Green Spots

Friday, 4 May 2012

Ever put on an outfit that just makes you smile?

This one had me in a good mood all day yesterday.  I just had to look down at my legs and I was happy.  Great big polka dots = fun times.  Also these tights are clearly magic because check out the back of my thigh in the picture below.  Where has it gone?? 

Magic I tell thee.

But anyway, happiness inducing outfit all round.  The jacket and dress both have an extra little coating of satisfaction because they were sale and charity shop purchases respectively.  And we all know that saving money makes things better, yes? 

And this is why I rarely smile in photos. I was feeling happy, honest I was, yet still I look mardy.

They are honestly one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own.  As long as you remember the zips go on the outside and don't put them on the wrong feet...

Dress - Billie & Blossom @ Dorothy Perkins, sale
Blazer - Warehouse, via Oxfam
Tights - wish I could remember! Possibly a stall in the Rag Market in Birmingham
Boots - Aldo sale
Clutch - Dorothy Perkins, present from Char
Bracelets - presents from Zoe and Chloe

And that, my lovelies, is that. At least for this week. I don't really have anything else to say about the outfit other than I love it, but I think you may have already gathered that.

Before I go though - to anyone that expressed an interest in the Good Reads thing I mentioned in this here post, I shall be in touch very soon. If you didn't see that post, go and have a read and please do leave me a comment if you're interested. The more the merrier!


  1. Bloody fantastic outfit! Love those boots.
    Jacket is a great find.

  2. Green polka dots! Awesome! Now thinking my wardrobe should have more green... :)

  3. And what a great outfit it is.. Plus its green and I love green.

    They truly are magic tights aren't they/

    X x

  4. Ooooooh me likes muchly. Gorgeous look!!! You are slim baby! xx

  5. Yep! Definitely a smile-inducing outfit! And it shows off your hair beautifully too!
    Z xx

  6. This is one of the best outfits I've seen all week/month/YEAR! Taking lots of inspiration from this. The shoes are perfect and the green polka dots are fab and the green of course is very you xxx

  7. Ooh I love those tights and the green looks fab on you!! xx

  8. I love the tights, they look so fun :) your shoes are lovely too!

    Frances xx

  9. Hee hee, what great fun!!!! I love that shade of green!
    Anyway, I am here in my capacity as the Smile Police, to say, you're now free, as you have given a smile!

  10. I love those shoes they are amazing! x

  11. Man I love me a happy outfit. My Monday was filled with one! And those tights are exceptional.

    Also, so pleased to see the bracelet... mostly because I had the weirdest dream the other night that I forgot to put them in the parcel for your birthday...

  12. This outfit makes ME smile! I love the tights and boots especially x

  13. Outfits should make you smile don't you think? This is lovely!

  14. What a fantastic outfit, it made me smile too!

  15. Really love this outfit Alex, it's brilliant. Not seen any polka dot tights like that before.

  16. There is nothing not to love Alex. What a great outfit.


  17. those tights are amazing! xxx


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