A Day In The Life

Thursday, 2 October 2014

I really loved Char's #photoanhour blog post last week - it's always fun to see what people get up to, isn't it? Blogging and all forms of social media give you brief glimpses into things but I do enjoy a whole day of "this is what I did".  Mainly I'm very impressed by a) how early other people get up and b) how busy they are!

Inspired by Char, I decided to have a crack at it. I know most people choose a weekend day for this but well, recording my weekends at the moment would result in a stream of photos where I'm painting and scrubbing skirting boards and mopping. NOT FUN. Work day it had to be:


Rudely awoken by the cat. I am so far from being a morning person it's untrue. Thank god I live close to work.


Brekkie at work (I can't eat first thing in the morning or I just want to vom). Very strong coffee and an utterly delicious Udi's choc chip bagel. I can't get enough of their stuff. Honestly, I'm like a crazy evangelical person preaching the merits of gluten-free food that tastes NORMAL AND DELICIOUS.


Photo editing stuff for the website. Endless, endless photo editing.


Escaped work to nip to the new house and let in the engineers from the electricity company. They were late. I chipped more bitumen off the quarry tiles in the hall and practiced my rage face. It came in very useful when they arrived and immediately said "Oh no love, we can't help. Who told you we needed to do it? Impossible." Err, that would be another engineer from your company. FIX IT.

They did. I now having working plug sockets. Hurrah!


Back at work. Thank goodness I racked up about a bajillion lieu hours earlier in the year. They're coming in super useful.


Lunch! We're all mildly obsessed by tomatoes and this is my current fave way to eat them. Take some nice bread, slice a beef tomato, drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and rock salt, then scoff.


Spreadsheety fun.


A pig with a broken ear made a visit to the office. Cue many porcine jokes.


Still at it with the website. Captions are the bane of my life. Almost as bad as blog titles: I can never think!


A very hasty dash from work to the train station and then, by the skin of my teeth, I was on the train into town, finishing off an upcoming Blogging Good Read book.


Dinner at Luche Libre, a fab Mexican restaurant in town. Wine, spicy fries and tacos of the Al Pastor (pork belly marinated in cola) and Scouse varieties. Don't worry, that's not all I ate. I just wanted a tidy photo. Ha!

7.15 & 8.15pm

At my second home, FACT, to watch a live screening of Stephen Fry's talk/book promo/general awesomeness.


Wandering back to the car. Liverpool is brilliant.


Back at home I had a burst of energy and decided to pack away some summer clothes prior to the move. Won't be needing them for a while! The current spare bedroom is complete chaos: books and ironing and boxes everywhere.


My usual late night staples: Radio 5 Live, a book and my diary. I am far too prone to being distracted at this time of night. I'm sure it shouldn't take me as long to write my diary as it actually does. Need more focus.


Sorted out clothes for the next day and fell straight asleep. That's quite an early bedtime by my usual standards but I'm exhausted at the moment.

So there you have it: a day in the life of me.  


  1. I love reading these "Day in the Life" posts and yours I enjoyed especially, not least because we were both at the same event (I was at the Royal Festival Hall in London and it took me an age to get home after but still - I think I almost prefer your version).
    You certainly packed a lot in. Seemed like a good day to me :)

  2. That pic of you and cat is very cute indeed

  3. Love your rage face! You're so lucky not having to get up till 8.15, when I'm on earlies I have to start work at 6.30am which means my alarm going off at 5.15am = needing to go to bed by 10pm! It should be illegal.

  4. What a fabulous day - looks like you had a great day.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  5. Woop, thanks for having a go at this, too. My work days would not be exciting at all - getting distracted by Twitter, every hour on the hour. What did you do with the pig? I also have to admit that whilst I used to rathre like S Fry, the more I hear of him lately the more I'm beginning to dislike him.

  6. Love these posts! And I'm currently craving your bagel...

  7. Oh I do like these posts. How is the house going, feels neverending with folk in and out all the time eh? Our work finished ages ago and we still haven't sorted the rooms out and can't find anything anymore!

    That's ace being so close to work, so you can nip home. Poor piggy : (


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