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Coats and Cupboards

Monday, 5 November 2012

I love keeping a diary.  I write it every night and although it sometimes seems like a bit of a chore when I'm desperate to go to sleep, it's really interesting to look back through it every now and then.  I was doing that very thing last night to try and pull out a list of which films I'd seen at the cinema this year (26 so far...) and came across an entry from last April raving about the vintage coat I'd found in an antiques shop in Hay on Wye.  Said coat has been lurking in the understairs cupboard for months and I'd genuinely forgotten about it.  This may sound odd but if you have a coat cupboard, you will know what I mean.  They are dark and mysterious places.

I went in for a rummage for it this morning, got my foot stuck through the handle of a jute bag and managed to temporarily blind myself by hooking a waterproof coat over my own face.  Actually, make that dark, mysterious and dangerous places.  But I came out safely in the end, triumphantly bearing my beautiful coat.

On such a chilly day it has been the perfect thing to sling over my clothes.  I always forget quite how much I enjoy a good coat.  Sounds a bit mad that, doesn't it?  I own enough of them: I must like them!  They just don't have that immediate, obvious joy that comes with snuggling into a big cosy jumper or catching sight of your feet when you have a sparkly pair of shoes on.  But they do have their own special magic though.  Some make you feel cool, some inject a bit of colour into winter days.  This particular one possesses the ability to make me feel very pulled together and smart and that's something usually very much lacking in my life.

Even if I do then ruin the effect by boinging around waiting for the camera to click into action...

Coat - vintage Aquascutum
Blouse - vintage St Michaels
Skirt - bought at a vintage fair. It's West German
Ring - charity shop
Shoes - Primark

It didn't occur to me until I wrote this that everything bar the shoes was vintage.  Didn't plan it that way...


  1. that coat is amazing! Worth risking a trip into the understairs cupboard for!
    XO Amie

  2. LOVE that coat. I won't go into our understair cupboard at the moment. Husband and I are gonna battle it on Saturday... we will have to be brave, it's a terrifying depth...

  3. it's wonderful! I would have a coat cupboard too if I had space!

  4. Incredible coat, such a beautiful print.
    Love the flash of green with it.

  5. Awesome coat! I'm really trying to limit myself on coats, basically all I wear is my raincoat cause the weathers so bad here, and I must have a hood! More jackets should come with hoods I think... :)

  6. Oh Alex,
    what a phenomenal coat!


  7. Fancy ignoring that poor coat, it's beautiful! I need more coats, fact x

  8. All my coats are in the big wardrobe in my son's room, so I have to battle past big towering stacks of board games to get in there. You did well to be brave and rescue that one, it needs to be seen!

  9. I'm not fond of writing into diaries. I let pictures speaks for itself and preserves the memories. Anyways, I love your shoes. It compliments the color of Autumn.
    Statues for sale

  10. I wish I had a coat cupboard - even if they do sound dark and dangerous! This is a perfect autumn outfit.

  11. LOVE the coat! My grandma bought me a winter jacket for christmas every year for about 4 years so I have loads! No coat cupboard though. I may suggest it to the boyfriend (who insists I have "too many" coats).

  12. I can't believe you forgot you had such a lovely coat!

  13. Really gorgeous coat! I always feel uncomfortable in coats and jackets as they either fit my boobs and gape at the waist and are too big in the shoulders and arms or fit everywhere else and I can't button it up!


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