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I Hate Gift Guides

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Confession: if you write a gift guide blog post, I'm probably not gonna read it. Yes, I know you've put loads of time and effort into it but here's the thing.

A) I've already done all my Christmas shopping. I know. Smugface. Feel free to kick me.

B) You have no idea what my family and friends will like. When I buy presents, I like them to be personal and awesome, not just what's helpfully packaged up for me as suitable for that particular person/gender/relation. Newsflash: not all women bake/love candles/want smellies.

I can pick presents for them by myself. Par exemple, recent gifts for my dad, brother and mum have included Enid Blyton's The Adventure Series of books, a Gameboy (old school 90s one) and a tailor's dummy. Heck, I even gave my friend Lisa a swede once. It's a long story relating to vegetable shortages but trust me, she was made up with it. What I'm trying to say is that you won't find any of those things included in gift guides but the recipients all loved them.

All gift guides tend to do (other than make me wonder which bloggers are being paid by brands to include the items. Suspicious, moi?) is make me think "but I want that for me. Dammit!"

So this is about the only gift guide I'm qualified to write. What I want. Cos I'm shameless like that. Also cos  I've spent all my money on carpets and bookcases and treats are strictly off the menu for the time being.


Entertainmenty things:

  • I've lent my copy of E&P to someone and I can't remember who and they haven't given it back and WAAAAHHHHHHHH.
  • On a more positive note, Begin Again was one of the best films I've seen this year. A must-own.
  • Watched the first couple of episodes of My Mad Fat Diary at a pal's house and then promptly forgot about the rest of the series. I have time off over Christmas and New Year so boxsets would be awesome.

Random stuff for me and the house:

  • Matalan's alphabet scarves are ace, plus they support Alder Hey hospital and I know from experience of the amazing work that place does.
  • Who doesn't love starry nights? A starry lamp is a great idea.
  • Erm I don't even use my landline at the moment but that phone is a beaut and would make me reconsider.
  • Yayyyy, wellies for fat calves. GREEN wellies for fat calves.

Ultimately though, anything would be great (but not crap smelly gift sets, m'kay?). I love presents and I really love the fact that someone has put thought and effort into getting me something. Doesn't matter a jot how much it cost: something tracked down in a charity shop for £1 that they know I'll love is gonna be way better than something costing 20 times that much that has been bought in a Boots 3 for 2 deal.


  1. This is the only kind of gift guide I tend to write - and only because I always have friends and family asking me when I'll put it on the blog so they can get shopping!

    1. Also, I love the idea of subscription gifts - for my mum's birthday this year I gave her a Willoughby Book Club subscription and she loved having a new book pop through her letterbox every month.

  2. Yup, basically this, and loving your wants. Subscriptions are up on my want list big style right at the moment and yeah- super sensitive to coloured/scented skin care, so no thanks to cosmetic/skincare/bath gift sets.

    We've kind of started a tradition with my parents, my grandmother and T& I that we go away for a long weekend instead of Christmas gifts. Last year it was Leipzig and this year we're off to Spain. We all chip in and have a good time rather than buying stuff we don't need or want. If we don't get away next year the other suggestion is a dinner somewhere super special, some kind of tasting menu or something and an overnight stay.

    Also, I've done all my Xmas shopping too, couldn't bear the though of waiting until Dec.

  3. Great post. I`m not a fan of gift guides either. I don`t like heavily packaged beauty products. I like to give a thoughtful gift to friends and family not a 3 for 2 special.
    I`m finished my shopping too, and have included little handmade bits and pieces.
    My children are making gingerbread stars for the Grandparents and I`ll be making some homemade chocolate slabs as little extras.

  4. I am not a fan either! I guess it's just one of those 'standard suggestion for blogpost' ideas!
    I meant to tell you, I found a Persephone book in the charity shop recently! I was SO chuffed!x

  5. I agree - I've read about 20 gift guides in the past few days and I'm sick of them.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  6. Haha I could easily write a gift guide for MYSELF, muahaha! If someone paid me for it, even better! Nah, I totally agree, I prefer giving something personal, so a standard gift guide thing isn't really for me and like you say the shopping is already done in most cases. Just the wrapping to do now...noooo, hate the wrapping (to think I used to do it at work ALL day too)!!

  7. Late to the party, but - yes. Particularly to the who is being paid or promo'd to blog about stuff. Really, really pisses me off. I was debating whether to do a "things I'd quite like" but it's mostly microwaves and headphones and subscriptions to food magazines. Not exactly shiny blogger territory.

  8. The 6 month Persephone book subscription my Dad got me for my 30th is one of my most favourite presents EVER.


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