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Let the Clothes Do the Talking

Friday, 23 November 2012

Sometimes there really isn't very much to say about an outfit. Sometimes I like to natter on for many paragraphs and go off on wild tangents.  Not today.  Today I am knackered and soaked (weather: I hate you).  This post can therefore be neatly summed up in one sentence: here is a cherry print frock, here are some red shoes, here is my hair in a scraggy topknot because I went swimming at 7am before work and couldn't be faffed washing it.

But when the frock is this bold, you don't really need to talk much about it.  You just wear it and enjoy it.

Didn't quite manage to avoid the rain when taking the photos, grrrr.

Dress - vintage
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins sale
Rings - vintage (green) and Dorothy Perkins sale (elephant)


  1. You're absolutely right, Alex. It's magnificent. One of my favourites of yours EVER! xx

  2. Bloody hell, that is one amazing dress! You look amazing :D What a find!

  3. A statement print indeed! I do love the red shoes too x

  4. Great outfit and that dress is a real cracker, love the print.
    Have a fab weekend...x

  5. LOVE this, the print is lovely and I must get some red shoes like those!

    Maria xxx

  6. Damn its vintage. Was frantically scrolling down to see where you bought that lush dress. Darn it!!!
    You look fab dahlink.

  7. That is such an amazing dress Alex!

  8. Best print ever, I love it on you! xxx

  9. This post makes me so happy! What vibrance, what happiness!!! (eeeek, I finally managed to get hold of the Book thief- bloomin heck, it's long! Somehow got to find your book by next week and read that too!!!! Serves me right for trying to be good and borrowing from the lobrary instead of buying!)

  10. What a great dress and I love those shoes!

  11. This has to be just the most gorgeous dress made ever.
    I love it, in case you hadn't guessed.
    Lisa x

  12. I have such a crush on that dress x

  13. Adorable photos, especially the one with the umbrella. Quite possibly one of the best dresses ever!?


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