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The Wedding

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Prepare yourself for many photos. Amazing days in amazing venues demand them.

The wedding was held at the Hillbark Hotel which is quite ridiculously beautiful inside and out.

Gem's mum is a florist and an absolute artist with flowers. Aren't they stunning?

You know what I liked best about the day? Not the venue or the style or the beauty of it all, though they were all pretty impressive. It was the fun that shone through everything. Ken and Gem are really perfect for each other and they have exactly the same sense of humour. Some weddings might have been ruined by silly faces in the photos or everyone wearing fake moustaches or the bride's nan heckling during the speeches but I can't imagine this one would have been complete without all of those things. Maybe there were a few tears - it's my big brother getting married, I'm allowed a sniffle! - but mostly there was lots and lots of laughter. Perfect.

Yay, Mum and Ken. I love both of these photos so I can't choose between them.

You all saw what I wore in my last post but as I've finally managed to get the picture of my face uploaded without the evil black eyes, here I am! Ahhh, the power of MAC. I really must learn how to do the flicky eyeliner thing by myself as I flipping love it.

Me before getting frocked up:

Me and the mothership, both frocked up in the photobooth. I want a parasol.

Me, 'tached up. I suit them! It's really freaky.

Clearly genetic though. This is my Dad:

So that was the wedding. The most excellent of excellent days.

The bride and groom are now off honeymooning in Vegas and Mexico, the lucky devils!


  1. What beautiful photos, it looks and sounds like great day was had by all.

    Congratulations to the happy couple. Wishing them many happy years.

    X x

  2. killer face Alex, woweeee!
    It looks like a marvellous day and what a happy occasion, to see a loved one tie the knot :) x

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAh, I love it!!!! What utter fun!!! Congratulations to your lovely brother and new wife Gem! So many beatiful photos! Your makeup looks gorgeous as does your Mum! WHAT a beautiful setting!x

  4. Looks like it was the most perfect day! Congratulations to them both.
    Wowsers, don't you look different with a MAC face on? I'm working backwards here, so off to look at your outfit pics!
    Thanks for sharing such a special day, Alex.
    Z xx

  5. You are so pretty. The venue and wedding looked stunning too. Glad you all had a lovely day x

  6. Yaaay, I LOVE these photos (and given my view on weddings, that's saying something!) - everyone looks so happy and as though they are really enjoying themselves, which is definitely the most important thing! :)


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