A Break in Belfast

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I'm very pleased I decided on Belfast for a mini break.  I got back on Monday night, stuffed full of amazing food and having had a thoroughly lovely time.  Lots of people gave me great tips about things to do and places to go but special mention must to go to Hazel for being full of ideas about wonderful restaurants and especially for tipping me off about St George's Market which I loved.  I was only prevented from spending loads of money by virtue of taking a small hand luggage case with me and having no room to pack anything else into it.

We spent Sunday on a coach tour.  I am sometimes a bit sniffy about coaches but this was ace.  I didn't fancy getting to Giant's Causeway by public transport on a Sunday anyway but this covered loads of other stops - castles and views a plenty!

Yeah, I didn't dare go over the rope bridge.  I'm not scared of heights but I can't cope without a solid surface under my feet.  Stairs with no backs freak the hell out of me too.

Well, Giant's Causeway is a bit good, isn't it?  I must admit, on the approach down to it I was thinking "Pretty scenery and all but hmmm, it doesn't look that amazing"...

Then you get up close and it's all "woah, look at the ROCKS!"  So, um, look at the rocks everyone!  Isn't nature a marvellous thing?

Then you gallivant all over them and it's brilliant.  I was leaping from rock to rock, pretending I was in The Crystal Maze or Knightmare or something, and trying not to fall in the sea.

Everyone was super jolly too - a very nice Portuguese man took this photo.  I should track him down and get him to take all my blog photos!  I actually like it and I never like pictures of me.

Papa Odd Socks (excellent holiday companion that he is) took this one.  It's coming up weirdly out of focus here which it isn't anywhere else, but it does actually show what I'm wearing.

Coat - Very.co.uk
Jumper - Fat Face sale
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - H&M
Ancient bag - Oasis
Arm warmers - no idea
Pose - bad idea

I love this jumper.  It's one of the three I bought in Harrogate last week and I really wasn't meant to be buying any of them, but when you're faced with lovely teal and cream stripes and waffly sleeves and general cosy jumperishness, what else can you do?


  1. Actually the rocks are rather fabulous - I'm not sure what Knightmare is, though.
    I love the jumper, it looks so snug!

  2. Oh my, the rocks are amazing! They almost seem hexagonal!!!!
    I want to go there! In my head I'd like to climb that bridge but if I actually got there I'd be screaming like a baby!
    Looking lovely! The Portuguese smily shot is truly lovely!

  3. Tee-hee. I love the Crystal Maze. I went to GC when I was little and someone told me the bridge went over a bottomless pit. Infinity scares me and always has (don't even start me on space - jesus!) so a bottomless pit bent my scared little mind. THANKFULLY we didn't make it as far as the bridge and I didn't have to attempt it.

  4. OOh nice. For some reason I always think of Belfast as just all industrial, I don't know why... but of course there is so much beauty and culture there too. I really should go!

  5. Glad you liked it, and that you got to the Giant's causeway too. I have walked over the bridge, it's really not as bad as it looks, and it's nice to sit on the little outcrop it leads to. My in laws live in Belfast and I've had many pleasant trips there. Hoping to go again in the spring, actually.

  6. wow it looks amazing! So many cracking photos too. Mr Portuguese man took a great shot of you :) x

  7. Next time you must visit the Titanic exhibition too! I didnt cross the rope bridge till my second visit. NI is a fabulous place to visit, glad you had fun [and yes, St G's market IS wonderful!!!] blessings x

  8. I've always wanted to go to the Giant's Causeway, I'm glad it's as good in real life as I'd hoped.

  9. Wow, this looks like a LOT of fun! I love your jumper- waffly goodness indeed!

    Maria xxx

  10. Belfast looks such a lovely place to visit, I am always so envious of your wonderful trips, it must be fun visiting so many different places. Those photographs are lovely, the bottom one especially xxx

  11. It looks amazing. All of it, the rocks, the rope bridge (I'd love that), the new jumper and everything.

  12. Stunning photos Alex, looks like you had an amazing time.

    Sorry I've not had chance to email or comment, lifes been a little crazy to be honest.

    X x


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