Oh Mojo, Where Art Thou?

Thursday, 19 May 2011

I feel a bit sort of lost at the moment. I seem to be retreating within myself. I'm not feeling very well, texts aren't getting answered, plans aren't being sorted out. It's easier to sink into a book than it is to do anything practical.

Inspiration is sorely lacking too. I seem to go in waves with blogging - at times it flows really nicely and I'm full of posts to write. Other times it's a bit of a stretch to think of things to talk about. I'm in the latter stage at the moment. I dunno, I'm just not feeling very interesting. I think it's coming across too - comments are a bit down recently so I must be doing something wrong. I hope it's just a blip because I don't want to think that I'm boring people but I don't know how else you judge the success/interest of a blog other than by comments.

I'd just like something nice to happen. Until such time as it does, I shall aim to cheer myself up by wearing impractical shoes and lots of green things.

Pussybow blouse - present from Vix

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins (incidentally, I'm sure their short length jeans are a couple of inches longer than they used to be)

Heels - Irregular Choice via ebay, birthday present.

Ring - Dorothy Perkins sale


  1. Aww, Alex. Sorry to hear you're feeling low. I don't think your blog is boring in the slightest, and your loyal readers will no doubt be perfectly contenet waiting until you're feeling more like yourself so don't feel guilty.
    I love this outfit by the way! The pussybow style realy suits you, and those shoes are lovely. I keep meaning to look into the joys of irregular choice.
    Something nice happening- are you still going to this blogger meetup in manchester on the 11th? That's not too far away.

    xxx Maddie

  2. We all go through these patches I think and it sucks, you don't want to not write anything but you don't want to write stuff that is pointless either.

    But it's all good because you know that eventually the mojo will come back and then you will be blogging with gusto. (Ugh. That's an awkward word, I really don't like using it but needs must.)

    But be careful, if you keep showing me pictures of your awesome Irregular Choice shoe collection who knows what jealousy you might unleash :)

  3. Love the green outfit from pussy bow blouse to spotty shoes and the ring. I particularly lust after the shoes and ring! I don't find your blog boring at all. Far from. I'm always entertained by your fashion choices, the way you put things together so cleverly. And other snippets of your life. You always seem so modest in all you do, unlike some bloggers who are clearly showing off. (Though I quite like that too!) And I can empathise with losing your blogger 'mojo' as it often happens to me. And then something happens and I'm running around with my camera like a demented paparazzi who's just spotted a celeb doing something naughty. Keep up the blog Alex - you're good at it!

  4. Gorgeous outfit, I love the shoes, and the ring is beautiful!
    Don't be disheartened by comments being low, think we've all noticed that recently, same thing happened with my blog and I wondered if it was something I'd done. But with all the summer sun, and holidays think it's just one of those things. I love reading your blog!


  5. I love these shoes! I knwo what you mean about sometimes inspiration just not happening - i get that too, and often find that i forget something i was tinking i would write about!
    Sometimes I find that dressing to cheer myself up works, sometimes not so much, but either way it means you look lovely - like here!
    I'm not sure whether the best way to judge a popular blog is on it;s comments or not, guess it depends what you want from your blog..I try not to take much notice of how many comments I get on mine, I'm always amazed at the lovely things people have to say instead :)
    And as said above, the blogger meet-up, that's soon - yay!:)

  6. Don't feel down Alex, your blogging is still looking lovely. I think it's just that time of year when it's not quite summer yet but you realise OMG it's nearly May, where had the time gone. That's how I feel anyway. I know I've been terrible at blogging and commenting at the minute due to being busy etc so maybe that the same with a lot of people due to the time of year hence the comments drop. Anyway I hope you cheer yourself up because those shoes are FAAAAAB!!!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  7. Hi Alex, I love reading your posts as they are different from a lot of other blogs I read. I love seeing your outfits. I don`t always comment on the blogs I follow but that doesn`t mean I don`t enjoy reading them its a time thing really.
    Keep up the posts as they are really enjoyable.

  8. Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit bleurghh at the minute, you are not alone we all get like that at times. Don't judge your blogs value by it's comments, but by what you get out of it. I honestly think I would continue to blog each week if no one ever commented, I need it.
    Hope you turn a corner soon, and if you have to stay lost for a bit then I could think of worse places to hide than a good book.
    Kandi x

  9. I am sorry to hear you are not happy at the moment :( I hear you tho, sometimes I feel the same way. Life is so up and down!!! But I do love your green top and your gorgeous matching shoes!!!

  10. Hey Alex! Take a two day blog break and see how you feel, I went awol for a couple of weeks because like you I just felt uninteresting and blog dry! I do feel better for the break!

    Whatever you do we will be here when you are ready to rock n roll again! xx

  11. Chin up, Alex! I love visiting your blog, you are a constant source of entertainment with a wicked sense of humour.
    I adore that blouse on you and love the rings and spotty shoes. Maybe you need to plan another holiday. Have you decided on your next destination? xxx

  12. Sorry to hear times are tough, I know the feeling. Midway through my stupid exams and my health is taking an absolute pasting right now, I find myself much more looking forward to pulling to duvet over my head and blocking the world out, than actually doing anything.

    Hope things pick up, in the mean time, greeen is an excellent pcik me up. Must try that myself, although I seem to have gone a bit pink made again. Oops

  13. Hope you are alright Alex, I think everyone loses their mojo sometimes. But certainly don't let something as frivolous as blogging get you down.

    That green pussycat bow is perfect for you x

  14. I hope you are okay. Those down in the dregs times are the worst, they're beyond the worst. (I love your green polka dot shoes:) xoxo

  15. Ohhh I'm sorry that you're feeling down, don't worry about blogging. Sometimes even just a short break from it works wonders.
    Yay for impractical shoes x

  16. Ahhh, hope the shoes went some way to helping you feel better. They're bloody gorgeous!

    I'm lacking energy for blogging right now, although I have a few ideas, and things set aside to write about, but I got put out of my stride by blogger having a funny turn last week, meaning I couldn't write posts or read blogs. Lots of my comments disappeared, and it frustrated me and I haven't been around so much as a result... it wouldn't surprise me if that was true for others.

    Keep wearing green! xxx

  17. Grr! I keep typing massive responses then when I come back they've gone!

    Those shoes are utterly amaze. They would totally address my addiction of polka dots and IC. I NEED some. I wonder if I could find them.

    As for the blogging - I don't find your posts remotely boring. I always look forward to reading posts when I see you've updated and I find them really funny and well written. Keep on with the bore I say :)

  18. Turn that frown upside down dear Alex. You are far from boring!

    I can only say I've been mising in action hence no comments but that's cause my life has been crazy.

    I adore those shoes so if every you get bored with them chuck them this way.

    Sending big hugs.

    X x

  19. Ahh sorry you're feeling blue, as everyone has already said it happens to all of us and with Blogger being a bit unreliable lately I think a few people are probably leaving it alone for a bit. I always look forward to your updates and have never found one boring but at the same time, you should post because you want to, not just because you feel you should. Curling up with a book or ten is no bad thing.

    Hey whatever happened about your photo shoot?! I hope you go ahead with it I think it'll be brilliant!

    Big hugs xxx

  20. I am feeling exactly the same at the moment too. I think my comments are going down too because I don't have enough time to comment back, which is something I always feel is important otherwise I feel rude so when I can't comment back I feel bad! I am feeling kind of down about my blog at the moment to be honest... I am sure this happens to most people though. March was amazing and then April just seemed to be empty. BUT once it gets closer to the meet up and stuff I am sure I'll get back into it.

  21. I hope all our comments have bucked you up a bit!
    Blimey, if I went on the number of comments on my blog I'd be finding the nearest cliff to jump off! (Or, in the voice of the late Raymond Brookes-Ward 'jump orrrf'). But I'd still write my blog even if no-one commented!!
    Don't fancy blogging at the mo? We won't wander off and leave you. But we might hound you with comments making sure you're OK!
    Big hugs,
    Z xx

  22. Those green heels are SO cute!

  23. Darling,we all have moments of blah,I'm certain! I know I do! I think loads of green and impractical shoes is a fabulous way to weather it out.
    You are marvellous and I love your blog!!! You just seem like such a wonderful darling whom I'd very much enjoy haveing a drink with and a natter about fave books!
    XXX LOVE!!!

  24. wow you know how to work with green! love love the blouse because of the delicate fabric and that amazing bow. the sleeves are perfect because of the amazing movement. gorgeous girl

  25. Oh sorry to hear you're feeling down at the moment. No-one thinks you're boring, not for a second! I do hope things turn around for you soon. I adore that blouse, its divine and your shoes are wonderful, though I doubt I could walk in them!

  26. Oh Alex, I know just how you feel. When you are feeling a bit low it is hard to reply to texts/emails, or even to comment on blogs or write yourself. My comments haven't been as high recently, but I think that is because I just don't have time anymore to comment on as many other peoples as I'd like. Whereas Vix always gets loads, because she is friends with so many other bloggers and always comments. I wouldn't use it as the only measure of whether people are reading. I'd noticed you haven't been posting as often and was actually starting to worry a little! Sometimes everyone has down periods, if you need to take a break from things just do it, and come back when you feel refreshed xxx

    ps The blouse from Vix is lush, she is a treasure isn't she

  27. Alex, your posts are never boring.

    Love the spotty shoes!

  28. Ooh pretty outfit, loving the blouse! I know the feeling, sometimes blog inspiration is just non existent so I tend to avoid posting, hopefully it'll come back soon, your blog is one of my faves! :)

  29. I have been feeling a little down lately myself. I know that it is because of stress in my life, but I hate the way I let it affect me, sometimes. I want to learn that I am the creator of my own happiness. I don't want outside forces to affect my mood so strongly.

    On the bright side, your heels are FIERCE.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  30. This too shall pass.
    One of my favourite quotes of all time and you know what? It's true. Hang in there it is just a blip. And, BTW, your plan is genius nothing cheers a girl more than pretty shoes

  31. ahhhh......that's been my line forever.....'I just want......' as an old person I've learnt the trick is to recognise when they do. It may be too late for me but take heart, like the lava lamp whatever goes to the top will sink to the bottom only to rise to the top again.......that said, the print that hangs above my desk is Harland Miller's 'Don't Let The Bastards Cheer You Up' ...... which never ceases to make me smile......!!

  32. Im sure things will look up soon, I hide from my emails and phone all the time, heels really are a good medicine sometimes I just sit in my room listening to music and trying shoes on x

  33. Don't think that comments being down means you're doing something wrong! I guess there are moments when people are busier and don't comment but those that do really love your blog! I'm always inspired by your amazing shoes and fab book collection! Hope you're feeling better soon anyway xx

  34. Sorry to hear about the funk. I think we all go through times when we aren't sure about our blog or we aren't inspired, I recently had a blog break because I didn't feel like posting anymore and I didn't enjoy it. I decided what I wanted my blog to be, and that really helped me :) I hope things get better for you soon <3
    P.S Your heels are absolutely gorgeous! xoxo

  35. I kind of know how you feel, I get like this sometimes, I withdraw fro the world and can spendages at home, just reading and watching films and I'm sure you well know I go through stages with my blog, I think we all do. I hope you're feeling better soon Alex because I love our posts xxx

  36. You're never boring Alex! You're interesting and funny. Don't worry about lack of inspiration. I took a picture of the inside of my bathroom cabinet last week as I couldn't think what to blog!

    We love you xx


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