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Friday, 27 May 2011

I do believe I have some winners to announce! After a little faffing around and some random number generating (always fun), selection of books number 1 goes to Sophie. Number 2 has been won by Vix, number 3 by Chloe and number 4 by Bex.

Please drop me an email and let me have your address. I should be able to squeeze in a trip to the Post Office tomorrow so if you can do it before then, that would be most useful! If not, it'll have to be on Tuesday.

And so onto the main point of today's post. It's time for the May Scavenger Hunt photo round-up. I've taken approximately 90 billion photos this month. Most of them are for work, as I'm currently deep in the process of rewriting the content for our webpages. It's surprisingly fun to do (mostly cos I can write interesting things and don't need to learn HTML or any of that sort of complicated stuff), but this initial stage involves a lot of photography, editing, uploading, tagging, captioning and so on. It probably shouldn't involve quite so much photography but I'm fussy and I want the perfect pictures to illustrate what I'm talking about, so that means taking them myself. Hopefully I'll have the bulk of it done soon and can then concentrate on writing fun articles and so on.

I'm not sure these are the perfect pictures to illustrate the scavenger hunt topics but crikey, this month's list was hard! If I wasn't trying and failing to photograph butterflies in the garden, I was lurking suspiciously near police cars.

Think vintage!

Vintage frock - check. Vintage jewellery - check. Newly purchased vintage bag - check.

A bicycle

I can't actually ride a bike. Luckily there is a cycle shop down the road with a rather snazzy sign in the window, so I didn't have to trek too far to find one.

An emergency vehicle

It's amazing how these scavenger hunt entries start making you notice things. I keep seeing police cars everywhere all of a sudden but it's awfully difficult to take photos of them without looking excessively shifty. Here's an ambulance off-roading it around Chatsworth.

A red door

I felt creepy enough lurking after emergency vehicles so I didn't really want to start loitering outside people's houses... A quick trip into the loft later and out came the windmill. Sylvanian Families FTW!

Something blue

Pots in the garden.

A cartoon character


A street light

This street light is surprisingly grand - all glossy black paint with shiny gold touches. It's also surprisingly hard to photograph in colour, hence the moody black and white picture.

A butterfly

A very old favourite of mine. I found it at Mr Smith's farmhouse on a holiday in the Lakes when I was about 3.


Some tree bark.

A sign of the zodiac

The email conversation I had with Char about what to choose for this was a lot more interesting than the actual photo:

"What's Virgo?"
"A virgin holding sheafs of wheat"
"Where on earth am I going to find one of those around here?!"
"You'd have more luck finding a lion."

Scales it is then. I love our scales - none of the retro looking new stuff in our kitchen. These are OLD.

An interesting local building

Work. I feel like the West Range doesn't get as much love as the other 3 sides of the house but I rather like the Victorian weatherboarding over the Tudor brick. And the Moat Garden is always lovely. Wish we had a proper moat though.

A portrait in black and white

Can you tell I've only just worked out how to use the black and white setting on my camera? It's one of those fancy schmancy settings with all kinds of techy exposure numbers which I really don't understand, and so the photos don't seem to be as easy to get in focus as usual. I decided to go with the blurriness and make it more so, with a little help from Picnik.


  1. What great photos! I especially love the vintage bag, bicycle, cute red door and the street light is amazing. I haven't got all mine yet, I've found them really hard this month.

  2. Wow! Those pics are brilliant, I love your interpretations!

  3. Yep! Gotta agree, probably best photographing an off-roading ammbulance than a police car! Lucky Duck will know of a blogger called Maffi and he seemed to have run-in with some coppers in Oxford re: taking their photos, if I remember rightly!
    The bike one is a brilliant one. As for Virgo, how can one tell? It could be any (female) holding a sheaf of wheat!
    Z xx

  4. I keep saying I will join in with this photo scavenger hunt - NEXT month lol..!! Great choice of pics - used to love Sylvanian Families awww!

  5. What clever photos. I especially love the vintage bag of course, but also the neon bicycle. Oh and the Sylvanian families at their red door. If this was sometime around the 'swinging sixties' you could have used a photo of me for the Virgo one as I was born under the sign and etc. But not anytime later Lol!

  6. Oooh Thank You. Feeling the urge to dress up for the occasion of reading vintage crime....

    Loving the lampost in your scavenger hunt pictures. I'm always so surprised we've hit that point in the month each time your scavenger hunt pictures come up. Where did May go? Actually, I know where it disappeared to- revision and exams. BUT still.

  7. yay, congrats to the winners! have a fab weekend Alex x

  8. Ooh love your pics! The bike one is especially cool, reminded me to get my bike fixed also! :)

  9. Ohh I'm so behind on these, glad I'm not the only one finding it difficult and worrying how on earth I'm going to get a pic of a police car and a front door without getting myself arrested!

    They're very inspired, I love that pic of you in your hat :)

    Oh, and: "JIMBOOOOOO!"

  10. Well done winners!

    That's a great picture of you Alex and the street lamp is amazing.


  11. Great pics and SNAP! I have the same vintage bag.

  12. I love these scavenger hunt photos, the red door and butterfly necklace are really cute and your workplace looks so cool, I'd love to work somewhere like that. And I agree, I don't wear white that often because it stains so easily. xxx

  13. That bag is so gorgeous! <3 Oh, and I love Slyvanian families! I have a weasel who lives in my bag!


  14. Aw, I love the Sylvanian Families - very creative. And Jimbo - yay! x

  15. Your photos are really good. I love the streetlamp shot. I am slightly creeped out by the sylvanian families red door shot. Email sent, yay I won!

  16. Wow, do you work in Speke Hall? Lucky you. I applied for a job there once and never heard back :(

  17. Ohhh I am so smitten with that bag, you lucky lass you.

  18. Frock-handbag-jewellery=DROOL!
    Demand full length.
    Love!!! XXXXXXXXXX
    O,and ONE DAY you will wake up unable to think of anything but pink.......and I will chuckle quietly........xxxxxxxx

  19. I love that picture of the frock and handbag, Alex, it looks like a magazine picture! The street lamp and the scales are marvellous, too.
    I'm very excited about winning. Would you like me to pop Wolf Hall over? I thought it was a gripping read as it's the era I studied for A Level. xxx

  20. I want to do a scavenger hunt, what fun!!! Love your vintage clutch, the palm tree is awesome =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  21. What a wonderful idea for a blog post! I often don't think to get my camera out (though I often carry it around with me), a good excuse to pull it out at interesting times. Especially love the one of the bicycle :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  22. I have sent you the Stylish Blogger Award my dear! Really enjoy your blog, so come on over and pick it up!

    Gem x x x

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Sorry spelt everything wrong!

    Great photos. I hope to try to do this next month.

    X x

  25. Brilliant photos! Jimbo - had so forgotten that cartoon!!

    Love your vintage dress and self portrait xx

  26. The red door shot is so cute! But I really like the texture and the blue - they're great shots. I started this challenge with my iPhone and then dropped it so I'd didn't manage the whole lot, I did enjoy it though.
    I've tagged you in a recent post, hope you enjoy :)

  27. Fab photos! I LOVE scavenger hunts! What a FABULOUS idea! Must, must, must do one now!!!!

  28. Such gorgeous photos, Alex. I love texture and the red door (Sylvanian Families FTW indeed!) but I think the street lamp is my favourite. Great shot. x

  29. I love all of your pictures, especially vintage.

  30. lovely photos.
    re black and white - if you have a half decent photo editing software package you can actually take the shot in colour and then change it afterwards (if you choose)>
    joy xx

  31. I have loved seeing your photos - great choices, love the red door and vintage pictures. Chatsworth is near me so I like that one too!

    Your texture pic is similar to mine!

    I'm looking forward to the next list now!

  32. I love the street light. I could almost pass as the BUTTERFLY, too.

  33. Your street light has a very moody feel to it, fabulous!
    Lisa x

  34. I'll be joining this wonderfully fun challenge for June, but am just cruising around today looking at all the wonderful talent currently participating. How fun are your entries? But I'm laughing aloud at you lurking near police cars...too funny! Love your vision of each of the categories! That bike/neon sign you found is wild and wonderful! You're so right about this challenge leading the photographer to become much more aware of his/her surroundings! Have a great weekend! Annette

  35. Love your photos. Jimbo wow what memories. I was a bit late with my list, must do better this month. ~c~

  36. You have some great photos, but I particularly love the bicycle, the tree bark and the scales.


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