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Coats, Coats and More Coats

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

It's nice to reassess what you own sometimes, isn't it? Especially if you're like me and have limited storage. Twice a year I pack away the winter/summer clothes and shoes in various places around the house, then promptly forget about them. Sometimes this is great: I found a fab pair of brown ankle boots last week that I have no memory of ever buying! Sometimes it's not so good: I turned out a blanket chest full of winter woolies and the general reaction was "hmmm". I think I must have been on a charity shop haul and just bought anything warm, regardless of whether it was nice or not. Needless to say most of that will be getting re-charity shopped!

Coats are even worse. They live in the depths of the coat cupboard, are buried under layers of stuff on the hat stand or even get shoved up on the rail in the loft so they're well out of the way. I just cannot remember what I own! In September last year I did this round up and totted up that I own all these coats (not counting jackets, waterproofs or fleeces):

I've got more now! We have the two quilted jackets:

The two capes:

And a few navy ones...

Quite a few really!

As such I'm not buying into the "omg perfect winter coat!" hype that shops like to chuck our way at this time of year. I don't think anyone could argue that I'm short of coats at the moment! The only thing I'm lacking that I'd really like to have (other than a plain black one, but they're no fun to buy so I'll do without) is a green duffle coat. I will find the perfect one eventually but it's proving damned elusive so far.


  1. I adore the first cape. And I'm still very much in love with the middle coat on the second photoset down :))

    So jealous of your amazing collection! xx

  2. A girl on the train next to me today had a super bottle green duffle- it was really nice!! If I see her again, I'll ask where she got it from! I have lots of coats too! I did make myself get rid of one or two this year but I do keep seeing nice ones and salivating!x

  3. I think I have missed a trik or a gene somewhere along the line, as I'm a one coat and a few jackets type. I love my new wool green herringbone coat, and it's gorgeous, but it's the only one. Maybe I need to start branching out, but I think T would kill me if took over all the hooks on the door!

  4. I've got all my coats dating back to college except all my super big ones which I gave to charity. Time for a clear out I think. Most of mine are biker jackets or faux fur which aren't very practical for rain or cold weather. I need just one nice thick winter coat, a biker jacket and a waterproof really don't I?

  5. They are all lovely coats to, but I must admit to loving the two capes the most.
    I can understand why you are resisting buying more. that is until you find your perfect duffle coat.

    X x

  6. You can never have too many coats although I need to wear more of mine, my Seasalt one has been getting all my love recently!

    Maria xxx

  7. I honestly thought that I didn't have many coats but when I rounded them all up I have a surprising number, not as many as you, but I thought I only had two coats and two jackets. Turns out I forgot about 7 others... and am currently stalking a few on eBay. How many is too many?

  8. You have many, many more than I do! I'm just so fussy, they have to be WARM, do up properly and be a practical length. Ideally waterproof too but most are just a bit water repellent. Adoring your collection :)

  9. I am really wanting to do a post like this but I fear I may actually drown in coats. There is another one I want and I KNOW I should never be buying another coat again, but it's a black one and I don't even own a black one.


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