Disappointment and Dungaree Dreams

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hello world. Yes that's me, wearing dungarees.

Remember when I moaned at length about how much I wanted to relive my youth by wearing some dungarees and how it turned out that they would never suit me? Well, it turns out that denim Primark ones definitely don't. As for green ASOS ones, decide for yourself:

I'd given up looking until Char sent me a link to a few ASOS pairs that she was considering. My green radar went "BRONG!" at the sight of this pair and I bought them on a total whim, despite being fairly certain that I was setting myself up for yet more dungaree disappointment.

If I'm being super harsh on myself, they probably still don't suit me - I definitely own more flattering items of clothing - but fuck it and fuck anyone that wants to judge me for my awful stomach and chunky thighs. I'm working on them but they won't ever disappear. I'm a great believer in buying and wearing what the hell you like and I like these dungarees. Who gives a toss if they'd look better on a taller, thinner person?

I've been frolicking around with my hands in my pockets all day and admiring myself in any mirror I pass. Isn't this shirt GREAT? Not that I like golf in any way, shape or form but I do enjoy vintage shirts an awful lot. The pattern reminds me of Frankie in Why Didn't They Ask Evans? - all jaunty 30s lady golfer.

Told you about the mirror thing.

Dungarees - ASOS
Shirt - vintage, via charity shop
Heels & ring - Dorothy Perkins sale


  1. They look awesome - yay for dungarees and I have vintage shirt envy! x

  2. Well I think it's a bloody marvellous outfit! The green dungaree is very you and what a cracking vintage shirt. Love that you wore heels, I'd have put trainers on by default.

  3. Oh, they are excellent, and you look great in them esp with that wonderfful shirt! I've been looking for some like that (in blue preferably) for wearing at historic boat gatherings - the boating equivalent of the Land Girls used to wear something similar, and I think they look amazing.


    Narrow boat Willow

  4. These look awesome on you, love the shade of green, perfect for Autumn! I'm planning on wearing dungarees over thin knit jumpers when it gets colder too, want to get more wear out of them! Love the printed shirt too :)

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  5. they're gorgeous, love the colour! And they look fab on you with those heels, very stylish x

  6. I love this on you, the longer length is perfect x

  7. I think they look great but what's my opinion matter? As long as you love them (which you do!) That blouse rocks! x

  8. If you love them, wear them. I think they look great. I very nearly bought a floral pair yesterday and then remembered that Autumn is upon us. Yours are perfect for the coming seasons!

  9. These do look great on you, I especially love the colour!

    Maria xxx

  10. I honestly think they look much better on you than the asos model, seriously. I love the shirt you've paired them with and think the whole thing really suits you.


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