A Year In Clothes

Friday, 30 December 2011

It's the end of the year and therefore time for the obligatory outfit round up post. I actually really enjoyed mooching through my old posts - it's a sign of how little ironing I've done in the latter half of this year that I'd actually completely forgotten that I owned several of these things!

Things to note:

  • I still haven't entirely cured myself of my habit of starting at the floor. Not sure I ever will...
  • The brick wall is brilliant. I love it.
  • I run out of clothes mojo in the winter - all the good outfits are in May and June.
  • I will cry actual huge tears when my Dolcis wedges die. I seem to live in them in the summer months.
  • The weather in August was terrible. Tights! In August!! That's just not right.









Really must get round to ebaying these shoes as they're far too big. Anyone a size 7?




December (aka The Month In Which I Barely Blogged):

So what do you think? Other than the fact that my hair needs a damn good chopping soon...

Any favourites?

I think my 2012 mission is to wear more colour in the winter and increase my hat wearing by a considerable amount.


  1. My favourite is your December party outfit - which has also just convinced me I NEED those blue IC shoes :D

  2. The black dresses in February and December are by far my favourites, black is such a nice colour on you!


  3. Not posted before, been lurking ;)
    I have several faces, the last 3 outfits in May and the long maxi skirt from June.

  4. Face? Silly auto correct! I mean several FAVES!

  5. There's not a lot that I'm *not* mad keen on Alex, I love the one by the river in March, the last one in November (but especially your hair in the second Nov one!), and of course any time the red shorts make an appearance! You're tempting me to do the odd outfit post to try and get out of my work trousers + blouse rut... something to think about perhaps...xxx

  6. Outfits I especially love are the grey shorts one in January, the dark flower print dress in April, the pale blue dress in July, the blue dress & stripy shirt in August, and of course the Boys Do Make Passes T-shirt ;D ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  7. Love the bag in the February pic.

  8. I have to agree with a few of the others that December is my favourite but then I do love a bit of sparkle!

    It's also proving what lovely shoes you have!

    X x

  9. Wow, a whole year in outfits. Awesomeness. A favourite... LOVE your recent party dress post, and still a bit in love with our matching Hero&Cape purchase. I also love the pale blue sun dress with the stripes around the bottom, from July.

    Happy New Year 2012 Alex.

  10. I would first of all like to thank you for introducing me to the blue suede Next shoes featured in May and June.....was gutted initially when I found out these were from a old season but over the moon when I found them at an outlet store for a bargain ten quid!!

    I'd say my fave outfit has to be the red shorts and blazer ensemble in June!

    Have a lovely new years celebration!


  11. It’s great seeing the transition of style throughout the duration of the year, I must admit I’d forgotten some of these outfits, so it’s nice to be able to look back at a glance all in one post. I’ve got to say I’m a big fan of shorts on you, there are some interesting prints and textures going on. I’m still quite fond of the shoe print frock oh and that carpet box bag, if you ever fall out with it please send it my way.

    Single favourite outfit? It’s got to be the red shorts in front of the grand fireplace- just stunning. You look great Alex- here’s to another stylish year ahead xxx

  12. I love them all Alex, December has to be my favourite month from you though x

  13. I really need to raid your shoe collection. such a fabulous collection of outfits. Puts mine to shame x

  14. I loove this post- so cool seeing you through the year, particularly in posts I haven't read before!!!!! Sooo hard to chose which one I like best!! I do quite like August in the orange shorts and shawl cardie although this is not what I'd call an obvious choice for me! You are so darn funky!!! (oh and I got lovely new ICs in the post today!!!!!!!!!!!)

  15. Ooh no I like your hair real long! Mine only ever grows as far as my bra strap so I'm living vicariously thru you! Love all your outfits, so many cute dresses :)

  16. The greeeeeeeeeeeen dress! Very flattering. And you boots with strange zips. But not together,
    MORE next year please!!

  17. Gorgeous outfits, I really love your sense of colour! I just stumbled across your blog and I love it - you have a new follower :D

    Happy New Year!

    Cat xxx

  18. MY GAWD, your shoe collection is amazing! :)

    I love the red cherry dress in May and the green dress in June the best. You look smoking! Man I don't think I've been around enough to see you with those sexy pins out. They are divine! You have a lovely skin tone :) Ahh, this all sounds a bit suss. Haha!

    I really want to be more active on my blog, starting with featuring my fave blogs again! I will be in contact chicka. Happy new year btw! Here's to a flippin brilliant 2012! :D

  19. I love your dec party outfit, your red shorts and all your IC shoes. I'm a size 7, how much are you looking for?


  20. I have to say I think May is my favourite month out of them all, but you have impeccable outfits in each, especially the first one in June too. Happy New Year Alex! xxx

  21. Happy New Year Alex! Hope it's a great one for you. My fave look of yours is the orange shorts - they're gorgeous. xx

  22. I think my favourite of these has to be that watercolour-esque dress you wore in April, SUCH a gorgeous print! Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and New Year lovie! :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  23. Some awesome outfits! all the colourful ones are my faves - of course!

  24. Aside from the Christmas gorgeousness, my faves are the red in March and the amazing sleeves dress. It's just a great shot, you look moody in the shades, and vaguely like you might have been photographed for The Face (remember that?) alongside Chloe Sevigny or someone.

  25. I think I can confirm that I have loved your style this year! You look incredible in the December sparkly dress xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  26. Some facts:

    The brick wall is awesome

    I love February's hand in hair action

    That sequin dress is BANGING on you!


  27. I love the long flowery brown 70s style June skirt. Cool outfits! And shoes :)


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