Bags and bags of new clothes

Monday, 1 March 2010

Hasn't it been a beautiful, sunny, cheerful sort of day? I dropped the car off at the valeting place this morning and walked into the city centre with the sun on my back and BBC podcasts on my mp3 player to keep me smiling. Perfect shopping weather.

so, do you think I a)stuck rigidly to the shopping list and bought only what I needed or b)dashed round like a giddy child trying on all the pretty dresses and wanting anything and everything floral?

You've guessed it, pretty frocks were the order of the day! First up, from Peacocks, this rather jazzy print number. It has pockets - I love a frock with pockets. I also got some jogging bottoms and a headband with a big fake flower on but they're not so interesting so no pics of them.

Then into the giant New Look. I was really quite impressed, I must say. There's still a lot of stuff in there that is made from horribly tatty fabric and I did have to put back a few things that I would definitely have bought had they been better made, but I'm super chuffed with what I did buy. Neither of these look particularly good on the hanger but they look and feel so much nicer on.

Also picked up some blue leggings (not pictured) and a pair of belts and some cute sparkly earrings:

Then who should ring me but my Dad? In town and wanted to take me out for lunch. Yes indeedy said I and trotted off for an absolutely delicious meal. And he gave me £50 to spend on my shopping, what an utter gem he is. Mum had already given me £50 so I was feeling rather flush. Into Primark and with money burning a hole in my purse and general Primark craziness raging through my veins, I proceeded to fling things merrily into my basket. Note to self - individual things in there are cheap but that doesn't mean you can fill up one of their giant baskets and expect it not to cost a lot!

I bought some skinny jeans, are you all impressed with me? Tis quite a big step! Didn't find their basic tshirts very inspiring in terms of colour choice or style (I want v neck, they were all round neck) but got a couple anyway.

Other purchases were:

The blue tights are actually a lovely shade of purple but for some reason it's not showing up on the photo.

A cricket jumper(ish)! Yay for the men's department.

Also is it just the Liverpool store or does everywhere else have rails and rails of cardigans in sizes 8 and 10 only? Very irritating.

I had to dash off to pick up the car by that point so didn't have any time to go and try on jeans properly in Dotty P (my preferred shop when it comes to jeans). There's one in the retail park by work though so I may go one evening this week. I did manage to squeeze in a little jewellery shopping and bought these two lovely bangles from Shared Earth:

And then finally into Accessorize (via Lush as I can't walk past the place without buying something) to buy these two whimsical but lovely necklaces:

So all in all, I think I did quite well! Looking forward to wearing all my lovely new stuff.


  1. Oh you're back! I've been so excited about your shopping trip all day!
    Haven't you chosen well? I absolutely love that top dress and the jewellery is just lush. Top marks to your fabulous mum and dad for being so generous.
    Bet you can't wait to wear it all.

  2. all very very beautiful buys, plus i love the necklaces

  3. Amazing buys Alex, I LOVE the heart tights and the cricket jumper! And hurrah for fabulous parents who spoil their daughters! xx

  4. Og Alex, I love that red spotty top and you have heart print tights. How jealous am I! ;-)

    I can't wait to see how you wear those dresses, I bet they're gorgeous on. Lucky you having such a good shopping day. x

  5. Oh Alex, you did good girl!
    I love all your dresses, I would wear absolutley everything your bought (except the cricket jumper it'd look awful with my colouring!) You are going to look so amazing in your lovely pretty things. This is my favourite blog post ever.
    I have a belt like your gold shell one!
    Oh well done you!!!
    VIcki xx

  6. You did so well! So many pretty things. I really love the polka dot dress from New Look. I have those floral headbands from Primark too - their accessories are the best around! :)

  7. Wow can anyone say HAUL!!!

    I love those heart tights and that spotty dress! I have that floral primark dress too love it! I think i need a trip to the nearest Primark now judging by those bargains :)

  8. Ooh you bought tons of lovely things! My absolute favourite is the heart tights. I was meant to be going to Liverpool today but didn't, I'm going on Friday instead, fingers crossed they have some saved for me! x

  9. You got some wonderful buys! Loving the jewellery! and yay for the skinnies! x

  10. I looooove that polka dot dress!!

  11. Yay for primark..i turfed some things out in the till queue, but still my basket was overflowing :S
    well done alex, i can't wait to see the new clothes in action! xx

  12. What great shopping Alex. Good job. Well done on the mens cardi as well, it's awesome. How nice of your dad to treat you as well. X

  13. usually whenever i am in there, they never have 8s or 10s! But i think it's true that they never have your own size when you want it hehe. The same with Dorothy Perkins lately! How lucky to be given £50 by your Dad though!

  14. this is lovely!


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