Autumn Days

Monday, 6 September 2010

Hasn't September descended upon us quickly? And what a marked change in the weather. Today started off with howling winds and crisp, autumnal leaves swirling around the ground in fine fashion. Even the garden table was blown over with an almighty crash. I, needless to say, opened a bleary eye, peered out of the window to see what it was and went straight back to sleep.

As the place where I work is full of really old trees, we have loads of horse chestnuts around. One decided it would be a good start to a Monday morning to drop a conker (still in case) on my head. Ouch!

Look at the spikiness of the fecking thing!

So I thought today was an appropriate time to bust out the Jumper of Autumn which I may wear to death over the next few months. I'm branching out when it comes to colours - I've never been shy of wearing bold shades but I don't have many brown things in my wardrobe. I couldn't resist this though. Not only is it gorgeous but it has ELBOW PATCHES. What's not to love? Not entirely sure how I'd describe the colour though - any ideas? Conker? Or is that just the after effects of this morning's little present from the sky talking?

The only slight problem is that as it's sort of loose fitting and has slight split seams at the sides, it doesn't seem to photograph very well. Looked nice in real life though, honest. I think it looks mildly better in this picture - check out me featuring a photo where you can see my bum! That's progress.

Jumper & skirt - H&M
Brogues - New Look
Hair - v. windswept


  1. I'm loving elbow patches at the mo- reckon I need to invest in a slouchy cardi. Love the colour- I'd go with describing it as Rust?!

    xxx Maddie

  2. I'm loving the elbow patches!! And I love the color. I've been expanding into more browns. I love blacks and grays, but with my tones brown is better suiting.
    I do like this top! Keep rocking it all fall/winter.

  3. Ooo,nice bum!!Hahahahaha!
    Hurrah for comfort!
    Bless,dahl,and thank you for your sweet words over the last few days!XXXXX

  4. Maddie's right, that's definately a rusty-orange shade and fabulous with your colouring. Check out your bum and legs,too.
    I do still get wildly excited at conkers falling from trees. xxx

  5. Swit swoooo, check out your bum!
    That colour really suits you, and I love an elbow patch!

    Me and my nan used to go conker picking, come back with huge bags of them ready to play conker fights with.


  6. You have a lovely bum! :D

    Yes September has descended REALLY fast - woolly tights all round here!

  7. Ouch!!! :(

    I saw that jumper in H&M and I love it, and the elbow patches, I think I would describe it a rust coloured...?

    Have a great week sweets xxx

  8. I hate the change in weather. It's so depressing. It feels like we had sun and warmth for all of a week and now it's gone!

    You look very autumn chic! :-)

  9. Sorry but I laughed when I read about the conker, that has happened to me, bloody things.
    Yay for jumper time, I need to rummage for my winter stuff now, it's quite exciting seeing stuff I had forgotten about.
    Kandi x

  10. Elbow patches! Amazing! Now, as someone who owns a ridiculous amount of all sorts of clothes, I don't own anything with elbow patches! So now I feel like I'm lacking..!

    I'd probably describe that colour as .. rust?

    You look great :)

    It was really dark & cold & pouring with rain etc when I got dressed this morning, so cracked open a new packet of tights, & opened up a new cardigan - by mid-morning the sun was shining! So confusing. I was hot all day!

  11. You look GORGEOUS, Alex! Love, love, love this on you. The Jumper of Autumn is divine. Those elbow patches have made my day! :) xx

    PS - Sorry about the conker incident - ouchies! x

  12. That's one fab jumper - the colour is perfect (whatever you call it!). Summer has definitely departed Scotand...xx

  13. Ouch... that must've hurt. I love the elbow patches!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  14. Love the elbow patches! Nothing like a snuggly jumper, this looks perfect for jumping in leaves and drinking cups of tea.

  15. Can't believe it is conker time already! That jumper is fab, love the elbow patches!

  16. Elbow patches are...SO COOL!
    I'm jealous!!

    You're my favorite.
    (Be waiting for a letter one of these days....)
    I can't put it into words!

  17. YAY for the jumper of Autumn making an appearance, i'm so glad you gave it another try!
    YAY for the fab photos!!
    And most of all YAY for my comments working again!! :D :D :D

  18. you are so right, winter is well on it's way .........happy jumper daze!!

  19. OUCH!!! Can't beleive that little blighter fell on your head!!!

    The weather just can't make up it's mind, it was sooo horrible yesterday and lovely today!!

    Sal xXx

  20. Those elbow patches are so unique and distinctive, GREAT jumper x

  21. i'm LOVING the elbow patches on that jumper, how brilliant! great outfit, really love your shoes too!


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