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Cats, Cats, Cats

Monday, 19 November 2012

I seem to have been the subject of some appalling customer service this year.  I don't take it well.  Shop assistants have been told off, shops have been walked out of, moany tweets have been written, ranty emails have been fired off... I might be turning into a narky old woman but frankly I feel it's justified.

I won't dwell on the negative stuff.  Well maybe just for a moment ... Merseyrail is an appalling excuse for a company and I would hate them even if they didn't take three weeks to reply to emails.  And Sports Direct are still on my miffed list for telling me that I should buy pink trainers. 

Positive stuff ahoy!

I was perusing the Dorothy Perkins sale a few weeks ago when I saw something that made me go "FJHMN<HKJDBNM GREENCATS!!!"  Unfortunately, as is often the case with the Dotty P sales, I clicked on the item and it turned out to be out of stock in all sizes, causing my hopes to be utterly crushed. CRUSHED, I tell thee. But this wasn't a Dotty P item, it was from Ruby Rocks, so I hopped onto their website and emailed them to ask if they had any lurking in a store room somewhere.

Hopes were duly restored because I got a very nice email back from Jen at Ruby Rocks asking me what size I wanted and passing me onto someone else who might be able to help.  Then into my inbox pinged another very nice email from Gemma at Madam Rage telling me that they'd found one, in my size and it was on sale on their website. Triple hurrah!  So I bought it, it arrived very speedily and I am a happy Alex, spreading the word about good customer service.

It's just such a nice length and colour, oh and did I mention it's all #wardrobezoo-tastic?  Straight to the top of my favourite tops list!

Not just cats but green starry cats!

Blouse - Ruby Rocks, via Madam Rage
Skirt - H&M
Blazer - Warehouse via Oxfam
Shoes - Office via ebay
Ring - Dorothy Perkins sale
Scarf - can't remember! I think a present from a blogging chum?


  1. Love this outfit and the green cats top is adorable! I want one!

  2. Love the outfit, and those shoes are gorgeous! xx

  3. Absolutely love the shirt
    Been getting bad customer service too. Must be something in the air

  4. That is such helpful customer service from Ruby Rocks! Rare indeed. The print is so cute - I love the odd little starry green cat!

  5. haha I saw your post title and said meow out loud. In work. When I shouldn't be reading blogs. In a library where it is silent.. xx

  6. How marvellous! You know, I have the perfect handbag to go with that outfit! Love the cat top!x

  7. Worth a snarl! Glorious green & cute cats- perfect xx

  8. Reminds me of the Victoria Beckham print, love it.
    Ruby Rocks do so great stuff, got a parrot print dress from them last year. (They like an animal print it seems!!)

  9. Cats? And green?

    *head explodes*

  10. Sports Direct infuriate me. I bought a football shirt for my dad and they threw in a ridiculously huge mug. I thought it was a one off then Tom ordered something tiny and also got one.... I'm all for a free mug but they're HIDEOUS and they're waisting so much on packaging!


  11. I've been lurking for a few months now, in a (hopefully) non-sinister way and I can't remain silent any longer, I LOVE this outfit and I love your blog!

    There, that feels better.

    Very glad to hear you say what you have about good Customer Service, it's so important :)

  12. That blouse was worth the effort, what a marvellous print! x

  13. Green cats. Genius. Worth a bit of detective work!!

  14. Love love love this outfit on you! GREEN CATS FOREVER!

    Maria xxx

  15. Ah it's so beautiful - reminds me of the Victoria Beckham print too! Off to have a look on the Ruby Rocks website, not familiar with them... xx

  16. Meow meow. Purr purr purrfect!
    You always look fab in green!
    Z xx

  17. Eeep, it looks fab, so nice to hear of good customer service once in a while. Currently miffed at Office and Missguided, myself.

  18. Chocolate and a piccy of a reindeer


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