Black and Gold

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Yup, I wore gold sequins to work this week.  No-one batted an eyelid.  Whether that means they're just used to me by now or that dress codes don't mean much in our place or probably both, I'm happy with it.  I couldn't cope with having to have a whole separate wardrobe full of clothes for work.  I begrudge spending money on sensible things as it is - having to fork out for boring workwear would be a step too far.  And what would it to do to my lovely colleague who likes to start her day off by having a look at what ridiculous thing I've got on if I sat at my desk in black polyester and plain heels all the time?  She'd find it as deeply dull as I did.

I don't like dull.  I like impractically decorated shoes and monster tshirts.

Jacket - c/o French Connection
Tshirt - Hero and Cape
Skirt - H&M sale
Boots & gold flecked tights - Marks & Spencer
Ring - Dorothy Perkins sale

I'm so pleased with the tshirt.  As soon as I saw the monster peeking out from behind green tissue paper, I knew it would be good.  I had some slight issues with the previous tshirt I ordered from Hero and Cape - nothing to do with the quality, I just have too short a neck for a high round-neck collar! - and had to alter it a bit to suit my funny shape, but this one is great.  They've expanded the product range and the new fabric and cut options are perfect.  And the beauty of it being a small company is that the personal touch is there and they're happy to swap designs and tshirt styles if you ask them.  Not that I needed it with this one, but it's always useful to have the option available.

Chloe and I were tshirt twins way back when and when I spotted the new moustachioed monster design, she was the first person I had to go "Have you seen it?!" to.  She is a woman of excellent taste after all.  Naturally we ended up expanding our twinny collection and both bought it.  Doesn't she look lovely in it?  Ah, to be that slim...


  1. I am liking those shoes :)

    Sal x

  2. you look wonderful! I think it's brilliant to wear sequins to work-I used to do it all the time, now I have to wear more of a uniform which is dull but there is nothing better than wearing something that makes you (and everyone else) smile!
    XO Amie

  3. I love it! Monsters and sequins? Yes please and thank you muchly. I miss my fashion buddy at work, she left recently and now I'm stuck in a room full of men, I could turn up in my PJs and they wouldn't even notice. She would love this outfit too!

  4. I love that T-shirt so much I'm tempted to add it to my daughter's Christmas stocking! Its fab! You look wonderfully sparkly :)

  5. I wish I could wear sequins to work...accounts is not a sparkly place though. I love the boots as well!

  6. Love the outfit, the shoes are amamizng!xx

  7. I don't like dull either darling!
    I say a huge YES to sequins at work!!! Love that skirt,and those shoes are beyond fab!
    A lot of people at my work look forward to seeign what I wear each day, and many have something to say about it,9/10 positive! It amuses and flatters me that they take such an interest! Of course, I can't let standards slip,they'll be disappointed!

  8. sassy!! I'm going to try sequins for work x

  9. Love it! So cute and fun! Reminds me of Rhubarb and Custard!

  10. I love this outfit, everyday when I pick out an outfit I'm drawn to a glittery dress I got last Christmas!
    Like you I don't like to have separate wardrobes either, I could never wear bork office clothes xxx

  11. Great outfit, can't beat a sequin on a grey day.
    We don't have a dress code, so I got a few comments on wearing a hat during the week.

  12. hehe, that tshirt is so cute!

  13. I wish I could get away with sequins for work! I am not entirely sure what the public will make of a sequin-clad librarian though...

  14. I had a big shock when I moved from the music biz with no dress code to a proper office. The school run doesn't exactly have a dress code but sequins would raise an eyebrow or two. Better than mum jeans and fleeces though. Viva work where sequins are OK!

  15. Oh gurrrrrl looking FIERCE! Kudos to you for rocking the sequins in the office, I agree you can definitely still looks smart but with personality. My concern is wearing too much leather, I'm obsessed with it ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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