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My Love/Hate Relationship with December & Giveaway Day 4

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Here's what I don't love about December - it's annual review time at work. Which I managed to somehow totally forget about (was probably trying to block it out of my mind) and only realised today that it was due in on Monday. So bang goes my weekend. I'll be throwing paper around and effing and jeffing at the computer and trying to think of ways to make myself sound awesome.

I'm also not overly keen on being so busy in general that I have no time to read. I think I'm busy with one thing and another practically every day from now until Christmas. Ok, some of it is nice, fun stuff but I do miss just loafing about. And I get really tetchy when deprived of books.

Here's what I do love about December - advent calendars!!!

Due to the pesky milk allergy I can't have chocolate, so normal advent calendars are out. For my entire childhood I had a superb one which was basically a cardboard chimney with boxes stacked inside it that some lovely person (my grandma) filled up with sweeties and hair bobbles and mini Christmas tree ornaments. Sadly there was an unfortunate too-close-to-the-radiator/melty boiled sweets incident which meant it had to go in the bin a few years ago. As I'm still a giant child I couldn't possibly not have one, so I've moved onto this big felt scroll thing which my wonderful mum fills up for me (mini snowman shaped earrings today in case you're interested!). It makes getting up on cold December mornings much more fun.

I also thoroughly approve of all the websites that do online advent calendars because they're basically just brilliant competitions. I always have pants luck and never win anything but I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you in the hopes that you have better luck than I do. Just click on the links, enter and fingers crossed!

Next is topping my list so far due to some seriously nice prizes on offer - anyone fancy a swanky new digital camera? I'm hoping they put some of their clothes on offer as a prize soon as I'm muchly impressed with their some of their new season stuff.

Dorset Cereals always has loads of great competitions and their advent calendar is very sparkly. Have a twirl at Spin The Bottle while you're there. I still haven't won anything from them but I'm not giving up trying.

Try Random House for lovely book related goodies.

Have a look at the Glamour magazine one as well. I don't find their website the easiest in the world to navigate but the prizes seem v. fashion based and fun.

Classic FM's advent calendar is a bit more grown up but still nice prizes.

Jamie Cullum has one on his website. As you might expect, lots of the prizes are music based but they're top notch.

And for any fellow Scousers or North West based girls, the Echo Arena has one running and there are tons of nice Liverpool based prizes on offer.

Finally, there are no prizes with this one but the National Museums Liverpool calendar is full of interesting snippets about items from the museums. Just my sort of thing.

How's about my very own giveaway?

Oh the fourth day of my giveaway, I will give to thee:

Some calling birds earrings - told you it got a bit bird based at the start!. Pretty, yes? Birds AND communication all in the one design, hurrah. No tenous links just yet (wait till I get to leaping lords and milkmaids...)


  1. I really do feel for you, having to write about yourself is the absolute worst. Appraisals, applications, bios... yuck.

    Thanks for all of the advent calendar giveaways! I hadn't even thought of looking for anything like that. I've entered a few, and I'll be checking the National Museums Liverpool one every day, though the couple where they've just been advertising upcoming exhibits was a little disappointing, as I can't go to them! The postcard behind today's door was really sweet though. Enjoy your advent calendar, at least you're guaranteed a prize a day!

  2. Review??In December??How rude!! You'll be fabulous,darling,as you so totally are!!!Advent calendars are great,prob one of the few things I like about Christmas!
    Oooo,the bird them is rocking!! Count me IN IN IN!!!

  3. OMG,where have I been!? Missed a couple of fab posts-those red shoes!!!EEEEK! And the skirt!!!Gorgeous!!
    The spotty boots are too cute!

  4. We have our review coming up as well. Yuck. And we need to turn in updated resumes. Don't they already know what we do??
    These earrings so are sooooo precious!!! I'm loving the bird theme!
    Enter me!!

  5. Oh god I think my PDR is coming soon ... I never got around to writing up the last one - yikes! Oh no!

    Thanks for the reminder (I suppose) and thanks for all those links, might just while away an hour this morning clicking on them all! :) x

  6. Thanks for all the links!
    I keep trying Dorset cereals too and like you have never won!!

  7. thanks for the recommendations on the advent calendars, i think everyone is broke already as its the run up to crimbo so how nice would it be to win something for free? Love the earrings, and I had one of those box advent calenders when i was little too! I miss it. x

  8. completely loving your advent calendar!I can't wait to start making traditions like this within my own family one day, once we get our own place that is!
    Have to try some of those advent comps too!

    xxx Maddie

  9. Good luck with your annual review composing; I would hate to have to do that.
    Thanks for all the links to the advent calendars, I didn't know there were things like that about.

  10. I cant wait for milking maids! Those birdies are great, it must have taken some doing organising all this ~ well impressed.
    Kandi x

  11. Those earrings are beautiful Alex!

  12. Yesterdays spotty boots where sooo cute! And thanks for all the great links. I'm off to check them out now. But first I am going downstairs to check my advent calender too. I'm glad there are other grown-ups who still have advents calenders filled by their mother!

  13. i love love love december! and the advent calenders!
    enter me pleease :)x

  14. I have always wanted one of those alternate advent calendars; they always look so much fun. December is always chaos, but I am sure it will all be worthwhile x

  15. Ooh excellent - I knew about the Classic FM one (I am on their email list, nerd), but not the others. Thanks for the tip! Don't put me in for this one either (am quite picky about earrings as I don't wear them much, aren't I boring), but still wanted to comment x

  16. Good luck on your review - not that I think you need it, but don't think anyone really likes them. xxx

  17. What beautiful earrings! And lovely blog, too.
    Come check out mine sometime!


  18. must get one of those advent calenders - much better than choc one!


  19. These things always have a habit of sneaking up out of nowhere. Hope you have managed to get organised for it and I hope it all goes well for you, though I'm sure it will.
    I'm a sucker for advent comps online. Like you I've never one but it's exciting none the less.

  20. Good Luck for the review if it hasn't already happened! Fingers Crossed! :)

    Please enter me in this giveaway! Thank you xxx

  21. I hate that feeling of having loads of fun things lined up but no ME time. Good luck in getting some hardcore reading done soon! x

  22. Love those advent calenders :) Every year I do one for my Mum and Sister :)

    Loving your 12 days givesway!

  23. the earrings are beautiful and almost seem a like a symbol with the dove of peace and love letter .

    tumblemumbo at

  24. Boo to the review!!!
    Can I please enter :! :) xx

  25. I am so jealous of your advent calendar, it's fab! Thanks for all the giveaway sites aswell :)

  26. But Alex, you ARE awesome! Get your assessors to read what people write about you! Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean!
    Pretty, pretty earrings.
    Z xx


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