The House: The Boudoir

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I am muchly enjoying the new place. It's slightly odd wrapping my head around the fact that I can merrily spread my stuff all over the house rather than having to wedge everything into my bedroom, but I'm coping ok with that. Ha! Who'd have thought I needed encouragement to fling belongings everywhere?

Now that everything doesn't have to live in my room, I'm trying to keep it less cluttered and more of a soothing space. A boudoir, if you like. The decluttering isn't going fantastically well and it's still really messy, hence the lack of stylish wide-angle interiors shots. The basic things are in place though!

I gave the bedside table a spruce up last year and although it's not a match with the shade of green of the wallpaper, it tones rather nicely. We don't want too much matchy matchy, do we? The initial lamp was from Out There Interiors but I don't think they stock them any more.

The bedding and clock are both from Asda who are doing some seriously good homeware at the moment. Bargainous prices too! It looks as if they've changed the clock design slightly but the duvet set is very much still available.

This gorgeous snuggly throw is c/o The French Bedroom Company. My little house is quite toasty warm anyway but there's something lovely about having a super soft, beautiful blanket at the end of the bed when some extra warmth and comfort is needed.

I love toile. Like, an awful lot. Surprisingly hard to find in green though - red and blue are loads more common. I tracked this wallpaper down on Direct Wallpaper.

Not gonna lie. I had a lot of fun searching for knobs on ebay. I was in mild despair until I hit upon a seller called The Barrister's Horse (excellent name!) and found approx 957685 different styles of amazing knobs. I pretty much wanted all of them but these Parisian ones were perfect for the boudoir, especially as the black matches the all the metalwork on the bed frame and hat stand.

Hat stand! Or should that be bag stand? It was an ebay purchase about four years ago and now I've got the room settled and decided that there's space for another one, I can't find the same flipping style anywhere. Gahhhh. Might have to go for a mismatched approach.

This bedside table was another little painting project. I bought it for £5 in a fit of frivolity after signing the contracts for the house and it was a gruesome shade of pink. I was gonna try and recover the fabric part but I don't think I can get it off without ruining the trim. It's still vaguely gruesome but it kinda works, doesn't it?

Also, please admire the luxurious boudoir carpet. Turns out it's very hard to pick a colour that matches white woodwork and that particular wallpaper. The bloke in the carpet shop took pity on my aimless wandering around and suggested this one. I hadn't considered grey at all but it looks lovely.

Books, glorious books.

I'll do the library next. It's nearly sorted!


  1. You've broken my heart a little learn the lamps are no longer available :(

  2. I love it :) You must be so proud to have everything sorted! Very jealous of the fact that you have a library... X

  3. Looking good! Can't wait to see the library!!

  4. Oh I LOVE it! Seriously all of it! You have done so well! Hatstand envy x10!xx

  5. Ah your place looks lovely - we even have the same bedspread! I love the wallpaper and way you've recovered the drawers too and the hatstand is brilliant! - Tasha xxx

  6. It's looking lovely! :) YAY!
    Love that lamp, and I too adore a bit of the toile. x

  7. I love your bed sheets and that lamp is amazing!! I saw the wall paper on Instagram when you put it on there and it still looks fab :) Can't wait to see the library x

  8. very nice pictures ;) great ;)
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    Kiss from Italy.

  9. This is such a beautiful room, I have that initial lamp too and I'm off to buy that duvet cover! ;)

    Maria xxx

  10. Love it all, those knobs are great. I bought kids ones from Zara online to use on my wardrobe once I evacuate shoe mountain and actually get half my wardrobe back from behind it! Funnily enough we chose a greyish carpet for our hallway/stairs and a soft grey paint, the conservatory has grey laminate and grey sofas to soften the stark white.


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