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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I think all this time off work has already gone to my head. It's either that or the continued lack of sleep - I was up at 5.30am to hit the supermarkets at 6am and get the food shopping done before it got busy. Or perhaps the good news - my best friend is pregnant!! I am already preparing to be Mad Auntie Alex.

Whatever the cause, I've been in thoroughly merry form all day and so I have been playing dress up. Not something I do very often.

You might remember that at some point during the giveaway I mentioned the arrival of a rather wonderful parcel. Well, it was from the very lovely Christina, who had been having a wardrobe clearout (have you finished yet?) and was generous enough to send some stuff my way. She's about 8 inches taller than I am and considerably slimmer as well as being much more glam than me, so I must admit to being a tad worried as to whether anything would actually fit me but most of it did! Thank you so much Christina - it really was amazingly generous of you. I don't deserve it but I most definitely appreciate it.

I am totally smitten with this Ghost tunic. I think I'm just about short enough to get away with wearing it as a dress. Oh it's so pretty.

A rather awesome vintage jumpsuit. I'm not entirely convinced I'm tall enough or glam enough to get away with this one but I enjoyed prancing round the house in it!

Ooh la la, you've caught me in my nightie. Posh eh?

Honest opinions on this one please girls. I think it's utterly beautiful but I have a horrid feeling that the drop waist is not the best look on a pearshaped short girl...I'm wondering if it would be rude to chop the bottom section off, re-hem it and wear it as a shorter tunic?

I love this one. Bet you I spill wine all over it though!

There was also a rather snazzy purple frock in there and a beautiful one shoulder black Ghost dress but they don't feature in the photos as they're a little too snug over the old tum at the moment. Hopefully they'll fit in the New Year!

When I was feeling a little more sensible, I got dressed and braved the snow, ice and minus 6 temperatures to meet the girls for lunch.

Self in typical flap mode - hair and scarf going all over the place

A bit more composed although I've only just noticed how manic my eyes look!

Jacket - Tu
Shorts - Henry Holland @ Debenhams
Tights & scarf - dunno
Boots - Chiara
Earmuffs & mittens - Accessorize

And the ring is a giveaway prize! I won it (and a matching necklace) in Jen's 12 Days of Christmas giveaway (thanks again Jen!) and it's from Stolen Thunder. I was so thrilled to win this and even happier when it turned up - not only was it beautifully packaged but both pieces of jewellery are really lovely. I am absolutely hopeless at thinking of snappy messages so had a right struggle to think of what to put on it. No doubt I'll think of something awesome tomorrow and kick myself but I do like what I've picked - I think the style of the ring and font go rather well with it.

This evening the silliness returned. I attempted to recreate this corking photo that Christina shared in a great post a few days ago. I don't quite have all the outfit components but I think I've got the manic grin down quite well!

Dress - Pilot (fake fur added by moi for a uni party YEARS ago)
Shoes - Irregular Choice via Char

I'll be back on 27th so I'll take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas everyone. If you're celebrating, I hope you have a wonderful time. If not, I hope you have a wonderful time anyway!


  1. Merry Christmas to you Alex!

    Honestly, that drop-waist dress is my fave, I don't think it's unflattering in any way, shape or form. You're looking so slim in all of these.

    Also nice to see you looking at the camera, and grinning manically :D

  2. Flaming heck girl you look absolutely AMAAZING in that jumpsuit. Absolute knockout! You lucky thing getting some gorge new clothes!
    Lovely news about your friend having a baby- my best friends are due to have their first at the end of Jan and I'm dead excited! I find myself drawn to all the cute baby reindeer outfits in shops, needless to say!
    Loving the last photo- properly getting into the Christmas spirit there!
    xxx Maddie

  3. I'm jealous...

    I think the drop waited dress looks lovely. The gathering at the bust gives just enough shape, and it's rather flattering.

    Merry Xmas

  4. I have so enjoyed your blog over the last few months...some lovely outfits!
    I love the Sister has just bought one like it from Dotty P'S...I'm hoping to have a lend for New Year......have a merry Christmas!xxx

  5. Oh wow, AWESOME pics! That last one is especially great hehe. What fab clothes, they all look amazing - my faves being the jumpsuit and white dress (weirdly I usually find I spill stuff on everything but white - maybe I'm subconsiously being more careful!) :)

  6. The jumpsuit is amazing! You should totally wear it outside! I'm going to be the voice of dissent re: the drop waist though. I think drop waists are a bad shape for us pear shaped girls, they cut right across the widest part of me and I know that they make me look bigger than I actually am. No matter how much I love a dress I never buy it if it's got a dreaded drop waist. Your tunic idea is great, or if you're willing to part with it you could always give it to a skinny friend.

    Merry Christmas! My bunting and hearts arrived, thank you so much, I love them! If you check my blog you can see the bunting in action.

  7. wow, you look AMAZING in that jumpsuit, you really have to wear it out, it would be a crime not to!
    The dress is really nice, and really does suit you, and I think it will look good worn with grey tights too, as a sort of long top :)
    I love the grey boots too, great post!

  8. You so can carry off that jumpsuit, you look amazing in it, mind you I think you look fabulous in all of those clothes, what a lovely parcel. xxx

  9. You look freakin gorgeous in all of those fabulous garments!! Especially the jumpsuit!!!
    And partuclarly cute as a Santa bimbo!!!
    Ooo,just read your last post,I'm gagging to read that new Jilly Cooper,and am very keen to get hold of that Mitford sister memoir.I have a swag of books for my camping adventure,but didn't think to photograph them-will do so when we get there!
    Lots of love,blossom,have happy times,see you soooooon!

  10. You are too cute!! Seriously! I especially love that ghost frock. Perfect for so many occasions.
    Hope you are enjoying the holidays =)

  11. yay i love the santa photo - i would so do my own version, but that would presuppose i had had the time to put up my tree, which is only mini and even so has not yet happpened - argh stress!!

    congrats to your friend, and wow on the parcel..the last one with the sequins is my favoiurite, but i know if i had something like that i would spill coffee on it or something!! and the jumpsuit is brilliant!! :) Xx

  12. Oh Alex that jumpsuit looks AMAZING on you!! Fantastic! And the dress you were saying about shortening - I think don't, it looks great as it is, plus at that length you can wear it in the summer without tights. Lovely post, that last picture made me smile! : D x

  13. YAY!!! I have been waiting for you to get your Christina package so I could have a peek, how exciting. I love the jmumpsuit, you absolutely HAVE to keep wearing it. You look amazingly glam and it is so figure flattering. Also love that last dress, just make sure you drink white wine ;) The nightie is very va va voom too, rroowr.

    Tunic: I would take that flounce up just a bit. You can get away with it as it is, but I think it would be even nicer with the waist moved a bit further up. And it is so pretty, it is well worth the effort. The black Ghost one is lovely as well - I think you can certainly wear it as a dress, but because it is pretty short I would say wear it with plain tights and flat shoes for a 60s look. Do you have any jewelled black flats? Ooh and put your hair back in a pony and wear with a wide headband, that would be cute!

    Also love the ring you won from Jen, couldn't agree with the sentiment more. xx

  14. I think you look fantastic in the jumpsuit - you're definitely glam enough and tall enough for it, and your feet look lovely (hope that doesn't sound creepy!)
    Love your manic grin in the last photo.

    Merry Christmas, I hope it's a good one.

  15. I love playing dress up, and ransacking my wardrobe in the process!
    All those dresses are stunning; really you look so slim and stunning in them. I adore the vintage jumpsuit, now as a short girl myself I would say a jumpsuit was a no go, but honestly it suits you so much!
    And the pale pink one, please don’t chop the bottom section off, it’s beautiful. I think it will look lovely in Spring/Summer

    Have a wonderful Christmas Alex x

  16. Alex, holy crap that jumpsuit was MADE for you x

  17. Wow you look amazing in all of them Alex. Love the Santa photo!! x

  18. Oh wow you lucky thing. I think you look amazing in that jumpsuit, you need to wear it out and show it off. Also i love the cream drop waist dress, it'll be beauitful come spring summer xx

  19. Ohhh and MERRY CHRISTMAS, have a fantastic one x

  20. Jumpsuit- gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I love it, super glam and you look great.

    The drop waist dress- I really like as is, think it looks lovely- shoes in the picture are rather fetching too.

    Happy Christmas to you too, have a fabulous few days.

  21. Oh Alex! You look amazing in all of these, I especially love the jumpsuit and the black nighty!

    And so jealous you won the Stolen Thunder giveaway! What a prize :) x

  22. the jumpsuit looks stunning! you must wear it out miss. and as for the white dress, its actually one of my favs, keep it just the way it is. congrats to your friend and you on becoming auntie alex xxx

  23. Happy Christmas to you! Hope you have a brilliant one! Congratulations to your friend as well! All of the new clothes are stunning - especially the white dress, it looks beautiful on you! x

  24. Merry Christmas honey, you look just fab!
    Hugs Kandi x

  25. Merry Christmas!

    That jumpsuit looks so good on you! :)

  26. Jumpsuit is amazeballs you must wear it out immediately. If not sooner.

    I don't think there's an issue with the drop waist at all, my first thought as I was scrolling down was how pretty it looked. And I love love love that last one, although I would most definitely spill something on it!

    That's such a good haul - man I'm jealous!! I need people to give me clothes, I'm holding everything up and together with bits of string at the moment.

    Hope you have a lovely jubbly Christmas, 'see' you in a couple of days!

  27. Seriously, you HAVE to wear that jumpsuit - it looks fantastic and really, really suits you. I don't think the tall/short thing is an issue at all with it - I'm fairly tall and I'm positive it wouldn't look anywhere near as good on me as it does on you!

  28. Dearest Alex, you look wonderful in all of it!! The tunic/dress is fab on you and you can get away with it. At nearly 5'10 I can't! The jumpsuit is amazing!! You have to wear that out. I love it on you!! The nightie looks super glam. It all works on you, I'm so pleased!!

    I had a mad rush tidying the wardrobe and found some beautiful leather trousers I hadn't seen for ten years and thought I'd lost so I was really happy to see them again. I still haven't been through everything individually and organised it into sections but there seemed to be a few more pieces for you. I will send them when I've gone through it properly to save postage.

    Thank you so much for my lovely card and our pressies!! The Actor was chuffed to be sent something! We have them under the tree and of course they look fab as you've cleverly wrapped them in gold to match. We will open them at midnight tonight as we have to drive to his sister's in the morning.

    Have a truly wonderful Christmas, love Christina xx


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