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The Week Of Doom is OVER!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Morning everyone!! Am I disgustingly cheerful for early on a Saturday morning? Probably! I am caffeined up, on a train and celebrating the end of the week of doom by going down to London for the day to see this:

And I'm wearing this. Not the smartest ensemble in the world but I've had no time to do any washing or ironing so the choice in my wardrobe isn't as good as usual!

Tshirt - bought at Thursday's gig (which was AMAZING)
Skirt - Warehouse, ancient
Boots - Gap sale
Cardi - Hawkhead

Yesterday's Frock Friday outfit deserves a quick mention too:

Dress - Primark
Shoes - New Look

I had to rope in my mum to help alter this frock. It came with the oddest shoulder puff things that I was not at all keen on and as I don't trust myself to do anything more complicated than hemming and button swapping when it comes to alterations, help was needed. Typical Primark sizing issue as well - it's a size 12 but there's so much extra fabric in it that I had to hold it at the back a bit in these photos. Doesn't look so shapeless in real life but for some reason it photographs as very baggy. Perhaps I'll pass it back to her to get the side seams taken in a bit.

Thank you for all your lovely comments over the past couple of weeks and for putting up with my moaning. New followers, I'm not usually this mardy! I'm pleased to report that I've had a super productive week and am feeling much happier about life now. I've also been hugely cheered along by the wonderful parcels that have arrived from some lovely blogging pals. Isn't it funny how getting an unexpected package in the post can entirely brighten up your day?

Helga sent me this lovely parcel - very unexpected and a bit spooky as it turned up on the morning that we found out she and G were safe! I can't wait to get started on the books. I always think it's fascinating and perhaps a tad scary to read books that others have recommended - what if I don't like them? I'm confident with these two though as the blurbs on the back sound so interesting and I trust Helga's taste.

(Expect more book chat in March. Oh and hats. I haven't forgotten about the Hat Challenge.)

Vix, being all the all round wonderful woman that she is, sent me this fab vintage Windsmoor frock and a fun book that I've been dipping in and out of. I'm going to be very brave and attempt hacking several inches off the bottom of the frock as it's rather long on me. I shall report back on my progress.

Then I came home from work yesterday to this beautifully wrapped parcel of gorgeous giveaway goodies that I won in Lucy's recent giveaway. Blog karma is definitely going around - she won a prize in mine! Thank you Lucy - it's all so lovely and your wrapping skills put my shoddy bundle-everything-into-a-jiffy-bag attempts to shame!


  1. Yay for the end of the week and chillout weekend! I think your parcel for me came yesterday but all i got was a paper to go and collect it, as nobody was in (or just didnt hear the doorbell, cuz i'm sure i was in! haha) I'm ill now but might ask my friend with a car to go and collect it for me, i cant wait! I LOVE parcels!! :) Your friday frock looks SUPER cute!

  2. Your Friday frock rocks!
    And hooray! for unexpected parcels.

  3. Looking good! Hope your weekend makes up for the week of doom- sounds like its off to a good start. Congrats on the giveaway! x

  4. Death to Hell week. Glad I'm not the only disgustingly cheerful one this morning. Got up late, playing some of my favourite music loudly, and awaiting the Guy's arrival ready for a Rugby Fest.

    Parcels look awesome, I love getting something in the post- expected or not to cheer me on, and I think you saw the very sweet (in more ways than one) package that landed Chez Junkie this week.

    Thanks for your lovely comments which helped me through the week, enjoy your weekend and keep up the Friday Frocks, that one is GORGEOUS!

  5. What lovely presents, and I'm so glad the week of doom is finished and done with. Hope you enjoy the play today, it is miserable in London this morning so being inside is the best thing! We must meet up next time you are down, if you need a place to stay you can always bunk up here xx

  6. I would love to see Keira on stage, I hope you have a wonderful time and report back to us.

    The hat/coat stand looks full to the brim (as it should be), those hats look mighty fabulous! And the owl card, I would be ever so tempted to frame this x

  7. Enjoy the play! I'm loving all those surprise parcels, Helga's earrings look divine.
    Yellow really suits you, wear it more. xxx

  8. Oh you look fab in that black frock, I really love that dress! Your parcels are fantastic, it is great to get fab gifts from lovely people. So glad your nightmare week is over, it's such a stress isn't it working heaps of hours.
    Kandi x

  9. yay for the weekend! i love that black primark dress - it looks great the way its been altered. your treats look lovely you lucky girl! xx

  10. Dearest Alex, I faffed around so much yesterday I missed the post office I promise to do it asap. I'm so rubbish!

    Have a great time in London. Glad the gig was great. Love the Friday frock and your gorgeous parcels. Those earrings from Helga and the red dress from Vix will look stunning on you xx

  11. I love that dress - it looks wonderful on you!

    Have a fabulous day in London xx

  12. Love your Friday frock. Have fun in London. x

  13. That Primark dress looks amazing on you Alex!

  14. Wow great pressies! Let us know how The Girls Book goes, quite fancy it! And the movie too actually.... :)

  15. Aw, what lovely packages! And the Primark dress is super cute but I agree that their sizes are wonky and, if anything, have been worse of late. Enjoy the weekend x

  16. Glad o hear your feeling a little brighter. As a new follower (well I've been following for. Long time unofficially) I know you are normally a happy bunny.

    Some fab gifts! Lucky you.

    Loving the pimark dress. Let us know what the play was like.

    X x x

  17. So pleased to hear you're feeling less fraught, and glad you liked your prize. Your hatstand looks ripe for the rifling I have to say!

  18. Have a great time in London! I think maybe I ought to do a blog giveaway if I want to win one too ;) haha

  19. Bloody hell,treats galore!!!
    I'm crazy for the Friday frock,and I love your movie going outfit!! How was the movie??

  20. Yay for the weekend lets hope with your day out and lovely goodies you can forget the rest of the week x

  21. Lucky you! Some gorgeous stuff.
    I love that Primark dress on you, and your outfit for London looks good to me! The colour of the tee is great.


  22. I've been meaning to book tickets for that, how was The Children's Hour? Keira outshone by Elisabeth Moss by any chance? Love the look of your Friday frock, but I do agree their sizing can be a bit off. The brown paper package looks beautiful! xx

  23. Oh, that play has been getting great reviews - hope you enjoyed it. xx

  24. You look excellent in that Primark dress. Peter Pan collars are IN. But I think that I might look a bit Prime of Miss Jean Brodie in one. However, am willing to give it a go.....shall experiment with a collar beneath a sweater first :-)

    Poor you, working with all the olds. The old dears in the charity shop were very lovely. Wasn't sure whether it was just one of them that was a wee bit forgetful or whether all 3 of them were really just goldfish....

    Ali x

  25. Yay for all the lovely, exciting post!
    I will less shamefully organised and actually post your parcel tomorrow! And i totally love the primark dress, and the bright yellow gig tee!!

  26. Ooooh those pictures conjure up such a lovely weekend! Loving the giveaway goodies!

    I'm quite keen to see The Children's Hour. Did you enjoy it?

  27. Ohhh! You saw Ben Folds!! We had tickets to see him but had to sell them due to getting double booked. I want to know EVERYTHING!

    Scrumptious parcels too

  28. Weekend of fun, yeah!! Was the Children's Hour good? I always see posters for it on the tube. Love the Peter Pan collar dress =) and the give away prize you won is just fantastic, lucky lady =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  29. Ah! So you are the lucky winner of Lucy's prize! Congrats! Thanks for popping by to see me too Alex! Nice to meet you and I like your blog! xxx
    PS Let us know about the play!!!

  30. Love the dress! And great boots too! X.

  31. Oh how wonderful getting all those lovely packages! Loving the dress too, looks very classic.


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