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Sunday, 12 September 2010

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The beginning of autumn, my second favourite season. I love the way the colours change so dramatically and the weather gets to that lovely sunny-but-not-so-warm stage. I've bought all my winter coats and the prospect of hats and scarves are just round the corner. I'm already investigating the purchase of a cloche hat. They didn't suit my fat face last year but hopefully things have changed!


This article and this blog. The former saddens but really doesn't surprise me. The latter raises some interesting points about "proper" fashion blogging.


My friend Katie (on the left):

who works here:

Which enjoys some rather cracking views across Wensleydale:


way too much homemade blackberry crumb bar and banana muffins and the world's biggest bacon butty (seriously, 6 rashers of bacon in one sandwich??). Still lost a pound and a half though so all the swimming must be balancing things out.


blackberry picking by the canal


my annual London-in-between-Christmas-and-New-Year trip. We shall be watching Tom Hollander in this, Gemma Arterton in this and Ben Barnes in this. Can't wait!

whether it's rude to point out to some bloggers that their spelling and grammar is appalling? I think it probably is. It might just be me being pedantic but it drives me round the bend when people mix up your/you're and use long words incorrectly when they clearly don't know what they mean!

And why is that when I take bookings from people who live in really Welsh Wales , they always rattle off their address at top speed and then seem enormously surprised when I ask them how to spell it. I can't even pronounce Rhosllannerchrugog or Llanarmon-yn-lal, let alone spell them without a little help!


A film noir inspired promenade performance at my favourite theatre. Glorious. Probably the most interesting and fun thing I've ever been to see there. Every room in the whole building (including the loos!) had something totally different and wonderful taking place - I had my fortune told, went on a fake taxi ride, played poker with some Bonnie and Clyde style tempestuous lovers, watched some lindyhoppers doing their thing, was serenaded by an Elvis- impersonating janitor in a broom cupboard, had a tour of the boiler room with a crazy character who loved my shoes (well I had to take them off to climb down the ladder to get into it and someone had to hold them for me), chatted to a ghost in a fur coat, fishnets and red lippy about her ex husbands, ate popcorn in a mini movie theatre, flirted with some handsome men in dashing 30's costume and much, much more.


To BBC radio 4 & 5 and a shedload of podcasts. Plus a bit of Lady Gaga whilst driving down the motorway. I find she's good to drive fast to.

Labyrinth at my favourite cinema. Yes Helga, I was on Bowie wang alert. Quite prominent!


Absolute tosh mostly (ie crappy romance novels from the library). Please don't judge me. But also an Alexander McCall Smith I've not read before and several Monica Dickens Penguin paperbacks.


A tankini for my hols. How hard was that to track down??! Do they think no-one goes on holiday after the middle of August??

And a fake fur coat. I adore it. I can't tell you how much.

Weirdly enough, about bloggers. And road trips. And a slightly romantic one about a friend of a friend who I really don't fancy in real life. I have mental dreams.


About sleep. I am so very tired at the moment.


If I should try and make this a weekly Sunday feature? I usually don't wear anything of interest at the weekends to blog about so it might be a nice roundup.

Images that aren't mine are from We Heart It and Google.

ps - Blogger is stupid sometimes isn't it? I've just posted what was meant to be Sunday's blog entry and because I wrote some of it in draft on Friday, it's published it before the previous post. I don't know if this means it won't show up in your reading list (or however you learn about new updates) but I can't fix it. I've tried altering the time and date sections in post options and it makes no difference.

So I'm copying and pasting and reposting it here. Sorry Eb - I know you've already commented!


  1. Oh, Alex! I adore this post. What a great idea and one you should definately treat us to once a week. Your post Xmas trip sounds fab and I need to hear more about the Film Noir extravaganza.

  2. I do like this post, and think it should be a regular occurrence!
    I really want bacon right now ha xx

  3. This week I am loving the phrase 'really Welsh Wales'.

    Weekly feature! Hurrah!

  4. I'm really looking forward to Autumn, especially all of the holidays that folow, yay! For some reason all I can think about this Autumn is crafts for Halloween, oddly enough. xxx

  5. Dear Alex, I'm late for lunch so I shall come back and enjoy reading your post at my leisure. I just wanted to say thank you for your comment on the music this morning. When I looked at the video I thought it was a bit unsuitable... the little girl crying bit! It wasn't really working for me with the lyrics! It might have been alright in 1982 but nowadays it has other connotations, so I changed it to something else. I shall catch up with you later. Have a gorgeous Sunday xx

  6. I like this as a post, it’s interesting and upbeat. I apologise for my terrible grammar, I am such a bad writer, and keep meaning to sort it out once and for all. What annoys me a lot is when bloggers use text talk in posts, now that I cannot comprehend!

    You should definitely try a cloche hate- by far a great choice x

  7. I wish I could go blackberry picking - yum! And I'm enjoying autumn too. Love the cooler weather!

  8. I LOVE the film Labyrinth!!! It was one of my childhood faves!

    Also I was looking for a Bikini whilst on holiday in Mid August and couldnt find any anywhere :( So in answer to your question no I don't think they do!!

    Sal xXx

  9. What a great post!! Very cute, and very interesting =)

    My favorite season is also autumn.

    I got the two dresses in the mail and they turn out to be very different. I haven't gotten pictures yet... They are both worth keeping!

  10. Dear Alex, I've finally had time to read your post properly... Love the Autumn picture. I can't bear girls who covet footballer boyfriends. Your friend's view over Wensleydale is stunning. You can't beat a bacon butty! I always put too much bacon in. The Actor is friends with Tom Hollander, I've never seen him give a bad performance. I often get a bit dyslexic when I'm blogging as my brain works faster than my fingers, I try not to get my grammar mixed up but I'm sure I'm guilty of it. The film noir evening sounds wonderful, especially the ghost in a fur coat. I adore Monica Dickens, I'm wondering which books you've read? Try Ebay for a tankini. I find myself dreaming about blogging too! You should do this as a weekly feature. Phew! Sorry for long comment xx

  11. Love Labryinth too. One of my fave childhood movies. "you remind me of a man. what man? the man with the power..."
    I'm pedantic about grammar/spelling too. Being trained as a primary school teacher has also fed that pedantic-ness. (if that is a word?)
    And when I hear "Wensleydale" I always think of Wallace & Gromit. :D

  12. A fab post,dahl!! Yep,should be a regular feature!!
    I'm pedantic about spelling and grammar too,but may be guilty of stuffing both up from time to time!!
    So pleased you were on Wang Alert (it deserves capitals).I think our mission,should you choose to accept it with me,is to alert the world everytime a wang makes it's presence felt on film!!
    I find Rammstein really good for fast driving!!!But I enjoy Lady Gaga too!!

  13. The blog you linked to is GREAT. You know how I get with my rants... thanks!

  14. That is a gorgeous autumn photo and I love those views! When I lived in Lancaster we had views like that right out my flat window, but in Norwich I'm in the city and the views aren't quite so nice unless you get out of it! :-(

  15. I love autumn colours :) The photos are lovely!

  16. I found it on We Heart It, so unfortunately, I have no idea where it came from, sorry :( xxx

  17. Fantastic post Alex, you should definitely make it a regular thing!
    I think you'd look lovely in a cloche, it would suit your face perfectly.
    I live in not-very-Welsh Wales and I find people go to great lengths to spell simple words like Maes and Llan but I think the more Welsh the person the more they think everyone is familiar with the language. Odd isn't it?


  18. What a great post. We can't wait for Autumn to start either :)

  19. Loved your post. Yes, a regular feature please. Love your 6 rasher bacon butty. We've got Labrynth on video - must watch it. Mmmmm, the only thing about Autumn I'm looking forward to is that I'll be wearing my favourite Fly boots again (yes, that's exciting in my world).xx

  20. Fab post, Alex. And thanks for the intro to the Fashion for Writers blog - that's a new one to me.
    PS I was always taught not to start sentences with 'and' so feel bad for doing so, but I think maybe the rules have changed? And I do so like doing it! ;-)

  21. Oh nice list, I'm a big McCall Smith fan, currently reading The Sunday Philosophy Club!!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home
    Daisy Dayz Day Zero Challenge

  22. Alex, I love this post - make it a regular feature, pretty please :D xx


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