A Festive Frock

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gosh, apologies for the recent lack of bloggage! It has been an insanely busy week at work and I'm still not quite finished with it yet as I have to work Sunday afternoon as well. However... I am then off work until 3rd January which is going to be brilliant! I love my generous holiday allowance. When all the stress is out of the way, my thoughts can properly turn towards Christmas.

I've already got cards and presents sorted and posted, the tree is going up tomorrow night and in an extreme fit of organisation, I've even picked what I'm wearing on Christmas Day. Tis a tradition in our house that you have to have a new outfit for the big day (and also new pj's the night before - does anyone else do this or is it just us?). You'll probably see about 90 million "dressing for Christmas" articles and features at this time of year but here's my take on it.

It's not exactly complicated. Go on a hunt around the shops (High St/online/charity/supermarkets) and look in their party dresses section. Pick one that meets the following three rules:

  • Number One - it must be comfy. Nothing bodycon (that can be the Christmas party outfit), nothing tight. It's not Christmas if I don't eat my own bodyweight in roast potatoes and pigs in blankets and I don't want a stupid waistband making me uncomfortable.
  • Number Two - is a fairly simple design that doesn't need too much dressing up. If I'm lucky enough to get fun accessories and jewellery as presents then I want to try them on straight away and not have to wrestle off a cardigan and 3 necklaces first.
  • Number Three - Looks good with a pair of excellent shoes you already own. If that's a pair of Irregular Choice then all the better.

Chuck in some simple but pretty accessories and that's it all sorted. Sparkly tights! Amazing, yes?

I don't wear gold jewellery very often but this bracelet was my grandma's and I like to wear it on special occasions.

Dress - c/o George
Tights - Marks & Spencer sale
Shoes - Irregular Choice
Rings - Dorothy Perkins sale and Next sale

I think I picked well with this one. Not only is it awesome, it also goes surprisingly well with a jaunty pair of jingly reindeer antlers. You know I'll be busting these out on Christmas Day.


  1. I love the colours of the dress, and the shoes are pretty epic as per with Irregular Choice! Love the antlers too. We don't have any traditions really, I kinda wish we did now! xx

  2. Awesome antlers, dear! ;)
    Love the outfit & no it's not just you! We all get new pjs and outfits for Christmas! :) xo

  3. Yeah we are the same, new outfits and new pyjamas at Christmas, also clean bedding on all the beds on Christmas Eve!
    It's a good plan you've got there, makes lots of sense especially flexible waistbands.
    Kandi x

  4. I've been thinking of instigating the new PJs thing, and if there's a new outfit in it too, all the better. Your rules all make a lot of sense.

    (Check your stats for 'sexy antler girl' or similar, bet you get loads of hits!)

  5. Rockin' those antlers, Alex!
    Bet you can't wait for your festive break!
    Z xx

  6. Great dress, and those shoes are fantastic! I can just see them at a masked ball.

  7. I always get new pyjamas at Christmas too, one year I got 4 pairs! Needless to say my pyjama collection is fairly substantial, but I love it! I'm also loving your sparkly tights (need a pair of those!!) and the little reindeer earrings.

  8. Look at you, all smug in your antlers!
    Love them!

  9. You chose well hun. And I though it was only me that liked to wear some thing new on Christmas day!

    Great set of rules too. If it don't stretch with the belly then it don't get worn!

    Fancy having to much time off, you lucky thing you. I still have two more weeks till I break up, then a whole week off. I can't wait!

    X x

  10. Haha, this really made me chuckle! I don't wear new PJs the night before but I totally think that everyone should! I'd do well to remember your criteria for a Christnas Day dress... always forget to allow for food expandage! And antlers? Bring. It. On. :-)

  11. You manage to make antlers look rather glam!
    My Xmas day attire's normally a bikini, this year it won't be...grrrr! x

  12. Great frock, and it looks so good accessorized with antlers! But then what doesn't? Loving the sparkly tights too, and you ALWAYS have great shoes. xxxxx

  13. We do the PJ thing too :]
    I agree with you about waistbands, they shouldn't be allowed on christmas day xx

  14. Love this post :) We just tend to wear scruffy old comfy clothes on Christmas day. I want a Christmas jumper to wear this year though x

  15. Yay you are sort of smiling! You look lovely with a smile!
    I do like those Flickflck shoes- been tempted for a while but worried they're too high! How do they compare to other ICs?
    I like your take on the Christmas outfit!
    Oh and don't tell my boyfriend but I've bought him new pajamas to wear on Christmas eve and I intend to find some for me!!! SO yes, I've started trying to do this too! It's not the same without new PJs!

  16. I say sort of because you said you don't smile in photos so I didn't want to assume!!

  17. Great outfit! I always have to have a Chrimbo look too. Mine is black satin trousers & a sparkly jumper. The trousers are probably a bad choice ref waistband issues! Looks like I needs antlers too xx

  18. Alex, where on earth are those amazing earrings from?

  19. I like to wear something smart on the big day, if you don't make an effort then it's not quite the same.
    Love your choice of frock, It suits you and ticks all the boxes.

  20. Man, that is a loooong holiday you'll be having, lucky you! I love the shoes!

  21. Me, I've got two more days until holiday freedom (also until the 3rd, but it's still waaay to early to get back to work, I think). I'm sad that I missed out on the perfect Christmas dress—wine coloured fit and flare dress from DP—had no money when I saw it and when I did DP didn't have my size anymore. Curses!

  22. YES! ALWAYS new pjs for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning outfit. It wouldn't be Christmas without either of those things! Unfortunately I'm still having issues finding either at the moment which is irritating me immensely.

    Super jealous of your long holiday. 2 more weeks of work left for me. SIGH.

  23. Strangely enough I don't get new clothes for Xmas. How odd!! Any excuse usually.

    I do like new slippers and a new handbag though.

  24. Yes, always new PJs on Christmas Eve, but not necessarily new clothes on the day, will have to start a new tradition for that!!

  25. Our tradition is that we all get new Pjs and them wear them for Xmas day. We don't have anyone come over or go elsewhere so its jammies all round!

  26. i love the antlers! also very much like the dress, fab autumn colours !:)

  27. and yaaaaaaay for time off!

  28. Fab outfit - love the colours. Can you DM me your address on Twitter please? xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  29. We do new pj's and new outfit on Christmas day. Love getting a bit dressed up but agree definitely needs to be comfy.
    Love your shoes, awesome shoe lady.

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