June Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Oof, where has the month gone? I haven't quite had my head in the right place recently and at least 5 of the photos for this month's scavenger hunt were hastily snapped today or yesterday. All done in the nick of time though. This month's categories were:

A childhood memory:

Fighting with my big brother. We were horrible children. I remember Mum turning round to us after a holiday in Florida and saying "you RUINED that holiday." We really did - we were awful, bratty little horrors.. Luckily we get on very well now we're both (sort of) grown up.


Well, I'm allergic to dairy and didn't fancy lurking with my camera in the cheese counter of the supermarket... The bloke on the cover of the left hand book reminds me so much of someone famous and I can't think who. Possibly Daniel Craig with a bad wig?

A farm animal:

Pigs! I was so pleased to see these whilst walking along the canal that I went "PIGS!" at the top of my voice. I think the passers-by thought I was a bit special.


In my youth, wars were waged over who got to eat their pudding with The Silver Spoon. Then The Golly Spoon arrived and things calmed down. (Please don't start with any acccusations of racism - the Robertsons golly was just a character as far as I was concerned at that age).

Alas poor Silver Spoon, thou art tarnished now.

Tree branches:

In the woods at work.


How I end up most nights. Radio 5Live, writing my diary and late night texting other night owls.

Something beginning with z...

Why didn't I just take a proper photo of Zoe at the bloggers meetup?! Grrr. This is a random bar in Liverpool. I've never been in so I can't tell you if it's any good or not. I'm thinking probably not.

A wheel trim:

Trim on my car steering wheel. The dratted vehicle got so over excited by doing 50,000 miles and then having an MOT that it broke the very next day. Never buy a Renault!

Something with your town's name on it:

Also happens to be the name of my football team.

The view right outside your door:

Lots of roses. We really need to put down some more wood chippings though.

An elephant:

A Primark necklace. I kinda wish I'd bought it now - cute eh?

Architectural detail:

It's the gargoyle on the bridge at work. I love him.


  1. The gargoyle is my favourite photo and that silver spoon is so cool, I love vintage cutlery, the detailing on the handle is amazing. And animals are always good, so any photos of pigs get my approval. xxx

  2. Great photos!
    From this angle that bloke on the book cover looks like Roger Moore.
    Love the pigs, they look as though they've been electrocuted by the fence!

  3. I love all of your photos, especially the elephant and cheese...LOL!

  4. Ahhhh...I'm so bummed I didn't think of the "cheese" as you did! That's really my kind of take on things, so of course it's my favorite from your list. This has been so great visiting all these blogs and seeing how the same list gets twisted around to fit so many uses! And the pigs, by the way, are too cute!

  5. Lovely pictures Alex.

    "In my youth, wars were waged over who got to eat their pudding with The Silver Spoon. Then The Golly Spoon arrived and things calmed down." This cracked me up. I had a Golly spoon! I was also a horrible kid, probably what put me off having any.

    I would have been excited to see the pigs. I'm obsessed with patting things. I'd have definitely had a go.

    That guy definitely has a look of Dan about him.

    I love the gargoyle too.

    Will email you now. Love, C xx

  6. Haha this is such a funny post! :) nothing wrong with yelling "pigs!" really loud! I do that with puppies, cats, lambs, geese....



  7. Great photos and I love the twists you put on things. Definitely my sense of humour - well done! xx

  8. I was going to say that the guy on the book cover looks like a very young Terry Wogan (and a bit like Roger Moore).
    Lovely pics, I had a Robertsons golly badge as a child, I cant believe you are old enough to remember them as originals, bet it belonged to one of your parents first.

  9. I always look forward to your scavenger hunt posts :0) xx

  10. Fab photos hun.

    I actually joining in this month but have yet to up load them! Maybe later today I shall. My brother and I always used to fight, truth be told we still do. (never did see eye to eye!)

    Could never understand all the fuss over the robinson gollywogs. Never seen colour as an issue and just felt it was made into something it shouldn't have been.

    I have to agree with Joy, I thought the bloke had a look of Terry Wogan about him too!

    X x

  11. We used to have spoon wars too!

  12. I see that someone has beat me to Terry Wogan, but I'm sure that's him on the cover! Me and my sister fought terribly too, I'm hopeful my boys are a little better, they're quite fond of each other at the moment.

    Who runs this scavenger hunt? It looks like fun!

  13. I love seeing what everyone takes shots of for the scavenger hunt. I kind of want to join in but I'm so forgetful I haven't even remembered to sign up!! I love the roses, so pretty.

  14. I could have written that first sentence myself - WHERE has June gone?? I love your take on cheese, and the sleepy pigs! And no, I don't think you're missing much in a bar called 'Zoo'! xx

  15. Hehe nice photos, love the pigs!! I would've probably squealed upon seeing them too.. xx

  16. Haha the pig comment made me laugh! Can't believe we are into July already...love the gargoyle!

  17. Oh we were awful children too. Although actually I wasn't, I totally blame my little brothers for being proper sh*ts! I would have squealed at the pigs as well. Oh and btw, my Liverpool friend always says things are boss, I even use it myself sometimes now ;) xx

  18. That really does look like Daniel Craig, scary!
    Me and my bro were dreadful together, possibly as there's only 18 months between us. x

  19. I love the gargoyle and your take on cheese!
    A great set of photos

  20. Great photos! I love your take on cheese!
    (Great blog too - It's great how the Scavenger hunt takes you to new places)

  21. Ahaha PIGS! I love pigs, they're definitely up there as one of the best farmyard animals EVER x

  22. I'm so glad people said Terry Wogan! That's who I was thinking of but couldn't think of the name. I hate when that happens.



  23. I love that first photo and the one of the pigs. I'm a fellow 5live addict and drive Phil mad by insisting on listening to it when we go to bed x

  24. Were those pigs OK? They looked a bit, er, stunned! :)

  25. Where do you work?? It looks like the coolest, prettiest place ever - those trees and the green behind that gargoyle is total eye candy!

    Ah I know a hardcore Liverpool fan. He sulks for days when they lose.

  26. Really good selection of photos. The cheese one is brilliant! I think the woman on the book cover looks like Louise whats-her-name who was in Bergerac!
    You should have bought the necklace, very sweet.
    Lisa x

  27. I thought the bloke on the book was Terry Wogan at first glance - but hey it also looks like Roger Moore.

    Great photos.

  28. Hello gargoyle! Lovely collection of photos, the cheese one made me giggle. I have three brothers, there wasn't a single moment when two of us weren't fighting...

  29. Great photos - especially the last. Love your take on a few of them. Very quirky!

  30. Your roses are GORGEOUS! Wish I had those bushes outside of my door! I used to - in another location - but they don't do well where I live now. Steering wheel...brilliant...that one NEVER occurred to me! Fun pics! See you next month! Annette

  31. Those spoons take me back to a memory of my own, for some reason my Mum had Mickey and Minnie Mouse silver teaspoons and there was always a dash to the cutlery draw for the Mickey spoon!
    That Primark necklace is lovely- and until I read it was a Primark one, I wouldn’t have guessed. Maybe go back and get it? x

  32. Wonderful photos and I love your comments. That necklace is lovely, I will have to look out for that.



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