It's A Shoe Zoo Out There

Thursday, 25 April 2013

It's on days like this that I realise what a giant moron I am at times. I had utterly forgotten that I even bought these amazing shoes.  Who does that? How is it even possible??* They are actual #wardrobezoo SHOES!

* Answer = Me. Because I am messy and disorganised and can't get anywhere near the shoe wardrobe.

Giraffes and elephants and ostriches. Oh my!  They are so brilliant and super fun - I was clacking around in them all day and thoroughly enjoying myself. If I had any dancing ability whatsoever then I'm sure I would have launched into an impromptu tap routine to fully express my sense of new-shoe-joy.  Ok, so I'm not entirely sure they'll be comfy enough to wear without tights underneath due to the slightly low vamp but I am in mild despair about it ever being warm enough to go bare legged again, so that's fine and dandy.

Only mild despair. After all, I've still got loads of lovely winter coats to wear. When they're this cute, it seems a crying shame to have to stash them at the back of a cupboard for six months. I want to wear them and spin around going "wheeeeeee!" at the loveliness of the Puritan collar.

Like I said, I'm a bit of a moron at times. Perhaps the confectionery nature of my shirt is giving me a sugar rush or something.

Coat - Vero Moda
Dress - New Life
Blouse - ASOS sale
Shoes - Irregular Choice via ebay
Earrings - local shop


  1. THESE SHOES ARE AMAZING! I love the print and the little heel is cute!

    Maria xxx

  2. Eee, they are cute, I have now remembered I have some Alice in wonderland print ones in the same shape as these, which I don't think I've ever worn.

  3. What a wonderful pair of shoes!
    Actually, I think it's a rather wonderful outfit.
    I like the idea of finding a forgotten pair of shoes; it's like the buzz of buying new shoes without having to spend anymore money!
    Z xx

  4. Wow those shoes are fab. I thought they were cute until I saw they had a wee heel, then I thought they were super cute!!

  5. Earring love!! How local. ..

  6. Gosh that blouse is amazing and the shoes are cute too!

  7. I do love the pinafore dress and shirt combo plus those shoes are a real joy :) x

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh, I love those shoes- my perfect shoe height! You look very preetty Alex!x

  9. Hi,
    Gorgeous outfit as always. I made shoeie noises (like foodie noises but for shoes?!) when I saw these, they are so cute. I love the #wardrobezoo collection, mine is steadily increasing, far too heavy bias of owls at the moment. I've added you to my second ever blog post, with a picture of these shoes (I mentioned where the image is from- hope that's the correct blog etiquette). I hope you don't mind.


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