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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I suffer from Small Wardrobe Syndrome.  The effects of this furniture based problem are that you have to keep half your clothes in the ironing pile and the half that do live in the wardrobe are crammed so closely together that you can't see what you own.  I don't own anywhere near as many frocks as Sarah, Sarah or Char but it's still a battle to get into my wardrobe. 

I'd completely forgotten about this frock, and with good reason.  The wardrobe is not only small, it's very dark (the lighting in my house is weird - there's one light in the bedroom and it's right over the other side of the room, right by the window) and I mostly rely on the brighter colours and patterns leaping out at me when I'm browsing.  I found this lurking between a maxi dress and a sequinned party frock and went "Aha! Cute frock alert!"

It's also the perfect match for my amazing new pair of shoes.

They're not too big - I was just leaning forward to press the camera buttons.

Aren't they fab? They also come in red or grey, but both of those shades have a pinkish heel and you know my dislike for pink.  So I went for the black pair and I love them.  The vamp is a really interesting shape and although they're on the high side for a pair of daytime court shoes for me, the heel is chunky enough to make them quite comfortable.

If you want to see the red pair then hop over to Char or Rai - they've both got them on today!  Spooky.

Dress - Primark
Cardi - Topshop, present

I shake my fist at January's poor light levels. When I was taking these photos it was a choice between cranking down the settings on the camera to make it not appear pitch black, or whacking the flash on and looking like a startled bunny. I went with the former and have just ended up with slightly blurry photos where I look moon faced and super stern. And I looked pretty(ish) for once in real life. Honest I did!

Damn you weather.


  1. Oh dear, I'm wanting the black ones now too :p

  2. Mini mouse shoes, lovely! Why don't you get one of those mini battery operated led strip lights. They're only about 6 inches long and can be stuck inside your wardrobe, they also do small round ones about 2 inches across. B&Q and Homebase sell them for between £5 - £10.

  3. Those shoes are so cute. I currently have big wardrobes, but I'm moving soon and I'm definitely going to be suffering from Small Wardrobe Syndrome after that! xx

  4. You always look pretty to me and so ladylike!
    Love those ICs- I'd love a pair but the heel is just too high! I have too many clothes in too many places syndrome!x

  5. You are far more than pretty-ish my dear, you are beautiful! Love the shoes. xxx

  6. Great shoes!
    And you are pretty, flash, no flash, good light, bad light...

  7. Those shoes are darling Alex, and I'm inclined to say I love all variations of them xxx

  8. Lovely shoes-lovely girl :)

  9. I love this outfit, that dress is so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  10. The house I grew up in had bedroom lights over by the window. Apparently it's so that shadows of the occupants aren't cast onto the curtains letting the outside world know what they're up to.


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