Ticking Things Off

Friday, 9 January 2015

Never let it be said that I'm good at timekeeping. We're now 9 days into January and I haven't done any end-of-year-review posts or written anything about my aims for the year. Probably won't bother, to be honest. My 2015 has so far been full of family, comforting food and drink, hanging out with Oscar and enjoying getting stuck back into work. Oh and the occasional drunken selfie.

That's not to say I haven't enjoyed reading the round-up and resolutions posts on other people's blogs cos I really have, I just can't muster up the energy to write anything myself. 2014 was tiring and I didn't realise how much of my time was spent slogging away on the renovation and redecoration of the house until I looked back at old diaries. I'd rather focus on enjoying what I've got now rather than reliving the monotonous days of scrubbing! Also there will be upcoming posts about the before/after of the house once I've actually got the "after" stage finished, so what's the point doing them now?

Challenges are fun though. I'm full of admiration for Char's plan not to buy anything in 2015 and I always love Becks' Not-Really-Resolutions. I was noodling around blogland on my lunch break yesterday and came across a couple of interesting posts yesterday about January challenges. One was about 30 days of minimalism and it's appealing in some ways but on balance I decided it's just a touch on the wanky self-help side of things for my liking. Sorry guys, I know mindfullness is hugely appealing and helpful for some people but I cringe deeply within at the thought of being asked to "practice gratitude".  Also I already do quite a lot of the things on that list - going bare-faced, not watching TV, enjoying solitude and not shopping for 24 hours aren't new challenges for me! The spirit behind it is nice though and I may attempt a few of the ideas.

The one I'm definitely going to do is Sarah's 31 Things to do in January Which Won't Make You Feel Bad About Yourself. I'm not into giving things up or setting targets that won't do anything but cause me stress, so this is perfect for me.

There is not a scrap of waffle or twaddle in this list: it's all fun, exciting, good things to try. No real rules either. You don't have to do them in order, or at all, but I'm gonna try my best to get everything ticked off and completed.  Plus I LOVE LISTS. This is going to be even more satisfying than crossing things off a normal to-do list.

Today's task: spoil Oscar. 


  1. I heart Oscar and your Mary Poppins mug. I think you've got a fine excuse for not writing, the house stuff can't have been easy! And I agree with you, lists are awesome :) x

  2. I'm the same- I love reading people's end of year blogposts but I just can't be faffed again with going through and doing one myself!!! Also will give those posts a look.x

  3. Haha, yeah I think it took me half the year to write up my yearly round-up last time. This year, I have nothing to write because I barely got dressed and literally haven't been anywhere but the hospital/doctor/dentist in an entire year and nobody wants to read that BOREDOM! I rarely make resolutions because I just see them as things to break. I'd probably die if I stopped shopping for an entire year-ogling shoes online is all that's keeping me going! I quite like that 31 things list, I've already done a few (goodbye lumpy duvet, hello marshmallow one) x

  4. Hope Oscar enjoyed the spoiling! Thanks for the mention. x

  5. I did have plans for a "2014 in numbers" post, which I might still do, although it's taken me almost a fortnight to get around to it. I want to make a pie chart out of my letter-writing stats, though - i think that's a good enough reason for a wanky round up post, right?


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