Sunday evening...

Sunday, 21 March 2010

and I'm feeling somewhat blah. Today's outfit was chucked together at the last minute (and is consquently not very interesting) as I was in a rush to get out of the house to watch the football. Kinda wish I hadn't bothered as it was a very dull game and we lost. Grrr!

Jacket - George (it usually looks better fitted than in this pic)
Top, cardi & jeans - Primark
Pumps & earrings - Accessorize
Bangle - Shared Earth

I haven't been in a good mood for the rest of the day. The power of sport eh? I attempted to jolly myself up by doing some baking . We had many manky bananas that needed to be used or binned so I attempted the following for the first time.

A gently steaming banana and sultana cake for tea break at work tomorrow. I really need to invest in some new bakeware as I don't have a small deep cake tin. I had to use a 9inch one for this which was really too big and spread the mixture too thinly, so it's not as high as I would like it to be.

This recipe was actually for banana bread but the loaf tin was too big for the amount of mixture I had so I popped it into muffin cases instead. Cooked quicker and tastes just as delicious!

And just to end with, two things that are definitely helping cheer me up this evening. A slightly mental looking cat, and some rather sculpturally droopy tulips which were a present from a lovely friend:


  1. My Mum made a banana & sultana cake this afternoon too - it looks JUST like yours! It was meant to be for me to take to work tomorrow, but I've already cut into it - oops!

  2. PS. I wonder why you didn't think I was blonde? That's quite interesting actually!
    Although, naturally my hair is much redder - the blonde comes through the power of highlights, so maybe that's why I'm not sending out blonde vibes!

  3. I think your outfit is interesting, if we wore pretty frocks every day they would lose their specialness xx

  4. I agree, I like your outfit a lot =) x

  5. I love tulips, they're definitely my favourite flower. I wish someone would buy me them...

  6. Love the color on the jacket. Very cute. :)

  7. Sunday blues,eh?!
    Oooo,kitty has glowing eyes like a horror movie......!!!

  8. Goodness me, that puss does look a bit scary today!
    You look gorgeous in green, no wonder it's your favourite. Yummy looking cookery and I love tulips, what a thoughtful pressie.

  9. Green really suits you and I love tulips, a little touch of spring inside :) x

  10. Your cat looks so much like one of mine, Amber.
    I love the coat, I think it might be thae same as my red one.
    Vicki xx

  11. You've inspired me to get my bakeware out! Your cakes look lovely!

  12. Gorgeous tulips - they're my favourite flower. Hope your mood has improved (although that's doubtful - I've never heard of a cheerful Monday!), the banana cake looks delicious!


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