Shopping. At This Time of Year?

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Don't worry gang, it's not one of those posts about how to buy the perfect last-minute gift for your second cousin twice removed who's invited himself round for Christmas dinner. Does anyone even do that, or is just one of those things that the magazines would have us believe?

It's just about me and what I've been buying recently.

I'm not one of those people who subscribe to the school of thought that when buying Christmas presents you MUST get yourself something nice as well. For starters, I buy presents throughout the year and I'd be constantly skint if I went down the one-for-you-one-for-me route. Then you hit the issue that shopping in November and December is always dicey - don't want to ruin someone's beautifully chosen present by buying the same thing for yourself. Also, I'm not 6 years old any more. I don't automatically have to reward myself for getting things done.

It is extremely nice to have money spare in December though. For me, it means not having to stress about January (which is when I bitch and moan almightily at the prospect of spending upwards of £800 on car insurance). It means I can donate money to my favourite charities, especially those who are in extra need of it at this time of year. It means that whilst I'm doing fun things during my time off like visiting friends and popping out for lunch, I can mosey around the shops and if I wish to pick up a few things, there's nothing stopping me. Plus you know, the sales all start before Christmas now. I don't want to be sitting at home crying over my bank statement until payday.

A few things that I've been able to purchase recently:

This beautiful little necklace from a charity shop. It might just be an abstractly painted pebble but I look at it and think of lakeside scenes and the Chalet School books and smile.

Also from a charity shop, an old school scarf. Needs a spot of darning but that's easily done. Thanks Timothy, whoever you are!

Rather lovely Dune brogues, half price in TK Maxx. I had no plans to buy more brogues, having only recently bought the glittery M&S pair, but these are proper leather (I can hear my mum saying "they'll last you years if you polish them properly!") and were too nice to leave behind.

A big cosy stripy jumper from Dorothy Perkins. Not only was this half price in the sale, it was also buy-one-get-one-half-price on everything in store so I got another pair of my beloved skinny jeans for all of £7.50. Bargaintastic.

Also these two tshirts from Threadless:

Dandy Lions


All stuff that I could afford, I'm confident no-one else will have got me and that is going to fit very nicely into my wardrobe. That's how December shopping should be.


  1. Some fabulous purchases here, Alex. Love the old school scarf. I almost wish I'd kept mine now! The brogues are gorgeous and so are the t shirts.

  2. Brogues.... sigh. TK Maxx never have anything nice like that when I visit, its all 6 inch gold stilettos with dodgy 'leather' corsages.

  3. A few great purchases you have made. Like you said all unique and exactly what you like.

    X x

    Ps hope you will enter my blog birthday give away x x

  4. Excellent shopping Alex! Love the brogues, and that pebble pendant is so pretty. xxx

  5. Excellent shopping - I got shoes in TK Maxx earlier and noticed they had an abundance of Dune shoes, none in my size tho, pfft :)

  6. It's only something I've got into the habit of quite recently, but seeing something that you know would be perfect for someone's birthday or xmas (however far off) and buying it there and then for later really takes the stress off. xx

  7. oooooH my faves is the scarf, it is like my Uni scarf! Love it! x

  8. That necklace is lovely, simple but eye catching.
    And those brogues look great, and a good buy.
    I sorted all my presents in time this year, no one has been forgotten - I don't think *panic*

  9. very sensible Alex! I've done a lot of Christmas shopping in charity shops this year and found quite a few bargains! I love the cat tee :) You're right we shouldn't be spending loads on ourselves as we buy for others. xx

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  11. HUZZAH!! you got the cat t-shirt! I'm so pleased It was because I told you to on twitter wasn't it? hmm? hmm? ;-p

  12. Timothy Hill - perfect old skool name. Was he a prefect do you think? A weed or a cricket captain?

    You've picked up some great bits, I've not really bought any clothes for ages. I'll probably make my usual annual horrific mistakes come January...

  13. Those shoes are beautiful, i can't wait to see you wearing them xx

  14. I'm similar to you (except without the insurance!) I buy throughtout the year and then am able to do nice things for me and good causes also!

  15. You're absolutely right. This is how shopping should be. I could learn a thing or two here...
    Great purchases - those brogues are especially gorgeous!

  16. Aaaah Alex, love this. Love the to the point, grow the hell up approach.

    I have to admit, I've done all my shopping in December, but more because the transient nature of my life for the last 4 yeats means I can't usually store things away for Xmas.

    I stand by not needing to be rewarded though. I list who needs buying for, then keep a list of what has been bought. I do virtually all of it online because I can't bear the shops in December, and then it all gets wrapped in a job lot.

    In other news, freaking love that M!aw tshirt. Oh Alex, it's just beyond beautiful!

  17. Ha - Dandy Lions! :D Lovely brogues, the size 8s in TK Maxx are always horrible :(

    I admit I'm terrible for buying myself Christmas presents - sometimes it's just a little something to get me over the Free Delivery threshold but other times it might be new dancing shoes! The present buyers in my life aren't necessarily the most intuitive though so I doubt I'd ever double up on anything (Dad got me a jump starter kit last year...)!

  18. Loving the Chalet School reference - always good to see a fellow fan! Perfect time of year for the Chalet School Christmas Storybook :)

  19. i think i seem to be embracing the 'buy things when you see them' thing this year - i already have three people sorted for this yrs' birthdays!


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