April Scavenger Hunt

Sunday, 1 May 2011

It's time for the monthly Scavenger Hunt round-up post. I found it much easier to find subjects this month; I think probably because I was on holiday for the first week and had plenty of interesting locations to take photos in. Sadly I can't promise the quality of the photos is as interesting as the subjects are but I shall try harder in May. The categories were:

A sculpture:

In the world famous White Garden at Sissinghurst


Birthday breakfast! Yum.

A church:

The church is St Mary-in-Castro, in the grounds of Dover Castle. It doesn't look like much but it dates from the year 1000 and the ruined tower thing next to it is actually a Roman lighthouse built in the 1st century AD.

A set of keys:

Not a set exactly...it's the biggest and smallest keys I could find in the key cabinets at work. I had hundreds to choose from!

Something to do with Shakespeare:

From Bill Bryson's fascinating book Mother Tongue.

An interesting shop name:

Sadly it's closed now, but candidate for best shop name ever? I think so.

Something yellow:

Newly painted yellow nails in new yellow shoes under a yellowy-green leaf.

April Showers:

Everyone seems to have found this difficult - it's been such a dry month! I felt some spit-spots of rain coming down on my specs one day and promptly snapped this.


Bit boring I'm afraid. No Easter eggs in this house, so normal eggs it had to be.

Something to mark St. George's Day:

St George's Day happens to be my chum Lee's birthday. So here he is, being eaten by a dragon.

Your camera:

It's such a poser. On a ruined heap of masonry at Bodiam Castle.

A cross:

A simple cross in memory of a very brave young man. It's in the New Chapel at Ightham Mote and marked the grave of Captain Thomas Riversdale Colyer-Fergusson. He won the Victoria Cross on the first day of the battle of Passchendaele after leading a force of only 6 soldiers to capture a German trench and two machine-guns. He was killed by a sniper shortly afterwards, aged only 21.


  1. The little key is so cute next to the big one!
    That's a fantastic shop name.

  2. Dearest Alex, I really enjoyed that. Love Sissinghurst, the breakfast looks fabulous! Great shop name! I think my favourite I've seen is a kebab shop in West London called Halal, Is It Me You're Looking For?

    I will send you an email as soon as I have a spare hour, love C xx

  3. oh lots of interesting pictures and what a mega looking breakfast feast too!! I love the old chunky keys. hope you had a good april

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. I like your set of pictures, shame the Den of Antiquity shut, its a fab name!

  5. What fun! That's an excellent shop name!

    K xx

  6. What fab photos. Love the facts that you have included with each. That church looks lovely, steeped in history,as do the keys and cross. You must work in a fab place!

    Wow what a yummy birthday breakfast!

    As for St Georges day we are celebrating it today believe it or not! The church of England move it when it clashes so close to Easter, so this year the church celebrate it on the 2nd May.

    Enjoy your bank holiday Hun.

    X x

  7. I was lucky enough to have a family birthday on St George's Day too - much easier than finding a flag as it turned out! Great photos :-)

  8. I want some of that breakfast NOW!! Love the sculpture and the church :) So sad to see the For Sale sign outside that shop though xx

  9. What a lovely cross, really like the sculpture too.

  10. These photos are beautiful, especially the first. What is on this months list? I might have a go x

  11. I would love to wonder around that lovely garden. I like your specs with specs of rain best !

  12. Argh well done you, damn I failed to get all of them again this month, I'm a rubbish photo scavenger. Loving those keys, wish my photo was as good as that one!

  13. Wow, some awesome pictures, love your scavenger hunt pics. The birthday breakfast looks amazing and looks like your holiday was great too.

    Apologies for all the foody pics by the way. There won't be too many more of those for a while as the food I do for myself at uni is far less pretty and exciting!

  14. I love the statue and the photo of the rain coming down on your glasses, very creative. And I love your camera too! Brilliant set of photos and where did you get the list of things to scavenger hunt from? xxx

  15. Great pics. That last story is very moving. Lovely that there's a permanent reminder of his bravery. xx

  16. What a great set of photos! I have enjoyed them and hope you'll be taking part in May - I'll come back to see!


  17. What a great post, I love all your photos especially the keys, I used to have a thing when I was younger for aquiring old keys. One was the key to my mum wardrobe which I lost for weeks and she couldnt get to any of her clothes, she never lets me live that down!

  18. I do love this idea! And I want a full English on my birthday too, yum yum

  19. That's one serious looking camera, Alex! great pictures. I love the story behind the last snap. xxx

  20. Lovely images! And the breakfast looks delicious!

  21. Oh, the breakfast looks AMAZING. I want it! x

  22. I love the church next to that Roman lighthouse! It's oozing with history!


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