What A Difference Some Sunshine Makes

Saturday, 12 February 2011

I'm still not feeling quite in the swing of things, blogging-wise. February is just a bad month overall for me and I fear that if you're expecting nice outfit posts or interesting thoughts on life you may well have to wait till March. I'll do my best to keep it entertaining on here but I just won't have quite as much time as usual.

The bad mood did lift a little today though. It was sunny! I feel like I haven't been out in the daylight and sunlight properly for weeks now so this really did blow the cobwebs away a bit.

I have no weekend plans whatsoever. This may spell out lonely boredom to some people but I so rarely have absolutely nothing to do that it's a delightful change for me. I've read three books, watched some football, drunk some wine and also took myself out for a walk in the sunshine this afternoon whilst listening to my very favourite podcast (hello Jason Isaacs).

It's almost spring, hurrah!

I didn't go far but within walking distance are some extremely nice houses and the river. I do love a bit of interesting architecture so set me down somewhere with my camera and I'm as happy as larry just wandering around and taking photos.

Old fashioned lamp-posts

Beautiful houses. Wish I was rich.

Quirky little windows in quirky little houses

And the river. Lovely.
Hmmm, not such a lovely view of a power station.

ps - also watched the rather excellent new Neil Oliver BBC2 programme about ancient Britain today. I could listen to that man saying "frozen tundra" and "forest of birch and alder" all day. He's almost as good as Professor Brian Cox.

pps - Giveaway closes on Monday night so if you haven't entered already, pop over and comment!


  1. Wow, those are the first crocuses (think i'm right on that) that I've seen in bloom this year. Mine are only an inch out of the soil so far. Love to see the snowdrops out, means spring is on its way. Love your pictures :)
    Pro Brian Cox, he's a bit hot to be a professor, no????!

  2. Hope you feel a bit sprightlier (word?) soon!

    Did you see Proff Brian Cox on Graham Norton last night?

    Sal xXx

  3. Gorgeous pictures. It was so lovely to see some sun today wasn't it.

    I love having weekends with nothing to do, they are my favourite ones (I think that means I'm getting old)xxx

  4. Great to hear you are coming through these dreary winter blues. I love the photos of the little flowers taking their first peeks out. I think I might be the only Woman that can't stand Neil Oliver, his whiney voice grates on me ~ it would be a strange world if we were all the same I guess!
    Kandi x
    p.s. Hello Jason Issacs & David Morrisey x

  5. Lovely pictures, look at those adorable little windows! It is lovely to see the flowers poking through, always gives me a sense of hope :D x

  6. Neil IS a bit of allright!!!
    Lovely pix,esp the houses.So pretty!
    A weekend with no plans is my favourite thing!! I could do with one of those,actually!!

  7. Lovely pictures, it's always nice to see the Mersey from a different view :)

    Thank you for the advice I shall definitely take it. I know if I'm in something uncomfortable then I'm going to be more self concious and that'll just get in the way of me being myself in the interview :)

    The sunshine yesterday lifted my spirits, along with the fact that it's half term for me and I have a week off :) It was such a beautiful day though.

  8. Spring is definitely on the way now, enjoy the rest of your chilled out weekend.

  9. Ooh gorgeous pictures! I gotta get out of work and take some pics (7 days straight and counting - ugly black uniform is starting to make me crabby...) :)

  10. Lovely pictures Alex. The houses are very pretty. Sounds perfect just chilling out readding and generally having time to relax. x

  11. Fabulous photos - cheered me up! Love the quirky house.


  12. It was sunny here yesterday too- I actually took my sunglasses out with me! It's amazingly picturesque where you live, feels like a Jane Austen novel (surely there's a Darcy round there somewhere?) I'm not a big fan of February either, at least we're half way! As for Neil Oliver- me and my boyfriend are constantly imitating him, I adore the way he says "cooooooooast" xx

  13. Lovely pics Alex, I too like wandering around posh streets and imagining what it must be like to be rich :) I've not seen any flowers yet this year, must still be a bit too frozen up here in the Far North! xx

  14. I love those house' Alex! The quirky window really made my day.
    It's amazing how uplifting a rare day of sunshine is, everything takes on a new perspective and the most mundane becomes a joy to behold. I hate these dull dank winter days, time to book a holiday, methinks. xxx

  15. Lovely to see such different pictures of Liverpool and the Mersey. Not what I would envision at all. My mum lived there for a little while and her dad set up a Boxing Club there. She went to the same school as John Lennon; but a squillion years before him, I hasten to add!
    I have one snowdrop out and just noticed the crocuses, (croci?), peeking though. Hurrah!
    Have a good week with the ginger cat!
    Z xx

  16. I love lazy weekends so yours sounds perfect! I'm often too tired to do much after working all week so a quiet couple of days suits me fine! Lovely pics, especially the funny little windows! Its lovely where you live, I was wondering if I'd recognise the place by your photos but I must have not visited that area of Liverpool before.

    Sure you'll get back into the blog swing of things in no time, it'll be March before you know it! :)

  17. Lovely pictures Alex. I could listen to Neil Olivers voice all day too - I looove the Scottish accent, there again I love Scotland. I'd also like to thank you for all the lovely comments you have made on my blog. Try this link for a cheesy grilled polenta recipe http://www.familyoven.com/recipe/cheesy-grilled-polenta/308757 The booty bag was very easy to make, just cut off the legs and sew the bottom, use the legs to make straps and sew them on. I google for instructions and used the bits I liked from a few different sites, if that makes sense? Hang in there - February's a short month, it'll soon be over. xxx

  18. Sorry to hear you're a bit gloomy at the moment, hope you feel better soon xxx

    Loved the photos! I love guirky little features on houses too. A house near here has shutters on the windows with little hearts cut out. Adorable!


  19. Nothing like a bit of sunshine to lift the spirits.
    The carpet of crocuses looks so pretty and I love the quirky windows.

  20. YAY it's almost spring! it's been sunshiny all weekend here so it's making me all happy and full of energy! :) I'm glad you got a restful weekend, I love those ones the most! :)

  21. Lovely crocuses, I haven't seen any out here yet. February is a vile month, I am feeling totally bleak too. xx

  22. I saw green shoots on my way into work today, I would have taken photos but I was far too focused on getting into work and fighting the urge to turn around and make for home again.

    (Would you like me a little more if I told you I know Professor Cox?)

  23. love these pictures, a little bit of sunshine makes things so much more cheerful, no?! glad you had a nice relaxy weekend :) xx

  24. Happy Valentines Day to My Lovely Bloggy Sweetheart! Love Annie ♥*:•.♥

  25. The old fashioned lamp posts are completely and utterly perfect in every way, I wish I had one outside of my front door x

  26. Ahhh we so very nearly bought a flat that was just next to cressington and a little stroll to the promenade! Unfortunately the tory council budget cuts have now come along and put my job in jeopardy and it got sold :( So so sad but we would love to live in that area one day. The lamp posts are adorable!


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