Lovely Lingerie from Mio Destino

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I love parcels. What I'm not so keen on is having to go to the sorting office to collect them as the troll who works there finds me highly amusing and without fail, goes "Oh you AGAIN! You might as well move in."  Every. Single. Time.

Mio Destino sent me this intriguing and rather beautifully packaged box recently.  Definitely worth the temporary pain of having to go through the sorting office ritual of slapping on a smile and going "HAHAHA, I know, right?! Anyone would think I have a shopping problem." (I really don't. I am Miss Frugal at the mo.)

What was inside?

This very beautiful Lepel bra and shorts set! This range comes in a whole host of colours but they clearly know me: green all the way!

The easiest way for any underwear company to get in my good books is to offer a proper range of styles. I can't abide stupid restrictiveness where the bra is perfect and the pants are awful or vice versa. I might be a C cup but that doesn't mean I don't want padding! My boobs need all the help they can get. This bra has padding and is a plunge style. Double goodness.  

And it comes with shorts! *does a happy underwear dance*  Being the rubbish girly girl that I am, I tend to fail miserably on the pretty/matching underwear front.  They always come with non-Alex approved pants and my derriere must be comfy! If you're of a thongy persuasion then there is that option with this range if you want it but boy, am I pleased that thongs aren't standard. Mix and match is the way forward.

So it wins on the style front but how about the other two main factors: fit and price?  They both fit perfectly and are mega comfy. Hurrah!

The bra is priced at £22 and the shorts are £12. Pretty reasonable for such nicely made scanties, in my opinion! I'm generally a bras from M&S and pants from the supermarket kinda person (don't scorn me too much, matchy matchy people) so it's slightly more than I'd usually spend but I think we can all agree that I need to stop being such a cheapskate on the underwear front, yes?  These are definitely worth the price and I think I may head back to Mio Destino shortly and purchase the black version.

Plus, did I mention that they're really beautiful?  I love the matching detail on the bra and pants.



  1. I am with you on the pants thing! Thongs are evil! And I always buy cotton knickers so not really keen on most of the matching knickers for things so I am not a matchy matchy person!

  2. Oooh gorgeous. I would love to be matchy matchy, but as it's more difficult (actually near impossible locally anyway) to find a bra in my size, I tend to buy the pants from cute ranges that don't do bras in my size (i.e. Floozie at Debenhams). Almost all of my bras have matching knickers though (tend to be Freya), but then you have more pants than bras/change pants more often than bras, so it rarely works out as matching! Anyway with you on the thong thing. Love this pretty set and the everything you own green?!

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  4. Such beautiful detail, and really good value. As I'm an E cup I tend to pay a lot of underwear otherwise it's useless, but I'm definitely going to look at Mio Destino.

  5. Very pretty underwear and I adore the colour. I do try to match as much as possible but lets be honest we all have those "big pants" days.

    X x

  6. Gorgeous undies, and affordable too (well just, like you - I'm an M&S girl mostly).


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