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Always Winter

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fashion blogging in the winter is tricky, especially when you have to take your outfit photos outside. We're right at the end of March and it's still snowing and sodding freezing. Do I want to remove my coat, hat, gloves and several layers of scarves to stand still in a floaty frock when it's minus 2 outside? No, I do not. And I don't understand all the bloggers that are doing outdoor photos with ballet pumps, bare legs and spring dresses. Are they immune to the cold? Do they actually wear those clothes for the rest of the day? I don't know about you lot but my office is nowhere near warm enough for spring clothes, even with the heater on. Part of the reason I love Vix so much is that yes, she dons the chiffon in sub-zero temperatures (and looks amazing in it) but she certainly doesn't pretend it's a balmy March day out there.

I'm not into pretending either. I couldn't even bring myself to remove my gloves until halfway through taking the photos. Luckily the cape has a muff. Fnar.

Oh yes. THE CAPE. Found in an Ashbourne charity shop on the last day of the Norbury Manor holiday and immediately pounced upon by me with great glee and much squawking of "Welsh tweed?  CAPE?! BUYBUYBUY."  It came with a matching skirt which I didn't wear today partly because it needs altering but mostly because, much as I love Welsh tweed, I don't think I can wear it top to toe without looking like a bit of a maddo.

It's made by Trefriw Woollen Mills, so I did a spot of googling and discovered that they're still in existence and still making beautiful textiles.  Also their customer service is ace, cos I emailed them to ask if they knew anything about the pattern and age of the cape and got a reply within about half an hour, telling me that it's a St David's cape in R62R from the early 80s.  Must have been pricey back then because the ones they make now cost £250!  I got mine, plus the skirt, for £15 and they're in perfect condition. Hurrah!

I love how it fastens up the shoulder.

Cape - Trefriw Woollen Mills via charity shop
Dress - Closet @ Dorothy Perkins
Heels - Office Vintage range, via ebay
Pebble necklace - charity shop
Ring - Dorothy Perkins sale
Gloves - no idea!


  1. Man! SOOOOO envious of the cape! I LONG to find one in a charity shop but sadly, never! You look very pretty!x

  2. So envious of that cape - what a delightful piece!

  3. I had that cape and I sold it! Looking at how gorgeous you look in yours I'm feeling very annoyed with myself! xxx

  4. I am so, so in love with that cape! x

  5. CAPE!! It suits you so well :) Very impressed with the customer service your received, and I bet they were pretty tickled to be asked about such an old piece. Also loving the pebble necklace, tres mignon :) xx

  6. You look beautiful, I want a cape! I do get quite warm but I tend to just whip off my coat and grin and bear it, haha!

    Maria xxx

  7. I think I can safely say that cape is the nicest one I've ever seen? I bet the girls were so jealous when you nabbed that one first xxx

  8. Alex I am so madly in love with that cape! It is amazing!

    X x

  9. CAPE!!! Who would have ever imagined there would be a cape lurking in a charity shop the day we head to Ashbourne! I love the colour, and the fit is perfect. This was so meant to be yours Alex.
    So interesting to hear the company are still in existence - a sure sign of quality. xxx

  10. The cape is wonderful, and I love the colour scheme of green and blue in different shades. You nail right on the head. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  11. That is a seriously gorgeous cape. I'm a big fan of the belted cape as it's a much nicer shape than the bell shaped ones. What a fantastic find!

  12. Cape love!!! What a bargain. I think this might be one of my favourite outfits of yours...(kinda want to see you in the skirt looking bonkers too!! x)

  13. I can't believe Vix had that cape and sold it! It really looks sweet on you, I'm loving the muted colors!

  14. I need to get myself a cape!


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