Saturday, 6 November 2010

Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot

I am a great big fan of Guy Fawkes Night. I know it's odd to commemorate terrorism (or the failure thereof) in such a way but it's a very English tradition and I'm all about tradition. I suppose you don't really think about the weirdness of it until you start trying to explain it to people. One of my colleagues is French and so we had to explain to her exactly why we all wanted to go and watch an effigy being burnt. She's Catholic so initial reaction was a very Gallic expression of horror, followed by many questions. Luckily we're all history geeks so we could explain it quite well to her. And it turned out that she rather enjoyed the bonfire and fireworks so all is good and she doesn't think we're weirdos.

I failed in many ways - didn't make any Bonfire toffee (I seem to have fallen into the habit of making this at Christmas instead), didn't eat any toffee apples or parkin. I couldn't even buy any sparklers! I went to the supermarket to get some and got ID'd for the sodding things! I didn't have my driving licence with me (typical) so rather sarkily asked the shop assistant if I looked 17 and being the drone that she was, she went "I've gotta check everyone like." I understand she doesn't want to get fined for selling to underage kids but I clearly don't look under 18!!

Luckily Char came round for the evening and she managed to pick some up on her travels so were able to sparkle in mighty fashion. The fireworks were fun too but I still haven't got to grips with my camera properly, so the pics were very hit and miss. I did discover that by swirling the camera around whilst it was taking the photos, I can create these rather funky effects though. I think I like them best.

Ps - thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post. Unfortunately the news doesn't look good but we're all hopeful it's not the worst case scenario.


  1. Ooh the sparklers did turn out rather well after all!
    Have a
    lovely weekends :) I'm being lazy but off for a wander
    round the charity shops shortly..maybe :) xx

  2. Those photos are fab, I gave up with firework photos last night. Just read your last post too, sorry to hear that, really; hope the news is better than you are expecting, hugs.
    Kandi xx

  3. Fantastic pictures. So sorry it isn't looking good, fingers are crossed for you all over here xx

  4. Great photos. Fingers crossed the news isn't too bad. x

  5. I really like the last two photographs, great shots. I love sparklers, always a perfect bonfire treat I think.
    Ahhh I hate the I.D thing, I still get I.D’d a lot and hate it, because it is quite obvious I am not a 16/17year old trying to buy alcohol to get stupidly drunk on but still I guess they have to check x

  6. Lovely blog Alex.
    I hope everything works out ok for your friend.

  7. I love your Bonfire Night photos! I'm off to our City Centre's big firework display tomorrow night, so I'll upload some photos of the evening :) And thanks for your comment, I'm lagging behind now so I don't hold out much hope for finishing on

  8. Fun!Such pretty shots!
    Positive vibes & hugs coming your way,blossom!!
    I'm fascinated by tradition,but there ain't much in our part of the world! English traditions are bloody intriguing!

  9. Dear Alex, what brilliant photos!

    I was asked for ID in an off licence last year! I thought they were taking the piss but apparently not... or he was just trying to chat me up, I'm not sure.

    I haven't sent your parcel yet as I've been going through more stuff and have been adding to it. Should be finished by next week! Have a lovely rest of the weekend xx

  10. clever photos moves. the fireworks came out really artful! love your writing style. keep blogging!

  11. I'm sorry you couldn't buy your sparklers! What a bummer. We get ID'ed for trying to buy rubber cement. It is GLUE. And I need to show ID for it.
    Love the pictures!

  12. Great photographs! Guy Fawkes night is the only tradition that I uphold, it's all the sparkle and loud noises.
    Lots of positive vibes coming from me, too. xxx

  13. Oh wow, gorgeous photos! I'm sad I didn't get to see fireworks this year, so i'm living vicariously through you, ha!

  14. Lovely photos :)

    I was going to go out but I ended up staying in and just watching the sky be covered in fireworks from my flat :)

    I'd love to know more about the vintage fairs around the area my email is: (siobhan_101(at) Thank you!

  15. Sounds like a fab evening. We managed to have a few fireworks on Friday night while the rain was off. Just read your last post as well - thinking of you and your friend. xx

  16. The cat slippers are amazing aren't they? :) They're not too expensive either, and I hear that Urban Outfitters are really good. You can get them via their website if you want to? Hope you're well! xxx

  17. wonderful photos! i love sparklers! i'm very sad i missed the whole bonfire night thing this year as i was in amsterdam! :( ah well, always next year :)

  18. i think it loos so cool! i like that everyone sees something different in each abstract light photo, love them! xx


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