New Sandals

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Usually I moan a bit when it starts to get hot.  I am fairly rubbish in the heat: I don't like getting hot and sweaty, I burn and freckle rather than going lovely and brown, my upper arms aren't fit for human gaze, that sort of thing.

At the moment I am a big fan of the warm weather.  I have no time for anything right now. Work is insanely busy and when I'm not there, I'm trying to project manage about 8 different contractors who are fixing the house for me, looking after Monty three days a week and trying to have some form of social life as well.  Picking out pretty outfits is kinda low on the priority list at the mo, therefore summer is pleasing me greatly.

Dress, cardi, sandals and I'm good to go!

On a side note, I am loving these pretty sandals. Toe posts make my feet bleed and Birkenstocks make my eyes bleed. Trying to find sandals with a flat bar across the foot that aren't either massively strappy gladiator style things or frumpy old-lady shoes can sometimes be tricky but the Les Tropeziennes range is fab for me! Very glad I discovered them.

Pretty sole too! (or at least it was until I wore most of the pattern off...)

Dress - Dorothy Perkins sale
Cardi _ H&M
Sandals - Les Tropeziennes


  1. totally in love with these! xx

  2. Bloomin heck, they are gorgeous! I have the perfect pair of earrings to go with them too!x

  3. They are beautiful sandals and as far from frumpy as you can get hun.

    X x

  4. Oh, they're lovely. Pretty soles do make me sad, though. What's the point?


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