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Thursday, 31 March 2011

For those of you that wanted to see the new purchases, here you are! Vintage frock. It needs a teensy repair but that's easily done.

H&M stripy tops and shorts. It's a shame I had to take these pics at 11pm because the vividness of the red hasn't quite come out properly in the photos. Rest assured that they are glorious.

Anyway, these were an added bonus. The main point of today's post is to take part in the March Photo Scavenger Hunt. I saw a link to this on The Girl's blog last month and decided to have a go. I have a nice camera but I don't really make the effort to do much with it and that must change!

The things to track down were:

A lion. Part of a broken statue at the V&A. Doesn't he have a noble head?

A rainbow. It was always going to be hard to track down a real one.

Something green. Well it's not like I'm short of green things, but I chose a very cheerful bush in the garden. The colour and the arrival of spring cheers me up muchly.

An empty chair. Oh the shame of my horrendously messy desk.

Something sentimental. It's Lucky Ducky, my little glass lucky charm. He's seen me successfully through many an exam and interview.

Peeling paint. A detail on an antique clock.

A collection. My beloved Chalet School books. I have all 62 in paperback and a handful of my favourites in hardback, plus assorted spin offs and associated titles. Unfortunately they don't come cheap (some are upwards of £300) so the hardback part of the collection isn't likely to grow any time soon.

A ring. It's possibly my favourite piece of jewellery - rutilated quartz, bought from a craft fair at Chatsworth a few years ago.

A fancy gate. The entrance gates to St Lukes Church in Liverpool, aka the bombed-out church. As you may have guessed, it was bombed out during the war and is now kept as a rather wonderful sort of exhibition/gallery/outdoor cinema space.

A shadow. Hmm, not such a successful photo. I was trying to look like a caped crusader.

Something as old as you. Meet Pink Lion. If you work on the logic that toys are born on the day they're purchased, he is exactly as old as I am. On the day I was born my grandma took my big brother to buy me a present and Pink Lion was his choice.

A lamb. Oh such a cheat here. What can I say? I don't live near any sheep! It was either a soft toy or a lamb chop.


  1. Some lovely outfits, and great work at the scavenger hunt. I really enjoy looking at the different ideas that people came up with for the photos. Still working on mine- not been able to get out with illness this week, a couple still to find! I like the rainbow, and I've found another TUDORS fan!! x

  2. The vintage frock looks lovely on you Alex, nice find! The scavenger hunt seems like a fun idea, the main thing that jumped out at me though was your desktop background on your computer- yum. xx

  3. Aww, you have a Lucky Duck! I've been meaning to get one (or several) because they are namesake for my home - I didn't choose the name but I am rather attached to it!

    Lovely frock! And great shorts.


    (live-aboard boater on Narrowboat Lucky Duck)

  4. That dress is amazing, I love it, and looks like a great fit. And can those shorts BE any vivider? (I know I sound like Ross Geller, but they look pretty bright to me!)

    Hmm, am liking the idea of the photo scavenger thing, might take it up this month as a reason to keep using my camera after my course finishes...

  5. I love the dress. And the shorts and the stripes!
    I have a giant list of things I was planning to get on payday, but I am not sure now what I actually need - probably nothing, so am going to wait and spend nothing until I know what I want. :)
    Well done on the photo challenge, and yay for the lamb, I don't think it's a cheat!

  6. Ha ha! Great photo challenge, like the lamb!

  7. Love the vintage frock and also loving that green and blue stripey top which reminds me of one that I inherited from my mum (havn't got it any longer, boo hoo). I've seen quite a few of those Scavenger Hunts recently, they're great!

  8. That green dress is beautiful :) Really lovely photos too! Wee done :D

  9. I love the green dress, it is gorgeous! Lucky ducky is so cute.

  10. Very excited about the Chalet School books! I loved them when I was 9 or 10 and was determined to collect them all- did not happen of course!

  11. That frock looks fab on you Alex! Love the photo challenge :)

  12. Love those shorts, you so suit them. May have to pop in and grab some for my hols.
    Love the challenge, very clever with the rainbow.


  13. I LOVE those shorts from H&M, they're gorgeous!

    Loving the Lucky Ducky and I'm pleased that someone else has a desk resembling mine, tried to excavate a highlighter last night, BIIIG mistake.

  14. Hahaha your 'cheats' are fab! Oh yes the Chalet School books what a collection you have. I feel like reading them again!

    I love the green dress on you and the shorts are a wow, I'm tempted to get some xx

  15. Ohhh i love the idea of the scavanger hunt!
    I love the H&M stripey tees x

  16. Lovely outfits! I love old church gates, that's such a pretty one.

    The 'something as old as you' prompt is awesome.

  17. Just saw your comment about GoT - I honestly would have killed something if I'd had to wait all those years! I read about the dates being pushed back - maddening! Bet you're thrilled about the July date, though?

    But then, the sixth one might be ten years away... :-(

  18. I absolutely love that dress on you and those shorts are utterly gorgeous, too.
    The little duck is adorable and I wasn't surprised by your screensaver. xxx

  19. I love that vintage dress, you look amazing in green x

  20. i LOVE that green dress - perfect!

  21. The dress is such a good fit and the print is so fabulous, I can't help but feel a 60’s vibe!

    The shorts will go on to be great investment pieces, that will see you through spring/summer perfectly.

    Doesn't Pink Lion sound like a truly treasured teddy. I have a grey donkey called the ever imaginative 'Donkey' and my brother has a dog called 'Hector'. Both childhood favourites that have been around forever x

  22. That dress is possibly the nicest thing I've seen you in. Absolutely stunning. I am a little bit in love with Pink Lion too xx

  23. Great vintage dress! Loved your scavenger photos. That ring looks really unusual :)

  24. The dress looks great on you.
    I'd seen the scavenger hunt on someone else's blog and was doing it this month but failed to get a couple so will try again next month.

  25. Dearest Alex, you look stunning in the green dress, I love it. Great shorts too.

    Pink lion is very cute, he looks well loved.

    I shall apologise again for being totally rubbish at posting things, I keep missing it! When are you back from hols? xx

  26. Love the green dress, red and green are two colours I love, hence I love the shorts too.

    What a novel idea. love the photos

  27. Very noble Lion & peeling paint gorgeous. I like your ring too

  28. Ha amazing job!! Loves it. Kinda wish you had taken a photo of a lamb chop you know.

    Can't believe you have all the chalet school books - I had 4 which were my sister's old ones and I used to read and read them over and over and over again.

    Also liking that we had the same thought taking a photo of our office chairs!

  29. I really like those shorts, especially the navy ones. They fit you really well. And I'm tickled by the fact that you can match both pairs with stripy tops!

  30. Tee, hee - what a fun challenge! I'm awful for not taking my camera out, I must say but that looks like fun.

    The vintage dress is ace - so bright and summery! x

  31. Great pics ... I love this idea!

    Sal xXx

  32. Hi,
    I really like the shorts...just wondering what the fit is like as I'd like to get some online but I always find H&m quite small especially in trousers! :0)


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