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Camping & Chatsworth

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

With hindsight, I don't think I picked the best weekend to go camping in the wilds of Derbyshire. Why couldn't I have gone in April when it was pushing 30 degrees and glorious? Instead I went in May when there were gale force winds, lashing rain and it was about 9 degrees during the daytime. Not very clever. It's such a beautiful place when the weather isn't awful - look:

Unsurprisingly, my poor tent didn't cope too well with all this terrible weather. A particularly evil spell of gusty winds meant that one of the porch poles cracked and the front of the tent collapsed on top of my head whilst I was chopping mushrooms for lunch. Ouch. That meant Saturday was spent racing round camping shops in Bakewell failing to find a replacement pole and eventually fixing the tent with a whole roll of tape and about 47 extra guy ropes.

Sunday was much more fun though. We went to watch the horse trials at Chatsworth and didn't get wet once, hurrah!

I think before I go again I need to get one of the following: a) some Dubarry boots, b) a dog, c) an expensive all terrain pushchair type thing with a posh baby inside, d) lots of tweed or e) a Land Rover. All are very much de rigeur in horsey circles. Sadly a) they cost a fortune, b) I don't like them, c) I don't like them either, d) I do like but feel a bit of a fraud wearing it and e) I can barely afford to run a Renault Clio.

I'll just have to continue as I am - hoody, jeans and walking boots kept me warm and cosy all day and that's the main thing. I do want a great big new lens for my camera though. I'm really happy with how some my photos turned out but it would be fab to be able to get really good closeups.

ps - Blogger doesn't seem to like me very much at the moment. I was already really behind on comments before the big meltdown last week and it's taken me until today to be able to get in and actually post. I'll do my best to catch up over the next few days - I'm not ignoring you! Oh and it's eaten half the comments left on my last post. Grrrr!


  1. What fabulous horsey pictures you got, though. And I tend to find that camping is all about being resourceful, a lot of string is always top of the list on guide camp!!
    I love the pic of you and the tree..

    ps. You totally don't want a Land Rover, I've had two and they have both fallen apart :( xx

  2. My hubby repairs EVERYTHING when we go camping with a trusty roll of Gaffa tape, I love camping (I may have said that a million times before) but good weather certainly does make it. Horsey people do seem to have the same look - i think your look is far better that Fiona Fox-Farringtons! xxxx

  3. PS - I did once know someone called Fiona Fox-Farrington. x

  4. Great photos, Alex. I have fallen in love with the spotty horse in pic 6. Who is he? (The horse, not the rider!!)
    Thanx for your comment re:Manchester. It did appear and then disappeared!
    Those orange shoes in previous post are a-maze-zing!
    Z xx

  5. Yup, Diane is right: duck tape always come in handy for those bloody holes that keep appearing in our tent - grrrr.

    Like the horsey pics.

  6. It all looks very delightful, I do love the Mrs Foxfur look but it's not me either! I had horses as a kid but was never in the horsey set, more the pikey set :)
    You are a trooper camping, we go with the kids because they love it but I'm not keen, there is nowhere to plug in my straighteners in a tent :)
    Kandi x

  7. What in the world IS going on with blogger? I think you look just fine with your camping and chatsworth kit :) And I've never been too close to horses but those pictures are pretty awesome!

  8. ive never been camping before and shall be getting my first camping experience at a festival this summer - im terrified! your house pictures look great xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  9. Wow looks like you had loads of fun!
    I have always wanted to go camping

  10. You look miles better than that drab looking group of yummy mummies, Alex. I love Derbyshire but I don't think I could do the camping after being spoilt in a campervan.
    The horses look wonderful, I've never been very close to one but can admire their sinewy beauty. xxx

  11. You don't want to look like one of those horsey women, your look is far better.

  12. Dearest Alex, I always like you in red and you look fab.

    You're very brave to go camping, well done!

    I used to be totally horse mad, I was a horsey kid and went to lots of trials and showjumping events but I can't cope with those fixed jumps anymore as I've seen too many fall and break their legs, including a couple of friends horses which was hideous as you can imagine.

    Your pictures are brilliant.

    I'm so glad you're not getting a pushchair and baby... a Land Rover on the other hand... xx

  13. You look great as you are. Love that spotty horse (like a Dalmation!) - don't know much about horses but have never seen one like that before. The action shots of the jumps are great. xx

  14. What a cute photo of you. You always looks nice with your hair back, and the scarf really suits you. Sorry the weather was rubbish, but we are glad to have you back! xx

  15. I love camping, but sadly tents and bad weather don't like each other, boo hiss. Loving your horsey pics, that spotted horse is stunning, not seen many like it. Got to love a bit of tweed though surely?!

  16. Great photos. You look to have had a good time despite the weather.

  17. I've never really been to Derbyshire but I am a bit more inspired to having seen your pictures. Sorry about the camping disaster and being surrounded by pseudo-toffs. You don't want a Land Rover though - I miss my little Clio nearly everyday - best cars ever

  18. Chatsworth is gorgeous!" Can you still walk round it?

  19. I'd actually like to be part of the tweed wearing country folk but from the pic you have with the pushchair they look a bit neddy! Think I'll do my own take... Looks like a great weekend tho, I have a weird notion to go camping, may have to hold out for better weather now! :)

  20. You look so lovely with that bow in your hair - it's work 100 posh babies! xx

  21. I love camping and as you say that area is under normal weather conditions lovely.

    I much prefer your look to the posh all look the same look! Don't change hun!

    Typical that the pole broke eh! Gaffa tape, as was said before, is the best quick fix ever.

    Great photos. My daughter is the horse rider in our family although only a fair weather one, as she refuses to go when it's cold and wet. Typical teenager.

    Thanks for your concern by the way. All safe and sound after a terrifying climb up Ben Nevis. Should be putting the pics up for Saturday all being well.

    X x

  22. Shame about the weather though looks like you still had fun, nice horse photos! The scarf looks great in your hair though, better than a really sloaney look any day!
    And don't worry, I'm still mad ad D's brother and am planning to ignore him at any future social event I have to endure xx

  23. Ooh, I'd love to go & watch the horse cross Mum has been to Burleigh a few times & loved it. Shame about your tent but sounds like you survived! :)

  24. Love the pics of the horse trials. We go up and check our Floors each year and one of my colleagues is regularly competing and eventing.

    We saw your list and that you like Dubarry. So we thought you might like our Dubarry Boot Videos.

    The may be expensive but they keep your feet ever so warm in the winter time. My other half lives in them between October and the beginning of March.

  25. I am thinking of going to watch the horse trials at Chatworth this year, could you recommend a near by campsite which allows tents.


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