Mismatched Workwear & Giveaway Day 10

Friday, 10 December 2010

I've got to that utterly disorganised stage where everything needs ironing and all that's left in my wardrobe is the stuff that doesn't really fit and therefore doesn't get worn often. I should probably bin this sweater dress/elongated tank top/whatever the hell is the best description for it because it's 3 sizes too big for me now. This morning I just thought what the hell and chucked it on anyway. I've tried to take away from the fact that it doesn't fit by wearing as many patterns as possible with it. Stripes, chevrons, ruffles, polka dots, they're all in there. It looks a bit better in life than in the photos as the shirt is a lot darker than the camera makes it look...

It's my somewhat random version of workwear. I had a lovely frock lined up for today but realised I'd be helping with teas & coffees at a big meeting we're hosting today and it looked a tad French Maid-ish. Not really the look I was going for so it'll have to be saved for a different situation.

Really need to get my hair cut. It's annoying me so much.

Dress/top thing and belt - Primark
Shirt - River Island sale
Tights - absolutely no idea. I like them though.
Shoes - Irregular Choice via ebay
Pearls - BoBijou
Rings - part of a stacking set from H&M

On the tenth day of my giveaway, I will give to thee....

Another book! Quite frankly, this day was a bit of a bugger to find a prize for. Lords? Leaping?! Well I've gone for a Georgette Heyer novel (another of my favourite authors). These Old Shades is just amazing and check out that glorious early 60's cover! Justin is a Duke, not a Lord and he's not much of a leaper but it was the best I could do. If you win and you've already got this one, let me know and I'll see if I can find something else to send you.


  1. Don't throw it away I think that looks like a really good outfit!! Loving the shirt under it as well. I know what I need to do - get you round mine so you can do the same with my wardrobe, nothing fits and I have no pennies to buy new things so need to get more inventive but I'm finding it too hard!

  2. I think the jumper dress looks fab cinched in with a belt like that!! And a novel by one of your favourites?! Yes please :)
    I hope you're ok, you seem stressed recently xx

  3. I love that 'if in doubt, just wear a load of clashing stuff to detract from it' ethos - it works though, and you don't clash at all! I don't think the dress should be binned it looks great. Love the tights, and the tenuous link on the giveaway :D xx

  4. I've actually never read any Georgetter Hayer but since reading your blog I have been looking up books on ebay, hence I'd LOVE to win this!

    xxx Maddie

  5. I think the shirt and accessories look great with this top, the way you have styled it does work. It’s always worth hanging onto old clothes that can be re-styled in different ways.
    The tights and shoes are both fabulous.
    Another book easily pleases me x

  6. Dear Alex, I love the outfit and the chevron tights and polka dot shoes look fab.

    If you need help with a sequin jacket let me know. I can snipe it for you so you definitely win next time.

    Hope you've had a good week. I am definitely thinking Thank God it's Friday!! today xx

  7. I can see why you'd be hesitant to throw it out, it is very nice. With the belt it looks pretty good, except in the arms. Maybe you could tailor it a bit?

  8. Please don't throw it away!
    Love the shoes

  9. Looking good Alex, I love those rings x

  10. I think you look fantastic. Can't belive it was a thrown on outfit as I actually think you look totally put together. x

  11. I like the outfit - don't give up on it, with the belt pulling it in it shows off your fab figure and I just love the tights. xxx

  12. i think the tank top looks nice :) x


  13. HI lady of oxford. love the neutral look. the tights are fab too. the book cover has a double layer of cheese.

  14. I really like that outfit - probably because grey is probably my favourite colour! The rings are gorgeous & I love those tights too. All in all, I think it works well :)


  15. Hi Alex! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and am really enjoying it! I love reading, haven't read anything like this before and fancy giving it ago. Always like to hear about peoples favouite reads :) Rebecca

  16. You look absolutely gorgeous!! Love that outfit

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