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Tuesday 15 October 2013

Everyone's seen The Sound of Music, right? Well I hadn't until a couple of years ago. I sat down with my mum one lazy day during the Christmas holidays and watched it for the first time. By the time Julie Andrews had whizzed up an entire set of outfits for the children from one pair of curtains I was in absolute hysterics. Seriously, I was lying on the floor gasping for breath because I was laughing so hard I'd slid off the sofa and ended up in a heap.


I still don't know quite why making clothes from curtains tickled my funny bone so much. Just one of those things. I think it triggered something deep within me though because my life mission now appears to be to dress entirely from the soft furnishings department. I've got dresses made from curtains and duvet covers and upholstery fabric and now I've got a dress that looks like a chair.

Yeah, my Nana had some awesome furniture. Almost as good as that outfit I'm wearing. I want a grownup version!

I know they don't match but you cannot have too much tapestry!

Dress & cardi - New Look
Boots - ASOS
Hat - Jessica Simpson c/o TK Maxx


  1. Frocking brilliant!
    I knew of a woman who made her clothes from Sanderson fabrics. I always wondered if she was ever in the situation of sitting on a sofa in the same fabric, would she disappear?
    Never met her, although we worked for the same company, but a mate did...he was aghast!
    Z xx

  2. I really, really, really love your hat! It suits you and looks so fab I didn't really notice the rest...

  3. I have still never seen the Sound of Music, and I want to pick that stray fluff off your hat. But I love your dress!

    1. Fluff shame! It didn't look that bad in real life, I swear!

  4. Hey I've got a chair just like your dress - seriously. Love it!

  5. I saw this dress the other week and wanted it purely to do some contrast tapestry thing like that with my boots too!

  6. Those shoes! That hat! Amazing.

  7. Hey! I love the curtain outfit! Truly inspired and stylish- loving the hat particularly!x

  8. I LOVE the Sound of Music, Liesl's dress in 16 going on 17 is perfection! Really love this tapestry dress, I wish I could track it down in my size :(

  9. Aah the dress and the shoes together - amazing!! I ordered this dress a couple of weeks ago, but tried it on to find the zip was broken :( It was such a hassle to return too because I used a gift card online but no longer had it to get it refunded to, so I had to go in store! I'm now reluctant to re-order because I've heard others have found their zips to break, but it's sooo gorgeous! Is your zip okay??

  10. I love that you're the only person I can think of who totally pulls this off. Oh and *whispers* I've never seen the Sound Of Music either.... Tapestry allllll the way!

    Also, I think we possible had matching glasses and v similar outfit choices as children. I could so have been looking at myself when I saw your picture.

  11. Flippin' awesome dress! And hat is a winner too, fluff or no.
    I've never seen the start or the end of the sound of music - just the happy, running around hills but in the middle.

  12. corking! I've always loved the curtain clothes in the sound of music. Your outfit is brilliant missy x

  13. I love the hat best of all, but it's all rather awesome :)

  14. My vintage knitting bag is totally that pattern!

  15. I live tapestry! I'm currently debating ordering some tapestry boots from new look. I have a dress in the same fabric as yours but I got it from asos last year. I just hope I fit back into it once I've had my baby! X

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