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A Knitting Update

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

I finally finished The Neverending Weasley  Jumper. Oh my word, that took a long, long time. It was meant to be easy. In terms of knitting complexity I suppose it was - it's basically stocking stitch. I picked up a few new techniques about finishing off sections and doing necklines and so on but ultimately it wasn't hard. It just took soooooooooooo long to finish.

Then as is usual with me, I got complete post-craft ennui and hated it. I can't get over the feeling that it's too big and too shapeless and too rubbish. Catherine said she loved it and it's the perfect Sunday cosy jumper but ach, I wish I had made it a size or two down. It was meant to be oversized but maybe not quite that much?

I then had a prolonged rest. My current problem is that I don't have the right wool for all the projects I want to start and I can't find things that I want to do that suit the wool I do have. So I set to with a random pretty shade of wool and vague thoughts of attempting some sort of lacy, holey type pattern - Ravelry provided me with a link to this and away I went.

(If I were less honest I would skate over the fact that I was going to make handwarmers but they ended up so big I had to turn it into a snood. Ho hum. This is what happens when you don't know the size of wool you're using and pick any random pair of needles.)

End result: a cute snood!

I'm still super novicey at knitting so I'm taking every project as a chance to learn something new. In this one I managed k2tog and skp and how to do a yarn over properly. Woo! It was very pleasing to knit up as well - anything would seem fun after approx 6 months of chuffing stocking stitch but this was genuinely very soothing to make.

Up idea! I need to investigate some patterns for all the wool I seem to have collected. Eventually I want to give circular and cable needles a try but they both scare the bejesus out of me at the moment, so give it time.


  1. They both look good to me, well done.

  2. I am continually impressed by people who are able to knit!

  3. I adore the Weasley Jumper, I'd love to be able to knit something like that!

  4. It's a lovely jumper. You should be proud of finishing it! I get so bored with stockinette that I probably wouldn't even consider doing a jumper in it.

    Happy pattern searching! I think it's the best part, really. :)

  5. I have just received my wool for the cardigan and I have literally no idea where to start.

  6. I love these! Endless stocking stitch is so soul sucking after a while, I always have something else on the go when I'm doing a project like that :)

  7. Awww : ( I'm laughing out loud at the thought of hand warmers becoming big enough to make into a snood! it's beautiful anyway. I remember you starting the jumper I think. I think the sleeves are too big, but the oversize effect of the actual body part looks fine. I used to hate everything I sewed at Uni, I've never worn any of it, because by the time I was finished, I was sick of the fabric or shape or something, so I can relate. I like the idea of sitting knitting, though it's like my skipping, fine once I'm in, but can't do the beginning and ends bits. Same for blowing up balloons actually!

  8. Yay for finished projects! I'm still daunted by the idea of a whole actual jumper - at least with a cardigan you can wear it un-buttoned if it's a bit snug and it'd be quite sad-making to make a whole thing too small.
    I recommend stashing your yarn in Ravelry if you haven't already, then when you're browsing patterns it'll make suggestions from your stash. I believe there are ways of working out what weight a yarn is by wrapping it around a needle and measuring - Wraps Per Inch gets quoted sometimes. The international conversion tables for yarn & needle sizes on Wikipedia are really useful too. I tend to think about needles in mm because at least that's absolute - the US and UK sizing conventions number in the opposite directions which is so confusing! I've got a Pony knitting gauge thingy which is essentially a little ruler with holes in so you can see how big your needles are. Good luck with your next project :)

  9. What a lovely sweater! I can crochet scarves but that is about it.

    I like that you will not spend 40 pounds on a dress. I usually shop in charity stores too. :)
    My mum is British, but my dad is American, so I grew up in the USA. But I enjoy coming back to Devon to visit my grandma. I can always find beautiful skirts and dresses in England.

    Have a blessed week.

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    John 14:6


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