A Year Of Blogging & A Giveaway

Monday, 7 February 2011

Today is my blog anniversary. Well technically it's not, it was yesterday, but I broke the netbook charger and so couldn't blog, grrr. I also have 200 followers (205 to be exact) and have written 200 posts (well, 199, but I couldn't think of anything to write about to squeeze in before this). I think that spells GIVEAWAY TIME. But before that, a nice round up of a year of outfits. I've had fun looking back at all my posts and approving/cringing at what I was wearing. Remember when I swore that I would never EVER look ok in shorts? Roll on a few months and I've got them on all the time!





Discovered a nasty little anonymous comment under this telling me I looked even more fat and stumpy than normal. Pfft to you anonymous coward. Nothing wrong with being short and fat.








So that's a year's worth of my favourite outfit photos. I really must wear the stripy shirt/maxi skirt combo more often - I'd entirely forgotten about it. And I must stop looking at the floor! I didn't realise I was so bad for it but practically every picture has my eyes glued downwards.
Anyway, if you're still awake after all that - GIVEAWAY!!!

First anniversary being paper themed, prize number one is a shiny Amazon gift card with £15 on it, or equivalent value if you're non-UK based. Sadly I couldn't stretch to the whole set of beautiful copies in the above picture.
Obviously I can't specify what you spend it on but books would be nice! If you don't already have a wish list as long as mine and want some suggestions as to what to spend it on, I'm happy to help. I read an awful lot so I'm hopeful I can suggest something good.

Must stop buying prizes that I want to keep myself! The next prize is a Liberty print shopper bag, specially designed for Comic Relief. Subtle print isn't it? I was expecting some obvious red noses but they just look like cherries. Oh and a v. pretty floral snood type thing.

Vintage bag, silk scarf and some costume jewellery.

Benefit lip shine, some funky nail files, a nice vampy nail varnish and a couple of Lush goodies (Dragon's Egg bath ballistic and Ma Bar bubble bar)

So that's four prizes, four different winners. I'll close the giveaway and pick the winners in a week - midnight on 14th February (not December! Don't know quite what made me produce that typo!). Dead easy to enter - just be a follower and comment on this post.

It's just a little thank you from me to all of you who have made the past year so much fun.


  1. I think Julys embroidered dress stole it for me, but I am also fond of Decembers Christmas party dress (the one I have in aubergine) ooh and those elbow patches had me quite inspired too.
    Here’s to a wonderful year of blogging and outfits Alex x

    p.s Fabulous prizes

  2. Happy anniversary! I love your red shoes! I have too many of them myself. I think the newly bound classics is a great choice.

  3. Amazing - look at the difference in you in that year as well, go you!

    LOVE the white dress with the red flowers on it from August! And those grey shorts are doing it for me - I want to do the shorts thing, I just can't find the right pair at the moment!

    Too many pretties to count, I need to pull my finger out and do a giveaway.

    Also. Do you mean you're closing the giveaway on 14th February rather than the 14th December?! :)

  4. Happy Blogiversary! Looking back over some of those oufits was great, I can't believe it was ever warm enough to wear sandals it seems like a distant memory. You can see your body shape still changing too, incredible!
    Thanks for the chance with a lovely giveaway please add me into the hat!
    p.s. my amazon wishlist is permanently long.
    Kandi x

  5. Yes, you must stop looking at the floor! You have such an eclectic wardrobe Alex, I'd seriously struggle to find so many pictures of me looking so different over the course of two years never mind one! I think my fave has to be the printed skirt from December.

    Such generous prizes as always - where was the Liberty bag from? I may need to get one, you know just to support the cause and all (ahem).

    I don't know what kind of saddo trawls blogs just to make cheap shots at the writer, it can't be an ENJOYABLE way to spend your time?

    PS, Did you mean February rather than December there or have I slipped through a wormhole? ;) xx

  6. Ahh I'll pee myself if I have to wait until December.

    Happy anniversary x

  7. Love all your outfits - it's nice to see them changing as the seasons did! Fab giveaway, please enter me xx

  8. I'm just stunned at how you've continued to loose weight and spend the entire year looking fabulous, Alex. Your legs are just perfect.
    I never really understand people who leave negative comments, to bother going to the effort of writing sonmething both untrue and spiteful seems such a waste of time.
    Please enetr me in your tremendous giveaway and here's to another fun-filled 12 months. xxx

  9. Wow! Happy Blog anniversary!
    I must say I love dropping by for a nosey so thank you from a very grateful reader for all the lunchtimes of entertainment overthe last year!
    Incidentally that anonymous commenter needs to grow a pair and jog on. You didn't look AT ALL stumpy or f- word in that photo buy you're right, so what even if you were?
    Loving all the prizes, you generous lady you.

    xxx Maddie

  10. Happy blogaversary Alex, it's been great getting to know you, here's to another year of your lovely blog.

  11. Ooh, such lovely prizes! Happy Blogiversary, and well done on all of those milestones too. I like the December piccys especially and am very envious of your shoe collection!

  12. enter me please!

  13. Love July's red white and blue dress and August's dress with with red flowers. Those 50s style dresses really suit you.

    I agree with Vix about sad people who leave horrid comments. They are best ignored.

    Plse enter me in your fabulous giveaway. Oh and congrats on a whole year of blogging!

  14. Please enter me Alex. This is a fab post, i love looking back on past outfits, you can really see what works. Happy Blogversary xx

  15. Lovely prizes - please consider me entered!

    I love the outfit in the third December photo the best. Where did you get that lovely v neck cardi?

    Sarah x

  16. Those red Mary Janes are to *die* for. Happy Blogaversary, Alex - look forward to catching up now I'm back online. xx

  17. Happy blogiversary! Love your round up of the years outfits :)

    Fab giveaway prizes, very generous! Enter me please!

  18. Congrats very much on making it to a year! :)
    Absolutely gorgeous prizes, too!
    I'd love to be entered!



  19. You look bee-yoo-tiful in all your pics! I think my favourite is the red flower dress from August. You are my ultimate favourite blogger because you're just so normal and unpretentious. So thanks and keep up the fabulous work! xx

  20. Congrats Alex on your blog anniversary! you've done us proud unlike the unkind anonymous 'blogger'. That Amazon gift card is right up my street so I'm sold there(I'm in:)!


  21. Happy blog-averasry, congrats on a years worth of posting and fingers crossed for your fabby give away

  22. What lovely prizes Alex! And love your recap- you make such great use of colour, I think that's what I love best, bold dress or colourful tights and great shoes.. That anonymous commenter can just shove off really. Here's to another great year for you xx

  23. Congratulations and happy blog-birthday.

    It is amazing to look back over the year and see how much you have changed. You have such varied style and wonderful outfits. The picture of you resting your head on your hands makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. And you look totally hot in the last picture!

    Oh and Anon can feck right off!

    Wonderful and generous giveaway. x

  24. please enter me, loved your otifits throughout the year!

  25. Ooh I love the words 'Amazon voucher', hehe! My wish list went down to 1 page after xmas but its been slowly growing again! Ooh Happy Blogiversary! :)

  26. Great round-up, I love seeing how your style has developed; you seem much more confident than a year ago. But yes, you do need to look at the camera more, or we will start thinking you are Cousin It!

    Don't enter me for the giveaway, I've had enough luck lately. Btw, anonymous commenter is a TURD x

  27. outfit round up is great, you really do have great style and an amazing collection of shoes!

  28. Happy blogiversary, Alex! Wow, time really does fly, doesn't it? Love the timeline of outfits!

    I LOVE giveaways and yours is so generous! Amazon gift cards are pretty much my most favourite thing, considering I have a wish list longer than my body! :-)

  29. I love this post! I think I've narrowed down my favourite of your outfits to: July's monochrome number (was a wedding outfit, if I remember rightly), December's teal party dress & the last photo - so simple, yet so good! & check out those pins of yours!

    What an absolutely bloody marvellous giveaway - I know I won a prize in your last one, but I'd still love to be entered please :) All those prizes are amazing! Very generous of you. Oh & happy blog birthday to you! Mine's coming up too, now you mention it.. can't believe it's been so long!

    Thank you for the comment - I'm sure it didn't look crap on you, but I'm glad that destiny has made it mine - I love it!


  30. Dearest Alex, happy Birthday to your blog. It's been great to have met you and I love seeing your outfits and hearing what you get up to. It's very hard to pick a favourite but I love the red number and hair band from September. And you look great in shorts. Love C xx

  31. i like some of the outfits and the shoes are nice too . January's first pic with the red shoes and red fringe scarf to match is nice .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com
    intl . thanks

  32. Ooooooh look at your legs in those shorts in that last picture - fabulous! One day I will look good in shorts (10lb gone and counting!) Happy blogaversary :)

  33. Amazing prizes :)

    Well done on reaching a year. You look great in your last photo it's impressive to see the confidence you've gained :)

    Wish I had more free time but I have half term in a week in which I will catch up with life!

  34. I think my favourite outfit is the 2nd one in November, the one with the jumper with elbow patches. Absolutely lush.

    Happy blog anniversary :D xxx

  35. Happy Blogiversary!
    You've had some great outfits over the year; my favourite of these is the red flowered dress from August - you look so cute in it.
    What a fantastic giveaway, such generous prizes.

  36. Please enter me Alex, especially for the Amazon part, my wish list is EPIC!

    Happy bloggy-versary!


  37. Happy blog anniversary!! Great outfits but my favourites have to be the December ones. So pretty :)

  38. happy blog birthday! please enter me for this lovely giveaway!


  39. Congrats on coming so far with the blog and what fantastic prizes your doing!! If I had the choice I'd want the liberty bag but I was actually going to buy it anyway haha!!! Anyway, enter me please, I am a follower =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  40. Happy blogiversary Alex. So many lovely outfits, if I had to choose a favourite I think it would be the red cardi and skirt combo in December. You do right to ignore unkind and untrue comments, I love reading your blog and seeing all the fab outfits. It has also been so positive seeing your weight loss progress (though you have always looked fab) and how much you have gained in confidence over the year.

    A fantastic and generous giveaway too - count me in please. xxx

  41. Well,that's a whole year of gorgeousness and fabulous outfits! Hurrah!
    A punch in the nose to the anonymous tosser who is clearly gutless.
    Yes!Count me in!
    Love! XXX

  42. Hi Alex,
    I’m a totally shameless lurker but I just wanted to step out of the shadows to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last few months. I always look forward to your (very well written) posts. Keep it up gal!

  43. Hello and happy birthday I have been reading (but not following ) for a while now and love the outfit round up. How gorgeous is the prom dress you wore in August? Thanks for the funkiness and the inspiration

  44. I love the March outfit! As for the anonymous commenter, what a loser. As someone who agonizes over my own short legs (or stumpy b***ards as I sometimes like to call them) I can empathise with the fear of shorts, but you look great in yours and don't let anyone tell you otherwise xx

  45. Congratulations on a year! I completely missed my year anniversary :-/ oops! I love love love January's shoes.

  46. My favourite outfit is the one with the bright blue tights, Primark wallpaper-looking dress (I wanted it but they didn't have my size, that's how I know where it's from!) and yellow cardi. Best colour combo work ever, I reckon!

    Also, you do the bext prizes.

  47. Happy Blogiversary! I lovbe the skirt in the third from last photo. Is it a Get Cutie one.
    And grrr to the anonymous poster being so cowardly and nasty.
    Lovely giveaways

  48. Alex! What a fantastic giveaway, you are too kind to us lot, I love all the prizes and I have a wishlist on Amazon as long as my arm...so fingers crossed, although I'd love any of these wonderful prizes.

    Happy Blog Birthday to you, love all these outfits, I think my favourite is the floral shorts and rust jumper <3

    I have given you a blog award so nip over to my blog and check it out - oh and congratulations! xxxx

  49. December was my fave month of outfits (it's the shorts they look amazing!!)
    I love your blog, you always catch my interest and I don't just look at the pretty pictures, I always read what you write. :)
    Great giveaway-costume jewellery is always a winner with me. xxx

  50. I've noticed such a huge change in your confidence - even in the 8 or so months I've been reading. Well done lady. I always look for your blog first, and I follow quite a few fashiony type ones. You're normal and that's what I love. :)

    Thanks for the lush giveaway.

  51. Alex look how many wonderful comments you have!!

    I love your outfit post they are fab and I have a few faves I might *cough* copy!!

    Congratulations on your anniversary

  52. Happy blog anniversary and yes please to being entered into the giveaway - fabulous lot of prizes there!

    By the way, you really do have a very enviable collection of shoes there! :)


  53. Well done on your year of blogging. You look fab in every outfit.

    I'm just starting out with my blog so it's fab to see how yours has gone from strength to strength. Here's to another successful year!

    Much love Trayci x

  54. Oh Alex, that timeline is fantastic. I love so many of your outfits, but that elbow patch jumper is my favourite!

    I would love to enter! What great prizes :) x

  55. Oh yes please enter me! :) Happy blogiversary (is that the right word? lol) I think my favourite picture of you is the December one in the blue/green frock, you look so elegant! May there be another just as successful year to come jazzy ♥

  56. Oh Alex, thankyou so much for being one of my favourite blogs to read. You're a breath of fresh air. A kindred spirit. And you rock a floral dress like no other. I especially love April's colour scheme and the way your legs look in those shorty shorts! You crazy for thinking they wouldn't suit you, but you already know that :D

    Oh anonymous comments. I'm waiting for my first nasty one. Some people have no life. You know how much I love you! Here's to another year of fantastical blogging!!!

  57. woooo multiple congrats for the blog birthday/followers/200 posts!!
    i love the first september outfit - you always look fab :) x

    PS. enter me please!

  58. Happy Anniversary- loving some of those summer outfits, can't wait for the weather to warm back up and all this stupid wind to go AWAY!

    Count me in, as ever!

  59. The autumnal colours in the second November post are scrumptious love!
    a fairly recent subscriber, but always a lovely read :)

  60. happy BLOGDAY (thats so bad it isnt even considered a pun)

  61. Oh yey! :) Amazing pictures and cool giveaway! Please count me in xx

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  62. Alex, those are super generous gifts! :) I like your year round up of your outfits, it's nice to see how a person changes! You look great in shorts, especially the ones with florals on it- so don't you listen to any mean comments! :)

  63. I got part way through this and forgot it was even a giveaway post. Which I like actually as I'm not a fan of out and out giveaways with nothing else to them - it's nice to have some substance too!

    Anyway, as ever, I'm staggered by your transformation! I'm seriously considering an Alex inspiration board or something (don't worry, I won't - I'm well aware that would be freaky!). I got my first ever rude blog comment recently - it threw me then I realised that actually the person was wrong and they'd hidden themselves behind an anonymous comment too. Loser!

  64. I'd love to win one of your prizes. I follow you. Love your March look, as well as all the shoes from December, well, those are my favourites. Love your use of colour and patterns :)

  65. Commenting! It was really interesting looking at outfits from over the year. Don't let mean-spirited comments get you down!

    K xx


  66. Love to enter - you;ve had such a full year it's lovely to re-cap :)

    Good luck everyone xx

  67. Happy Bloggiversary, Alex!
    My fave outfit is the last one shown for December-red cardi and patterned skirt. Also, those ditsy print shorts. Woo...legs agogo!
    It's amazing to see over a year how your confidence has grown.
    I truly value you as a follower and your comments are always a joy. Thank you!
    Z xx

  68. Happy blog anniversary Alex & heres to another fab year!! I think my favourite outfits must be the elbow patch jumper with floral shorts from November & the teal dress from December the colours in both outfits just look gorgeous on you!

    Lovely, lovely prizes too, you do spoil us...fingers crossed I win something :)

  69. i think i love so many of them that it's too dofficult to pick a favourite!
    please can i enter the giveaway tho :) xx

  70. Happy blogiversary Alex! Please enter me - think I've just made it in a couple of hours before deadline! xx


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