat on initially, then decide that despite the freezing conditions, it really must come off at some point. Take a minimum of 50 photos.

Decide I look like a troll in all of them and ponder whether I'll ever be brave enough for an outtakes post. Attempt to distract from this by taking arty-ish closeups of the jewellery.

Run back inside and have v. large cup of coffee to warm self up.

Give up lunch break to:

Upload photos.

Groan almightily at the amount of them where I'm either looking gormless or have managed to zoom in too much and chop my feet or head off.

Narrow it down to a few that I don't actively loathe. Crop, resize, alter the exposure if necessary.

Upload to Blogger and edit the HTML coding so they show up as a decent size. Tag, add links, loudly curse Blogger's really annoying habit of inserting random coding in places and making it look a mess.

Get massively sidetracked by work (yeah, lunch breaks are a notional concept here).

Remember I haven't finished, go back and write something vaguely interesting to accompany it. Usually fail.

Think "oh feck it" and hit "publish post" anyway.

Feel guilty about my shocking lack of replies to comments.

Blogging. Weird pastime, isn't it?

Dress - AX Paris via charity shop
Shirt - Um, Gap, I think. I stole it from my brother
Shoes - Next, via charity shop
Coat - c/o
Locket - Etsy


  1. I can't find my little gorilla tripod at the moment. I have to rely on my husband, who is not an artistic or patient man...

  2. I laughed all the way through this post, and thanked the lord I'm not an outfit blogger. :)
    And as for the work thing, don't think I've had a full hour since I've been here.

  3. I hear you Alex! Wouldn't it be lovely to just be so photogenic and only have to take a few? Well I can but dream... Yours always look fab so your doing well hun.

    X x

  4. This made me laugh so much :') It's an odd hobby indeed! And I love your necklace - it's so pretty :) ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  5. This made me giggle too! It is worth all the palaver 'cos I really miss them when you don't post for a while.
    That brick wall is worthy of a photo in all its' beauty!
    Z xx

  6. Love your take on creating an outfit post, definitely made me smile. Blogging is a wierd hobby isn't it, makes you do all sorts of peculiar things... like stand in the middle of the road to have your picture take or decided that the stairs in our house are no longer for use of humnas, but merely my tripod!

  7. This made me laugh so much! I'm asking for a gorilla pod for my birthday, hoping it will make outfit posts quicker and easier. Usually I have to rely on days when I am seeing my boyfriend but he insists on using his own camera and takes days and days to send them to me (mustn't be ungrateful)

  8. Haha, this sounds a lot like mine, especially the taking a gazillion photos then thinking I look terrible in them all bit.

    Also - you've made me have a spoonful of sugar in my head all afternoon. Annoying but also a bit nice.


  9. I loved this post! It really made me laugh! I'm not brave enough to do outfit posts at all so I think you look great! x

  10. Isn't it funny what we do for blogging! You're so funny! To my "How to take outfits shots" I would add, "Accidently drop camera and make yet another dent!"

    1. me too - my camera is not long for this world!

  11. Hah, this post gave me a giggle Alex (no mean feat today!)

  12. This made me chuckle. Its interesting to see a 'wide shot' of your photo background. I wish I had somewhere as picturesque to take my outfit pics. I'm glaad its not just me who sifts through and discards photos I look hideous in. I was starting to annoy myself and think maybe I was just a bit vein but I suppose we all have our insecurities :) x

  13. Haha, love this post! And I adore the Mary Poppins locket! :) xo

  14. I knew there was a reason I rarely do outfit posts (aside from the fact that the camera hates me). Mind you if everyone takes 50 odd I feel a bit better about the fact that I take 10 and then have a tantrum about being a troglodyte before storming off in a huff! I guess I always assume everyone just takes a quick snap and automatically look gorgeous!

    I always enjoy your arty jewellery shots!

    ***To those I follow and who follow me - is my blog appearing on your dashboard? Blogger appears to be losing some blogs I follow!**

    1. Yes, it's showing up for me :)
      And I have to admit I'm a total failure when it comes to photos - i take about 3 and then leave the house as I'm inevitably late for work. They're always crappy and soemtimes blurry but I upload them anyway.

  15. Oh my goodness I love that Mary Poppins necklace! It is completely epic!


  16. Haha, made me chuckle too. Yesterday I had decided to go into the back garden for some pics of my shoes-completely paranoid that all the neighbours are watching...I'm bent in half, snapping away and hear a couple of knocks and run back inside! In my defence I thought it was the front door rather than a neighbour knocking on their window and laughing, but still, I couldn't have run any faster! I've tried taking pics whilst out on my walk too, but half the town seem to spot me and report back to my Mum about what I'm wearing, so I'd look like a right idiot getting caught mid foot shot! Damn the nosey neighbours!

  17. Great post Alex, you really made me giggle today (and comment which I v rarely do despite being an avid reader) Also, did a little *wooo* as I've had that necklace on my wish list for ages!! It is so, so cute and I'm just waiting for a reason to treat myself. You're looking lovely by the way x

  18. You do so have nice clothes, you always come up with lovely outfits! xx

  19. Haha love this! I dont get breaks at work and net doesnt work there, but my at home picture taking generally goes like that! Loving the locket :)

  20. hi sweetie long time no speak...just wondered if you had seen this: they are celebrating their 1st birthday at leaf next week "You can enjoy a decadent evening exploring all aspects of the era from food, fashion, crafts and dance including...

    - High tea buffet including cupcake fondue and marshmallow decorating bar.
    - Knitting workshop
    - Burlesque Boutique - nipple tassels/pasties workshop
    - silk cosages workshop
    - Lindy hop performance
    - followed by dance lesson (£5 extra)

    saw it and thought of you...I'm being brave and going alone :eek:

  21. This blog post makes me smile so :)
    Blogging is such a weird habit when you think about it.

    Florrie x

  22. LOVE, love, love the pendant.
    Lisa x

  23. Oh dear, this sounds all too familiar. Thing is, when an actual person is taking my pic I only dare ask them to have 1 shot - so I have to go with what they've taken. But when I use the self-timer I take loads and they're never any better - aaargh! xx

  24. Haha, I think I love you. This post made me laugh so much. I have lots of those photos where someone is walking past and I'm trying to pretend I'm not doing anything.

  25. Bahahha,bloody hilarious!!!
    Yes indeed,blogging is an odd pastime,but isn't it addictive?!

  26. I ironic LOL-ed at this. I bemoan anyone who acronym-ises things (I approve mainly of expanding words, not shrinking them down) but I do enjoy an ironic and knowing LOL. So there. I just did it. All over your blog. How rude.


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