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This Summer Redux

Sunday, 9 September 2012

I challenged myself back at the start of the summer to undertake some fun things. No dull to-do lists for me! As autumn is drawing in, it seems time to look back at the list and see how I got on.

  • Watch some outdoor theatre

  • DONE - Macbeth and The Importance of Being Earnest.  Very different performances and theatre companies but they were both absolutely brilliant.

  • Book an autumn break with the girls from work

  • DONE - I am very excited.  Only a month or so to go!

  • Go to the Edinburgh Festival

  • DONE - Oh it was fantastic. We squeezed in 12 shows in two and a bit days so it was somewhat hectic but there was time for cider drinking in the sunshine and we even found time to go and see Chris Hoy's gold postbox.

  • Make a complicated cake - possibly Dobos Torte. See here for a mega review of someone else trying it!

  • NOT DONE - unfortunately the only real opportunity I had for this was the mid August for family birthdays but I ran out of time and the moment passed.  I still want to make it but it seems a bit pointless to make such a big cake just to take into work.  Hmmmm.  Someone have a birthday please.

  • Complete Project Bunny

  • DONE - and I am fricking pleased with myself.  I am still a wibbly knitter: I panic and then get hysterically giggly when casting on (seriously, why do I do this?) and my tension is terrible (probably cos I'm tense) but I made them and they look awesome, even if I do say so myself.

  • Have a smashing time at the Olympics

  • DONE - see this post for more thoughts and pictures.  What a truly amazing day it was.

  • Take my lovely new tent camping again

  • I took no photos of the tent: it was too wet. This was in a cafe in Church Stretton.

    DONE - it was ridiculously rainy. We got drenched.  We then had bits of tent draped over the bannisters and dining room table for a week.  Still had a cracking time though!

  • Go to the football - either a pre-season Liverpool game or keep it local and go and watch Marine

  • DONE - I took the menfolk to see Liverpool vs Bayern Leverkusen as their birthday present.  Then someone crashed into the back of the car on the way home.  Fun eh?

  • Try a Zumba class

  • HA! You think you're getting a photo of me in exercise gear.  Think again.

    DONE - I went by myself and everything.  This may not seem much but I get a bit panicky about doing things like that for the first time so I'm impressed I actually went.  It wasn't too bad either! I managed the whole thing and didn't ache afterwards so perhaps I'm fitter than I thought. 

  • Have a picnic with Shell and Baby Jack because I just don't see the two of them enough

  • NOT DONE - bad Alex.  I have basically had no free weekends since about June and besides, have you seen the weather? The one nice period of weather we've had and Shell is on holiday in Turkey - lucky thing!

  • Go on a Ferry 'cross the Mersey! Would you believe I've never been on it?

  • NOT DONE - Yeah, I've still never been on it.  Stupid busy weekends.  I am hopefully I can go at some point this month.

  • Do or buy something a bit frivolous and not feel guilty about it

  • DONE - Wheeeeeeee!  I bought this fine gentleman.  I did not need a new bag, I just wanted one.  Plus I used a voucher so it's frivolous, yet moneysaving at the same time.

  • Chill out.  I am becoming increasingly incapable of not checking my phone for texts/emails/tweets/Instagram updates/blog comments every 5 minutes.  I know it's a terrible habit.  I'll have to lock it in a box or something

  • SORT OF DONE - I'm trying.  Not entirely sure how I measure success on this point but I'm better at ignoring the phone and concentrating on tv/a book instead.

  • Write 15,000 more words of The Second Novel 

  • REALLY NOT DONE - Oh god, total and utter failure on this one.  I've done about 850 words.  I've been plotting out bits of The Third Novel but it would probably help if I finished this one first.  Autumn task!

  • Finally, if I can fit it in (cos my weekends are quite packed!), go to the zoo.  I've never been to the zoo.

  • NOT DONE - have still never been to the zoo.  Waaaah.  Someone take me to the zoo please.

    Hmmm, nine successes, one maybe, five failures. Not too bad. Here's to an equally fun filled autumn!


    1. I didn't know you were writing a second novel!!! I didn't know you'd written a first!!! Have I missed this somewhere down the blogging line. Spill to beans to me gal!
      Well done on your list, you've made tons of progress.
      Now get thee in the garden and sunbathe.
      Gem x xx

    2. That's a really successful list! I'll take you to the zoo, I love the zoo (though I've only been once) we'll make a panda appointment :) ! Xo

    3. Hurrah for lists of nice things to do! And a sense of accomplishment from having done them. I'd take you to the zoo but Bristol is probably a bit too far for a day trip.

    4. Great list. I've been to outdoor theatre a few times, been really lucky with the weather and loved it. Edinburgh zoo is 5 mins along the road from my parents' place but I've still not been to see the pandas yet. Must do it soon. xx

    5. I have that same bag! People keep complimenting me on it - even two strangers!

    6. Sounds like you did a pretty good job of ticking things off!


    7. I LOVE that bag, and your knitted bunnies are adorable! x

    8. I'd take you to the zoo if it wasn't so bloody expensive!

    9. You've achieved a lot on your list, well done! Loved the exercise comment, funny! Come to London and come to London zoo, I haven't been in years despite working round the corner from it for 2.5 years!

    10. you achieved well over half that you set out to. I don't know how you found the time. the zoo will be just as fun in the winter, just pick a fairly dry day :) x

    11. It genuinely sounds like you had an incredible summer! You achieved so much that you set out to do, you ought to be very proud! I am so very jealous of many of the things you did such as going to the Olympics and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And I wouldn't worry about not reaching how many words you wanted to write, I mean, hello! You can't rush genius ;) xx

    12. Wow, I love your knitted creations! I wish I could knit that well! Did you use a pattern? You have achieved so much, well done! xxx

    13. You've done the majority of the list, so well done you!

    14. Hope Bestival was good and you are ok

    15. You sound like you have had a really busy and fun summer, bravo!

      Maria xxx


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