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Monday, 22 November 2010

Despite living so close to a decent sized city, I think my spiritual home is probably a market town. I don't know if I could cope with the lack of theatres, restaurants and cinemas if I actually lived in one (hark at me sounding like a culture vulture) but the shopping on offer suits me right down to the ground. Charity shops, bookshops, teashops and usually a decent antiques/bric a brac shop that you can poke around in for hours - my idea of a jolly good time.

Top marks to Leominster, my destination this morning, because it has all of those, plus an amazing vintage shop. I really do mean amazing. I would have taken photos but the owner was moving the window displays round and looked quite harassed so I didn't want to bother her by asking. Sadly it was out of my price range but that's largely because a) I'm skint and b) it was none of your dodgy 90's gear masquerading as vintage. It was chockfull of 20's beaded dresses and Edwardian lace trimmed nighties and the most beautiful evening bags you've ever seen. I think the prices were probably pretty good considering the quality of the stock but like I say, I'm not very well off until payday.

Instead I hit the charity shops. I'm finding that a lot of stuff just isn't to my taste at the moment - perhaps I'm getting fussier or maybe it's because they've all put their winter stock out and I never enjoy browsing through rails of heavy dull coloured clothing in the same way that I do brightly patterned summer things. Having said that, I did find some gems. I should probably point out that I'm not just buying vintage stuff for the sake of it. If I see nice second hand High St things then I'll get them, I just don't seem to seeing anything in that category that I like much!

Hospice shops are just the best. Cheaper and with much more interesting stock on display. This is a very non matching sort of suit but that's good because I hadn't planned to wear it all together. I'm thinking the jacket will look good with jeans and heels, the pussybow blouse will look good with anything and I am ridiculously drawn to tweedy/tartan skirts at the moment so am very pleased with the skirt. £5 for the lot! Oh, and 50p for the lovely silk scarf.

Also the volunteer behind the till said "ooh, what a lovely rig" which made me feel rather deliciously girl about town with her new suit.

Another little independent charity shop contained these two beauties. I don't care if the cream jumper is technically a size 18 - it's very warm and very nice and that's all that matters. The dress is perhaps a little bit mad by my usual standards but if it doesn't suit me I'm sure I can think of someone who would like it.

I seem to be turning up the odd nice thing in YMCA shops recently and today was no exception. A green 1970's 100% wool waistcoat for £3? Don't mind if I do. And the buttons were too fun to leave behind.

While I'm a charity shop haul roll, why not share my Saturday purchases from Hereford?

Another silk scaf which is destined as a Christmas gift for a friend, some tights (the pair you can't see properly are Dior) and some rather fun vintage shoes.

A pretty plate which will no doubt get pressed into service as a jewellery holder.

Speaking of jewellery, this beauty came from the same shop.

Did I mention I'm in love with tweed? Char found this vintage St Michaels skirt with belt and pockets and I had to buy it. I love a good pocket. Might have to play with the length a bit as, being so short, I find below the knee/calf length skirts a bit tricky. We shall see.

And saving the best for last....

You all know my heart belongs to books. I found these three in a cracking little charity bookshop (basically a really good second hand bookshop but with lower prices). On the same shelf no less! I may well have squeaked with glee - they're three of my favourite authors and I've read my pb copy of Devil's Cub so much that it's falling apart.


  1. Wow you've been busy! I really love the shoes and books(of course). It looks like such a gorgeous place too xx

  2. Charity shop envy! What incredibal finds, I've been meaning to visit Leominster for ages, it's not that far from us and so pretty. Love that crazy dress the most. You HAVE to give it a go, belt it, it'll look amazing. xxx

  3. Oh my word, Alex, lovely thing after lovely thing. I'm jealous!

  4. Wow you did do well! I love those black and white shoes they are beautiful ~ on the same lines as Vix you gotta try on that dress.
    p.s. have you downloaded your Wittertainment Code of Conduct yet ~ I think I will have them printed out and take some with me to hand out to offending Cinema patrons :)
    Kandi x

  5. Ooh, yummy buttons and tweed skirt in particular :)

  6. Hi Alex!
    Am absolutely LOVING your blog, so much so that I have featured you on MY BLOG: http://beckidyde.wordpress.com/
    I live near herefordshire and I have to say, malvern, hereford and gloucester have some of the most AMAZING charity shops, flea markets, car boot sales and antique and vintage shops that I have ever visited, so am glad you are enjoying your holiday!
    becki x

  7. Dear Alex, Leominster looks wonderful I love the Georgian architecture.
    The vintage shop sounds right up my street. I'm currently mad on vintage granny style long sleeve nightdresses with lace trims.

    The cream jumper looks great, I always buy them larger as they look better. The star of the show for me is the ring with your gorgeous dark green nails, stunning! xx

  8. BRILLIANT! My faves are the tweed M&S skirt and the vest - those two will go really well together. Oh and the shoes - I'm not sure if you know, but that style is called a spectator shoe and they were very popular in the 30s. In fact, you could prob wear the tweed skirt, vest, green shirt and shoes all together for a very 1930s look. All you need is a tweed hat at a jaunty angle!

  9. I feel the same way, the shops in market towns suit me right down to the ground, though only because all of the High Street is now online!

    I love that tweed skirt.

  10. Wow busy!
    Love the skirt, the scarf, and that sparkly ring, what a find!

    The jumper is lovely. Perfect for winter.

  11. Leominster looks a good destination plus great charity shops.
    I especially like the shoes and ring.

  12. Wow! You seem to be having a great holiday break. What a great stash of goodies...love the M&S skirt and the waistcoat and the ring.
    I wore my really old waistcoat yesterday as it happens. I bought it when I was at college, so it's pretty ancient now.It used to do up too!! I used to wear it over a white and grey striped grandad shirt with white karate trousers and little blue pumps. I'm sure there's a picture somewhere!
    Ooops, with the TV remote eh? Do you actually have to get up and change channels now?!!!!!!
    Z xx

  13. You are one lucky gal, all of those pieces are a great addition to your wardrobe!!! I love vintage shopping. I've had some fabulous finds.

  14. woooooooow! lovely purchases!! and i love that plate/. im thinking of lookin a plate for my eaarrings too! thanks to your idea! <3

    Taradiddles of Style on a Budget

  15. Hey there,
    I spy a pair of very NICE vintage shoes, I bet they are super duperly comfy too.
    Great haul my dear!
    The belted skirt & the green gemstone ring are divine!

  16. Pussy bow!Tweed!Plaid!Chazza shops!Books!
    You've got my attention!!!
    lovely scores,sweet pea!I reckon you have REALLY got that chazza mojo going now!!We have suddenly had a couple of Hospice shops open up,I MUST have a nosy!
    Leominster!What a fab name for a town!
    Love!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Awesome finds! Really made me want to go out hunting more charity shops and I want to go back to small towns and villages with nothing but countryside between :)

  18. OOh I'm very glad that Leominster turned up some brilliant bargains, that dress is fab - you must try it soon!! And i like the skirt-suit, think they will look great :)

  19. What a lovely town - the buildings are so pretty. Sounds like you're having great fun exploring. xx

  20. You got a really good lot of stuff here, where do I start! I love the tweed skirt, so classic and of such good quality I can imagine. The jumper is lovely too, and those vintage shoes remind me very much of a pair of designers ones I lusted after a while ago x

  21. Awesome finds! I love that dress, I love picking up crazy stuff in shops and being really excited, and seeing the person behind the till thinking 'Really? She's actually going to wear that?!'.

    I must start reading some of your recommended authors as well.

    Danni xx


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