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#photoanhour - A December Day

Monday 21 December 2015

Finally! I've been meaning to join in with #photoanhour for flipping ages now but I always manage to either only realise it's on at about 4pm, or I have the world's most boring day, in which case there's very little point recording it for posterity.This weekend I woke up at a reasonable hour, checked Instagram, realised that Janet was taking part and decided to join in with the fun for once!

8.55am - I didn't really want to get out of bed so I spent a lazy quarter of an hour playing Hay Day on the iPad. That farm won't run itself y'know!

9.55am - Quick trip to the sorting office to collect a Mystery Surprise Parcel. It turned out to be a pair of earrings I'd forgotten that I'd ordered for my mum. Not quite as mysterious as I'd hoped for, but hey, at least that's all the presents here in time for Christmas.

10.55am - Char had arrived by this point, so we set out to Lark Lane for brunch at The Moon and Pea, one of my favourite places. They're fond of a kitsch decoration at the best of times so this rather fab tree fitted in nicely!

11.55am - Brunch! (ok, may have fudged the timings slightly on this one - it didn't take an hour to arrive. But full plate is more scenic than empty plate.) Char and I are both big proponents of the two-drink brunch.

12.55pm - Home, and Char was busy making friends with Phil.

1.55pm - It was a lovely peaceful sort of afternoon and evening, deliberately so. We were both much in need of some quiet time after a hectic few weeks, and I was desperately trying to crack on with my knitting. This jumper is taking so much longer than I expected. I basically knitted for 9 straight hours and only managed about 8 inches of sleeve.

2.55pm - We managed to get through an impressive four films. Home Alone (which Char had never seen), Pretty In Pink (which I'd never seen), Cube (which was amusingly rubbish) and then About Time (awww).

3.55pm - Are you starting to tell that I didn't move off the sofa all afternoon? Phil came for snuggles (and to kill my tape measure).

4.55pm - WHY WON'T YOU END?? Oh god, it feels like I've been knitting this jumper my entire life. I am so slow. It's not going to be done for Christmas. Still 1 1/2 sleeves to go, a neckline, and an initial on the front.

5.55pm - I removed myself from the sofa and put up some cards. This glittery beauty is from Lucy.

6.55pm - We were onto About Time by this point. Coffee, films and good company make for a very pleasant evening.

7.55pm - I'm such a rubbish hostess.

Me: "I totally can't be arsed cooking. Takeaway?"

This is Char's Pizza Consideration face.

8.55pm - Pizza was such a good call. And garlic bread. And sweet potato fries.

9.55pm - PRESENTS! I love seeing them all jaunty and colourful under the tree.

10.55pm - Still at the bastarding knitting and watching Match of the Day.

I did end up staying up for another couple of hours but it would have been exactly the same as the above photo, just with Hugh Grant's face on the tv (curse ITV for putting Notting Hill on at stupid o'clock). So there you have it: half an interesting day. Lots of knitting.


  1. I must say, I rather adore your nail polish with all that glitter, it's lovely! :)

  2. Yay you made it! Your day looks awesome, food-wise :)

  3. My first Instagram photo of the day seems to have been responsible for about 5 people remembering to take part, pleased I could be of service! (Especially as it's usually me who forgets). Also, I LOVE your mug!


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