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A Year In Clothes

Friday, 30 December 2011

It's the end of the year and therefore time for the obligatory outfit round up post. I actually really enjoyed mooching through my old posts - it's a sign of how little ironing I've done in the latter half of this year that I'd actually completely forgotten that I owned several of these things!

Things to note:

  • I still haven't entirely cured myself of my habit of starting at the floor. Not sure I ever will...
  • The brick wall is brilliant. I love it.
  • I run out of clothes mojo in the winter - all the good outfits are in May and June.
  • I will cry actual huge tears when my Dolcis wedges die. I seem to live in them in the summer months.
  • The weather in August was terrible. Tights! In August!! That's just not right.









Really must get round to ebaying these shoes as they're far too big. Anyone a size 7?




December (aka The Month In Which I Barely Blogged):

So what do you think? Other than the fact that my hair needs a damn good chopping soon...

Any favourites?

I think my 2012 mission is to wear more colour in the winter and increase my hat wearing by a considerable amount.

December Scavenger Hunt

Friday, 23 December 2011

Getting into the Christmas swing of things, the December scavenger hunt is bigger, better and festively themed. Kathy has set us the challenge of an A-Z of Christmas. Well, here is my attempt. Slightly early, because I am now busy/away until the end of December, but it's here!

A is for...alcohol

Um, I don't know why we have seven bottles of Prosecco for two people...

B is for...beaded baubles!

Made by my own fair hands. This is the tasteful layer of the tree. It's a wonderfully colourful mess lower down.

C is

Woop, it's Beard-fàçê Santa.

D is for...decorations

What, you don't decorate your stairs? For shame people, for shame.

E is for...earrings

A small but rather nice collection methinks.

F is

We shall be watching Cary Grant on Christmas Eve. Heaven.

G is for...Gaudete

My joint favourite Christmas carol, along with the Coventry Carol.

H is for...homemade goodies

Bloody Florentines. When I was making this batch I ran out of flaked almonds and spent over an hour finely chopping blanched almonds...then I found another bag of flaked almonds. D'oh! Apparently they taste good though, so that's the important thing.

I is for...Irregular Choice

My most festive pair. Aren't they beautiful?

J is for...jingle bells

Arm-warmers knitted by my friend Sharon, complete with jingle bells.

K is for...kitsch decorations

It's Spot the Dog. Nuff said.

L is for...Liverpool style decorations

Well hello there festively wrapped Superlambanana, and a Merry Christmas to you (and to my Auntie Diane)

M is small festive treat to myself

I like to read something nice in bed on Christmas Eve. I like Rob Ryan. Perfect combo.

N is for...nativity.

A tiny, tiny one!

O is for...Oscar

He is everso fond of the curly ribbon.

P is for...(new) pj's

Thank you H&M for having them on sale in mid December.

Q is for...the Queen's Speech

I have no idea if we'll actually be watching it this year or not.

R is for...Rockin' Robin.

He's older than I am.

S is for...Secret Santa

I have been extremely good and resisted the temptation to open my presents from the lovely Curtise, courtesy of the FHC Christmas swap. I don't think you can quite see it in the photo but next to it is another present courtesy of the Secret Santa that Char organised there too. I shall report back on what they contain!

T is

It's one of the traditions: sitting down with the bumper edition of the Radio Times and a pen and marking off everything you want to watch/record.

U is for...a uniformed toy soldier on the tree

He's got moving arms and legs and everything.

V is for...visiting pals

I love my girls but we're all a bit scattered now, so we don't meet up as often as we'd like. I've seen them all over the past week though - hurrah! I got to hold Baby Jack too. Can you see the terror in my (weirdly squinty) eyes? He is absolutely adorable but I just don't know what to do with babies.

W is for...wrapping

I did it all in one night. Bish bash bosh.

(um, this is where it gets rather far fetched...)

X is lot being eXtremely disappointed if I don't feature some odd socks

Christmassy ones, natch.

Y is for...yoghurt.

Oh what else was I supposed to do? Dairy-free house - we don't have Yule logs and suchlike! I put some curly ribbon on it...

Z is for...Zen-like calm

There is nothing better than sitting in the peace and quiet with a cup of coffee (star jumping cat mug optional) and just the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree to keep you company.

Here's wishing you all a very merry Christmas.