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My Weekend

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Life is busy, busy, busy at the moment. Whereas February was hectic because of work, March and April are hectic because of FUN. Hurrah! I have all sorts of trips and excursions and very exciting things planned and I'm sure you'll get to hear about most of them on here.

Let's kick off with last weekend though.  Saturday saw me spending a lot of time on trains to and from Leeds, along with people who thought it was ok to eat BBQ chicken legs at 10am. Why do people do this?! It is not ok.  It is revolting.

Anyway, train snacks aside, I had an awesome day.  I was going to Leeds to see the Northern Ballet perform The Great Gatsby (click through that link for a little video excerpt - alas it's not of the cast I saw).  Oh my goodness. It was astonishing.  Costumes, music, dancing: all utter perfection. Go and see them. I can't recommend them highly enough.

They're so good that they end up having a completely contrary effect on me. Or maybe I'm just a contrary soul. Who knows?  Anyway, I spent most of this performance thinking "Noooooo Daisy, stay with Tom!" because John Hull was just mesmerising to watch. When I saw them do Beauty and the Beast last year, I didn't want the Beast to turn back into a prince, just because Ashley Dixon was so bloody good.

Photo courtesy of the Northern Ballet and Bill Cooper

The other aim of the day was to catch up with my amazing pal Lee, drink hot voddys and eat delicious food. I haven't seen him for an age, so we talked and talked and talked all flipping day long, including the entire train journey back to Liverpool.  Yeah, apologies if you were on our carriage and were scandalised by our conversation. He's a bad influence on me.

I was muchly please to have the opportunity to wear some new shoes. Yay new shoes!  Even if they are decidedly sensible...

The weather was dreadful at the weekend oop North but with the amount of walking I had to do, wellies were not an option. Sadly, with my oddly-wide calves, boots aren't really an option either. These Clarks beauties (c/o Spartoo) are the absolute perfect pair of brogues - super comfy, proper leather and no breaking in required.

When I arrived back in Liverpool it was mid-evening and time for a meal with my girls.  It's a rare occasion now when the four of us are all together again but it's always fab.  I just wish we didn't all live so far away from each other.

As for Sunday, snow stopped play.  The mothership and I were to meant to be out fence judging at a British Eventing competition in Cheshire but we got there to find it had been cancelled. Damn it! We promptly drove back to Liverpool and had a very lazy, sofa based Mothering Sunday instead.  I'd made a picnic for our day out so we just had a living room picnic instead. Not quite the day we'd originally planned but it was equally fun!

Admittedly not the most epic picnic ever, but she's gluten and dairy free and thus tricky to cater for. There was an amazing cake as well but we kinda ate that for breakfast...


  1. I know Claire enjoyed your get-together too, Alex. :)

  2. I think that picnic looks delish!!!!

  3. Agh the ballet pictures look amazing, I saw the posters for it when I was in Leeds yesterday. I must find some more ballet to go to this year!
    I also bemoan the grossness of eating on the train. Whilst I realise trains are quite dull, there are surely better things you could be doing.

  4. I'm gluten and dairy free and I think that picnic looks amazing! What's the soup? I'm hoping to and see Sean Lake next weekend x

  5. hectic fun, new shoes, catching up with friends and cake for breakfast? Hello fabulous life!
    The ballet sounds awesome too - going to the ballet is on my bucket list.

  6. Busy fun life is the best kind of life! x

  7. I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall on your train ride with Lee, it sounds a right laugh.
    That picnic looks delicious and you and the girls are all total babes. x

  8. 3 things:

    1. I have oddly massive calves that won't let me wear knee high boots
    2. I saw Beauty & The Beast the other year and absolutely loved it
    3. I spy crochet

  9. A ballet, how cool, I've never seen one! Your weekend sounds rather busy but all good fun x

  10. The ballet looks amazing, I'd love to go! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

    Maria xxx


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