I Bought A Pencil Skirt

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I did it. Woooooooo.  Thanks for the encouragement on my last post - you spurred me on into buying the beautiful skirt after all.

Hark at me wearing the heck out of a pencil skirt.

Well, hmmm. Ish?

To be fair to the skirt, it's not that part of the outfit that made me censor 88 of the 93 photos I took of it. It's my face and torso I hate today instead. FUN.  The back view is fine though!

I have never been one of those "does my bum look big in this?" people. My arse is fine, thank you very much. Even if it wasn't, I can't see it, so I don't really care.

Now to try and spread that attitude towards the rest of my bod...

Skirt - George
Top - H&M
Cardi - Gap
Heels - Dorothy Perkins

Just to further prove I'm not the naturally glamorous type and to partly explain the veto-ing of the majority of today's pics, most of them looked somewhat like this:

I don't know what I'm doing either.


  1. If I vetoed all of the photos I take which make me feel sick with hatred, I would probably never do another blog post :(
    I think this looks great on you - the top is a fab match :)

  2. So glad you went for the skirt. It looks absolutely fabulous on you.

  3. You look awesome. I love that skirt.

  4. You look awesome. I love that skirt.

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  6. You look fab, gurl. Love it! I do weird poses too and no idea why. Love the green top too.

  7. Come on, Alex. You are beautyful. Your front as well as your back ;) You've got a very pretty face and I love those odd pictures. You encouraged me to wear more frocks, so thank you for that! Will the pencil skirt be My next step too? You really rock this one.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the outfit, it really suits you.

  9. It really does suit you and the green of that top is gorgeous!

  10. It's a dive to camera, head first.... hurrah! I love your pencil skirt and that top is so pretty too :) x

  11. Love it love it! You look fantastic!
    I am rather pear shaped, and often pick up pencil skirts and try them on, only to wail about being a mermaid in them. Maybe I should be brave and branch out more because I do love them on other people!

  12. Ooh well done that looks great on you!!


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